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Crypto-gurus: Which idiots told the FBI that Feds-only backdoors in encryption are possible?

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Re: Anyone want to make a lot of money?

> All passwords are sent to a government approved location when creating your account along with all other details.

Great! My SAP/SAR (above Top Secret) security clearance, an ID thief's wet dream, along with all other clearances was leaked by a hack of the US Office of Personnel Management. (Google OPM hack.) This is one-stop-shopping for hackers.

Chap behind Godwin's law suspends his own rule for Charlottesville fascists: 'By all means, compare them to Nazis'

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Re: " ..call a spade a spade..."

This is a phrase that has acquire multiple meanings as have "gay", "queer", ...

Alas, our language has become a minefield of worries about stepping in cow pies of unintended slurs.

Internet addict sent to an anti-addiction boot camp is no longer an addict. Because he's dead

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"Over the past few years, both government-run and private internet addiction boot camps have sprouted to meet the demand from anxious moms and pops looking to drive their kids offline. Approaches on this vary from physical exercise and counseling to electro-shock conditioning."

Sounds just like conversion camps for gay teens...

Huge flying arse makes successful test flight

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Re: When I first saw the headline...

Come now - a story about The Donald with "success" in the headline?

Twitter sues US govt to protect 'Department of Immigration employee' who doesn't like Trump

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try again?

esp after "conservatives" get enough Supreme Court seats...

Is this a solution to Trump signing away your digital privacy? We give Invizbox Go a go

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Re: Opting Out?

What? You want to cut out a toll-taking middleman? It's people like you who keep America from being great again.