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Ow-wei, says Huawei as Chinese giant admits US sanctions smacked it right in the phone biz


Re: The Opposite Now Preffered Purchase

This is an great example of what FOSS is trying to prevent e.g the loss of access to something by it suddenly being restricted.

The D in Systemd is for Directories: Poettering says his creation will phone /home in future


I suppose someone could easily use his words against him...

If security is such a concern then don't suspend...

Cisc-o-no! 'We’re being uninvited to bid' on China deals admits CEO as Middle Kingdom snub freaks out investors


Re: The Great Wall of "Thanks, but no thanks. We're good."

I'm pretty sure if it was in the US, they protestors would have been already sent in the troops. If they had done the same in a major airport there would probably be casualties by now...

Donald Trump blinks in his one-man trade war with China: US govt stalls import tariff hike on Chinese phones, laptops, electronics


Re: Toys R Us

Well if US sold some of its best toys to China (aka weapons) the trade deficit might look very different!

Trump continues on the warpath: Now US tariffs cover nearly everything arriving from China



Maybe its just all part of a cunning plan to make property more valuable... Or he has a ton of Bitcoin!

Darkest Dungeon: Lovecraftian PTSD simulator will cause your own mask to slip


An amazing game, but FEAR if your boss starts playing and takes the wrong lesson from it!

Excluding Huawei from UK's 5G will harm security, MPs warn


All comms infrastructure should be considered hostile....

All comms infrastructure should be considered hostile. Unless you control and are constantly reviewing every bit of kit your comms are going over you can't consider it safe no matter who created it. Remember when the NSA were snooping the links for the Yahoo and Google data centers and they had to encrypt all their site to site traffic?

Ignoring the possible Trump 6d chess tactics of using Huawei scare tactics for his Art of the Steal, wouldn't it make more sense to let someone else foot the bill and effort to produce super fast and cheap kit, whilst you spend the money and time saved on producing actual secure comms protocols?

Let's talk about April Fools' Day jokes. Are they ever really harmless?


A decent April's Fools...

Rarely have I ever seen a decent April's Fools when associated with a business. Ones that come to mind is Google's Pokemon map and Band-Maid's Band-Maiko.

These don't harm the brand and raise awareness. With Band-Maiko they actually produced and sold a couple of amazing singles and videos around it.

'Bulls%^t! Complete bull$h*t!' Reset the clock on the last time woke Linus Torvalds exploded at a Linux kernel dev


Re: Here's to swearing


Shouting isn't required because in many cases the subordinate is "socially" required to meet their boss's expectations. That includes the death march (crunch in western game dev terminology), or going out to the wee hours of the night socialising.

Xiaomi 'rewards' CEO and founder with £736m worth of B-class shares


Re: Devotion

You mean the bonus he is donating to charity?

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently



uBlock Origin makes it easy for me to block ads unless I allow it. For example I allow ads from YouTube and Twitch to support content creators. Make it hard for me and I'll Pi-hole everything. Sure I could add a whitelist to Pi-hole, but if you are going to make me jump hoops why should I.

Found yet another plastic nostalgia knock-off under the tree? You, sir, need an emulator


Plastic still selling like hot cakes!

An Amiga 2000 with a vamp was snatched up on eBay within a few days for £1150 (pretty sure it was that price). It was in such good condition I couldn't help drooling over it!

YouTube supremo says vid-streaming-slash-piracy giant can't afford EU's copyright overhaul


Errm do people realise that this will affect any streaming service as soon as it hits a certain "size".

The only streaming EU will have is back to the old media giants who will vet and produce their own content at a cost. Also it won't affect Google as a business, they will just sell their own gated service to EU, maybe called YouTube Red where EUizens can consume produced content just as they would from Amazon, Netflix, Sky, and all the other media giants.

The real question is what will happen to all the independent content creators? This isn't about jumping platform as they will either need to sign up to a big company and be produced or lose the EU market.

The Chinese are here: Xiaomi to bring phones to the UK next month


Got my Redmi Note 5 Pro in a Xiaomi shop in Taiwan. Service was exceptional. When pre-sales found out I was going back to Blighty they warned me that it might not work with certain carriers. A quick google later I was happy on that front. Post-sales, they sat me down, applied the screen protector for me, asked me to check the screen, the camera and the overall state of the phone. Then stressed for me to not remove this sticker on the back of the phone until I was happy as I could return it with no questions asked as long as the sticker was on it.

Been using it as my daily driver for over 1/2 a year and really happy with it. As others have pointed out power saving is really aggressive, but once I realised that I'm more than happy with it as I can control what runs and when.

The store is a bit of an Ikea as I went in there with my friend to get a CCTV for her and I left with a phone, Bip watch, chest bag and backpack... Quality of these goods is amazing, especially considering how cheap it is. I have a Razor and Showerpass backpack and the quality of the Xiaomi is on par with them but at the fraction of the price!

Europe to push new laws to access encrypted apps data


Terrorists (and other bad people) abide by laws don't they....

After Swiss cheesing encryption for legit users, the bad ppl will just create their own messaging apps which are secure. The threat of jail time isn't going to be much of a deterrent to these types of people, especially those willing to commit mass murder...