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Ofcom lifts sword, eyes up BT's duct and pole rental costs


Notice how there has NEVER been any pressure or idea from gov/Ofcom etc to force firms who piggy back on bt to use any of their own money to build out their own networks ?

Strange isn't it that we are meant to live in the 22nd century sci-fi world but that almost every single provider still only uses one ex-public owned network..

A tone piggy backing of bt should be forced by law to put aside a fixed amount 10/20% of TURN OVER,not profit to build their own network,they could all join together and pool the cash to get their network quicker,but of course that would mean Ofcom actually having to do some work but would get us,the bill payers some competition,the gobs favourite bullshit way of supposedly driving down prices and the nation would have more than one old,vulnerable system..

It will never happen though,too much bribery at work..

Go fork yourself: Bitcoin has split in two – and yes, it's all forked up


Re: In related NEWS....

Er,I wouldn't try eating tulip bulbs,their realy not good for you,unless you like organ transplants and taking immunology suppressant drugs for life,and that's if the drs catch you in time,otherwise,they are lethal,even cooked ones will get you..

Scary news: Asteroid may pass Earth by just 6,880km in October


And when the one went bang over Russia,everyone was looking at one that was already known about,I wonder if the same thing will happen again..

Virgin Media's profanity warning triggered by chief exec's name


Some parents hate their kids,like mine,any other initial for my Christian name would have been fine,but oh no,they had to pick something begining with t,so I have always been known as tleaff,which has.

had nasty connatation in the 1960's,but it's now much rarer to hear it used for nasty little crooks..

Thanks mum !!

ALIS in Blunderland: Lockheed says F-35 Block 3F software to be done by year's end


Re: Answers for why the F-35...

And precisely why is it now so pricey to design,develop and build modern aircraft.

Will the f35 ever deliver even 50% of its supposed abilities ?

Will it ever be allowed into real "hot" combat zones where other could accessed failed examples ?

For the same price you could redesign and build updated aircraft of several types San have better capabilities,we don't need 12 planes that can do everything badly,we need lots of cheap planes that can do one thing properly.

A new version EE LIGHTNING,with,older type engines that are cheap to build,that w3 can build by the hundred is fa4 better idea.

F35 is so good that the tanks are keeping their A 10 warthogs,what are we going to use to break up massive tank columns rooming west,don't care how good a plane is,it cannot be in two places at once,so while the f35 s are being chopped out of the air by massive numbers of just good enough Russian planes,what is doing the tank busting ?

Harold bloody Wilson sold us out to the tanks in the 1960's,others have just continued his traitorous behaviour to line tgeirbown pockets..

Russia launches non-terrifying satellite that focuses Sun's solar rays onto Earth


That would help explain what I saw a few days ago then..

Was scratching my head,but looks like right time,right movement and would explain why it just vanished while I was looking at it..

User left unable to type passwords after 'tropical island stress therapy'


Re: One week at Bigger Blue.

Was that boss with the roller based London/Kent area ?

It sounds just like a guy I worked for a long time ago,only for a few weeks,but if something needed getting or doing he wasn't scared of getting dirty or working hard again,his only argument with work I g hard for long was that you don't have a dog and then bark yourself ...

Slower US F-35A purchases piles $27bn onto total fighter jet bill


The UK will never buy anything like 130+

That will be the total in Europe,if the yanks are lucky,we have our ways of wasting/spending tax money,which doesn't include pork barrel projects that even the yanks regret they ever started..

Total waste of money/resources,the f35 will be caught out badly if it ever has to go into real combat,but thats probably ten years off,the Americans have not certificated it for combat and aren't even close to it yet..

Largest advertising company in the world still wincing after NotPetya punch


" in line with good practice" !!

Even loody half arsed practice says you don't get affected in the firstt place !!

You would hope for a better standard of bs from world propaganda pusher,but then they themselves always were the only idiots to believe anything they say..

Pity it didn't take out every single system they have,the world's bs levels would drop a lot for a while..

While USA is distracted by its President's antics, China is busy breaking another fusion record


Re: At that temp, marshmallows will melt!

That could be an interesting watch,all those tanks all vanishing up one arsehole and then just a little foop noise and their all gone.

Wonderful !!


Re: let me guess...

Have they moved Tunbridge wells to north Wales then ?

China pollutes ocean with bloody big rocket


Long March ?

In this one's case,more a long swim possibly..

Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes


Re: Don't give me no static ...

Very very dangerous,one of my old bosses used to do that due to a damaged hand,then he started new medication,stopped to fill his merc up for the weekend,did the strap thing,and promptly passed out, being a very small quiet garage,staffed by a young idiot nobody noticed the forecourt covered in petrol,until the pump had delivered 200 litres of petrol and thankfully triggered some kind of alarm in the garage office and stopped the pump,the firemen were not very impressed by the bosses trick,nor the idiot staff,luckily for all concerned they got away with it that time...

French general accused of nicking fast jet for weekend trips to the Sun


Re: Silver Spitfire

When I was young I used to read every book I could get my hands on,specially anything to do with WW2 flying,somewhere I read a book by a German ace pilot that I would love to read again,but just cannot remember the right name,it used raptor names,something like ."the eagle and the hawk" / the kestrel and the falcon,,/ or the hawk v the osprey,,/ the Merlin v harrier,,

You get the idea,it was definetly two raptors in the title..

Have been looking for 30+ years !! and it realy bugs me at times.

So if anyone can help I'd be grateful..

Even if it's other forums/sites to ask on,it would help..

Cheers me dears.



Red ex

Forces personnel that used to use it used to add red ex or similar additives as wel,although one guy insisted that all you realy needed was a few squirts of fairy liquid !!

I don't remember them having any troubles with short lives on engines,more short lives of vehicles from over-enthusiastic use off road on ranges etc at weekends !!



Well compared to what RAF and army air boys used to get up to in the 1960's with the "private" use of planes and choppers,his possibly legit use is small cry,many memories of Hercules being flown about at weekends doing forces personel house moves etc and flights to exotic places,but pilots have to keep their hours up,and it's hardly a suprise that forces personnel and families have homes near bases and if folk need to be moved from say BOAR to UK,is it cheaper to use several army 3 tonners,pay for a private commercial firm or a Hercules with a crew that need flying hours on their log books ?

Boscombe down pilots used to get away with murder,but what they did was treated as perks of the job and considering the work they did with the risks involved,they were small.

At least they didn't use public money to buy and maintain duck houses !!

Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs worldwide


Re: Outsource IT

Gizzus a job,I can do that !!


Re: Bring Back

But in a lot of these examples and in other systems,I would think it was possible to swap "normal" xp for xp embeded,that should run old drivers etc ok,,it may not be perfect but it's got to be an awful lot safer than running full xp,most of which is not needed,is full of holes and is a liability and problem waiting to happen.

I used to use an iffy(as in free from a skip !) version of xpe on my home pc's for years,just in running speed it was worth it,I didn't bother with any security except defender,never had any problems.

The vast percentage of systems running xp didn't/don't need 80% of what is included in the os and just leaves huge holes to be exploited.

An os should come with almost everything it can do turned off by default,then as and when folk find they need a service,turn it on,why run everything when you just don't need most of it ?

Former GDS head Mike Bracken quits Co-op



Just another twat full of bullshit and meaningless bollocks,employed by the gullible,stupid or corrupt.

Sounds like a perfect target for a good kick to the head,it certainly wouldn't destroy anything important.

A shit mba from reading gets you cushty non jobs like that,rem,I doubt it,sounds like a prick with a few mates in government circles,another good reason for a good kicking..

HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS


Ahhh,so they use Microsoft maps,that would explain many of the grounding and collision incidents then !!

Researchers blind autonomous cars by tricking LIDAR


Re: Er ?

So it's the distance from apication of brakes point on some imaginary perfect surface.

Anyone want to volunteer to walk out on a motorway 55 metres in front of a car and see what happens in the real world ?


Re: Er ?

Cheers me dear,my ropey old phone and awful 3G signal wouldn't let me get to article.


Re: One day the goverment will update this crap

And all of that relies on them first actually seeing something and then reacting..

Me,I've tried stopping from 60mph in 55 metres,it's a myth,you might just do it,with prior warning on a perfect surface in a light vehicle with very soft grippy wide tyres.

Me I would put the chances of most drivers/cars stopping before they hit the object at about 5%.


Re: One day the goverment will update this crap

12 volt electrics I hope,ahh,the dim yellow glow from 6volt headlights,if they fitted them to cars today,that would rapidly thin out the numbers of joy riders,bad drivers and old farts who cannot see without the use of 500 watts of lamps to light things up half a mile ahead so their awful reaction times have some kind of chance..


Re: Interesting research

Yes and teslas system has ready been shown to be flawed,not seeing a small object or car I can almost understand,but the object it missed was 60ft,8 ft wide and 13 ft tall,that's a pretty big object to miss because it was the "wrong colour" and not precisely where tesla thought it would be..

Mind you ,if that trailer had side bars,then it might have just seen those instead as their usually dark or dirty..


Re: Drive-by booting

It works much better with proper real para boots on,you dint hurt toes like you do in sloppy bike shoes and by God does it help build yer leg muscles up having 3 pounds of leather on the ends of yer legs.

+ they give a much more satisfying and effective result when planted in some red listed motorists crutch or give you some real heft to kicking drivers door shut on their leg as they try to get out when they think their going to win a fist fight,me I think it's fair tactics,I'm on a 15 LB bike,their in a two tin car,big boots even things up a bit...

If you realy want legs like Chris hoy had,wear para boots...


Re: Motorbike

Ahh good old American driving behaviour and standards.

I liked the way the bike just pulls away up the road leaving the carnage behind him..


Er ?

Where did they get that 55 metres at 60 mph from and what is it meant stand for ?

Is that meant to be a reaction time or a stopping distance ?

There are very few cars/drivers that can stop from 60mph in 55metres,possibly with prior warning,on a very good surface and huge tyres on light vehicle,but most cars/drivers would fail if attempting it.

Before I get slagged down,if you have the confidence,try it yourself,find a short private road,stack some soft building blocks across it,measure and Mark a line 55 metres from yer stack,then accelerate to 60moh and see what happens.

At 60mph,most folks reaction times are so bad that most would hit an object at 55 metres before they even got much movement in their foot.

Games rights-holders tell ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Pay or we pull titles


Re: No Comment

You forgot non-fattening..


Re: What a complete cockup this Vega thing is!

Would you like a business partner,then we can pull the same stunt as this lot and just keep blaming each other until everyone forgets we still have their cash stashed off shore..

Concorde without the cacophony: NASA thinks it's cracked quiet supersonic flight


Even Sr71 was quieter at take off than Concorde was,if tsr2 had ever been cleared for full thrust flights,you would have heard that beauty in the home counties from boscombe down before she even got off the end of runway.

Ahh,real 1960's military engines,never to be heard again,nobody dares treat the survivors like they did then..make yer skin crawl and hairs on back of neck tingle properly and deaf for days after,fun times.

This piece of yank poo will never even make it to prototype,let alone service.

An sst that was acceptable by public etc could be built,but there is no sustainable business model,the first bad depression wipes it out,cos it's border line when times are good,that was also one of concordes problems..



The Olympus engines that concord used were designed in the 1950's.

Compare the noise levels of something like an F 16/18 and an old bac lightning,there is a large difference,even when reheat is used,engines have got more efficient and quieter over the last 50+ years.

The two Olympus fitted to tsr2 could out bellow the 4 on a Concorde,even without reheat,you could hear tsr2 on static engine tests at boscombe down from a very long way away,made lightnings sound quiet in comparision,ahh they were the days...

Plane spotters dream time.

Men charged with theft of free newspapers


Re: This is England. We use common sense here.

Theft by finding..


There is also the charge of "theft by finding" a woman was recently charged with that when she found a ten pound note,because she just stuck it in her purse without making any effort to report it or find the owner.

What used to happen was you took to a police station,if nobody claimed it in 6 weeks,you could apply for it to be given to you,but police corruption stopped most folk from doing so and now most police stations will not handle even valuable items,like a purse with bank cards and obvious id,the police now expect you to return it,me I walk in to cop shop,drop items on counter and leg it quickly,otherwise you are there answering questions for hours and then get accused of theft !!


Yes,it's a crime to remove stuff back out of public rubbish/litter bins,once you place something in one it becomes the property of the local authority or their contractor,its the same law as covers the removal of things from skips,even if you have "permissions" of the original owner,it's theft,you need to get consent from both the old owner and the owner of the skip,I had it all explained to me by a police solicitor when I was a regular skip diver,you removing an item permanently from someone else,who may have an income source for that item.

It even means you cannot remove even a bucket of soil from a skip full,even if the whole lot is going to landfill..

Humanity is doomed: We watch 45 BILLION hours of YouTube a month



No,a small minority of folk are watching an awful lot of cack on you tut.

The only thing I have watched in the last ten years on you tit are THREE short vids on how to repair two phones and one laptop..

Where as my daughter will watch you tit all day and night if she is in the mood..

Mind you,I find all moving picture media to be dull,last time I went to cinema was for release of "taxi driver" !!

Not watched tv in 15+ YEARS,can't even be bothered to watch my Mrs's DVD when she has them on,once you've seen one episode of most series,you know the story line for each episode.

Despite high-profile hires, Apple's TV plans are doomed


Must watch tv ?

There is no such thing as "much watch tv" or must watch anything.

I've not watched ANYTHING in 15 YEARS,no films,no dvd's,no tv,nothing,it's all pap for the mindless to switch their brains off even more,I gave up trying to find decent documentaries on you tit years ago,when I realised there aren't any that are worth the effort of searching for..

Do I feel like I'm missing out on anything,no,good books are still being published faster than anyone can read them,there are huge collections of old radio to pick from,seeing as how nobody is making much good new radio content now..

Breathing is a much do event,watching moving pictures is not..

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Tumbling bullets,even at low velocity/energy levels can cause immense damage,I can believe a deformed tumbling .5 could tear an ARM off if it hits the arm high up or out high on the shoulder.I've seen massive wounds in deer created by deformed tumbling bullets,things can re-accelerate if they convert straight line velocity into tumbling or bouncing off bones etc..


As a very good "natural" I can tell you it was part of a group of shots,you might just get lucky once in a few million and hit first round but odds are very against it.

Fixed point against fixed point is good,I've been realy impressed if target had been mobile,that's nearly all luck v skill.

My best,swooping seagulls at triangulated from fixed points to have been 1800 yards,impact point out at sea so hard to properly measure,single standard 7.62mm ball,fired from L1A1,open sights,stood up.i called the shot,waited 5 seconds,cloud of feathers.witnessed by two very,very experienced UK soldiers and range control officers..

At ultra long ranges,it's luck,the target can decide to go have a wee,sit down,or anything.

There are stories of Russian troops building/converting 20mm cannons for this kind of job in Afghanistan 1. !!!

Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck



All that hi tech hardware and it didn't work,yet if trailer had had $50 of bars welded to it,everybody would have been fine.


Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist


Re: I confess...

Watford ?


Yep,don't know if it still holds true,but if you were RAF and had to.use one for real,you got the tie or tie pin,sure it was a tie..

No t sure about others but I know ANY pilot from anywhere that used one at boscombe down got them..

I'm sure for a while it was anybody anywhere got them,but I'm sure I heard it had changed again a few years ago,.mb probably charge for them now !!

My parents used to have seat users parties in Salisbury in the 60-70's,you be horrified at what pots flying next day would get up to,it might explain some of the silly access dent/incidents.

Like fella who landed an old English electric lightning far too hard,flipped over and slid along runway,,ground crew had almost axed through canopy etc when the pilot decided to try the ejector seat,upside down,about 2 ft off the runway surface !! Can't remember if he survived,I doubt it though..



Martin-baker used to give ties to those who had used AND survived the use of one of their seat systems,there was a lot of hassle in the 60's because they refused one to a new RAF widow who's fella didn't survive a zero/zero use at boscombe down,but wanted the tie for her young son to have later in in life..

(not many did survive zero/zero uses in those days,the tech wasn't realy up to it yet then.

Zero/zero=zero speed,zero height,basically blasting out of a stationary aircraft.

They also didn't offer one to aircraft ground crew member who got dragged 90 feet into the air when chair went of by mistake,even though he survived the drop though badly hurt from canopy/seat impact,then burnt,then dropped 90 feet !!

I'm sure others out there have got some scarey tales from the early days of ejector seats,theirbstill not perfect,but beats staying with 20 tons of dead plane..

The early ties are worth money and are collected by some,even though the sale is frowned upon by mb and raf...

Jailed fraudster admits running same cold-caller con from behind bars


Hah,take his fingers off then..

He likes to control people and things with his voice,he'll have to !!

Try picking an itchty nose or scratching an ear etc without fingers ??

Break crypto to monitor jihadis in real time? Don't be ridiculous, say experts


But what else do you expect when parliament does not have one science or engineering degree between 650+ people.

This is what happens when you are governed by people that are third rate solicitors,estate agents and have studied philosophy and the history of art...

No hypersonic railguns on our ships this year, says US Navy


Bae is still "british" ?

Me,I would much rather have a pair of long barrel German 88mm guns,so much cheaper,ammo much cheaper,much higher fire rate,wear rates much lower,can be used against anything,surface or air,doesn't need a power station to run etc etc etc..

Sabot rounds can have very high velocity,not as quick as em's but do we realy need ultra high velocity ?

All we will see if em's start to be used is the same race as has happened with MBT defence systems,but for ships instead,at least with a power station on board,plasma defence is easy !!

And said power station can run some huge pumps for water curtains,which are a bit fiddly to organise for a 70 ton MBT in most areas,simple at sea.

Not much can get through multiple inch thick layers of water spaced apart,they may not totally stop a projectile,but the amount of kinetic energy it will deliver is massively reduced,enough that "normal" armour systems can cope..

KISS works pretty well,just keep throwing more metall at target or in air for defence.

How many auto 20/30mm cannon pods do some ships carry now ?


First-day-on-the-job dev: I accidentally nuked production database, was instantly fired


Re: Oops

Am racking my brains trying to remember the name of the company,I have occidental stuck in my head at the moment,but am almost certain it was something different.

Ashford,Kent,UK,1976,there cannot have been many big main frames in the area,this one was right in the town centre,the building has gone now,but someone must have some memories from then.

But as I said,it was a totally American firm,with emoyees all Americans..

It's all a long time ago,I can only remember one other name of the 12 of us involved and she was polish !!


Re: Oops

From what we got told/heard over the months was that it was all the tapes with fresh data on that got killed,the ones from small companies that had fresh data about new exploration holes etc was lost !

You would have hoped that it would have been standard practice for someone somewhere to take copies,but apparently not.

The firm involved went into lock down for months,all sorts of rumours about big oil firms sabotaging the systems etc etc,nobody ever outright accused us of killing the system/data,so it could have been their own cock up.this was an American firm,staffed solely by Americans,who had very little interaction with local population,so all we ever heard was gossip..

They did survive,but it took 3 years apparently to get over the problem..

I think they used it as an excuse/reason to upgrade/rebuild the entire system,and it was big,floor was 70 yards by 30 yards,one entire wall was reel to reel decks,rest of the space was well crammed with the rest of the hardware,the ac system was massive,took up another entire floor..



1976,us a group of A level mixed tech students in Kent being taught the very basics of computing,invited to go see a big all floor mainframe just up the road(litetaly) from college,shown around for an hour or two with brief descriptions of what each chunk of hardware was doing,then left alone for a few minutes,nobody at all except us 12 students in computer room,someone decides to tap a bit of nonsense on a keyboard,nothing obvious happens,fella comes back,finishes tour with a thank you and maybe he will see us in a few years as employees,we all say cheers and bye,walk back to college,an hour later,paniced tutors pull all us visitors out of various lectures and gather us in common room,to tell us that the mainframe we just visited appears to have died and did any of us touch anything,everyone shakes heads vigorously,deny everything,find out next morning that entire data system is gone,and we have probably just bankrupted a major American oil/mineral exploration analysis company used by lots of smaller companies !! oops..

The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path?


And have they ever suffered a total crash ?