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Ex-White House CIO tells The Reg: TikTok ban may be diplomatic disaster


Is privacy a smokescreen?

Governments dont really care about privacy, though its funny as the politicians are the most at risk of being blackmailed or exploited with poor privacy standards for the populous.

I think the thing that western governments fear most from TikTok is that its an uncontrolled broadcast platform that has massive reach into the population, especially the 18-25yo demographic.

Imagine if there was a tv channel that had as many daily viewers as TT, its parent 'company' was the Chinese Communist Party, and they could apply editorial direction if they chose to.

Im not saying this is happening, but it could.

Old media is regulated and can be controlled, in UK a D-notice can be issued, or tv stations seized. But with TT it cant be. (Without doing what they have proposed)

Politicians are worried, and should be, that if a nation state was to start applying subtle messaging into the videos watched they would have significant influence on the viewers.

We cant say that messages on TT dont effect behaviour. The whole premise of the TV/Print/Online sales and marketing industry is that what people see effects their choices and behaviour.

US Customs sued for information about border phone searches


And now...

...the release of the 'new' Nokia 3310 makes complete sense. Its your travel phone !