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Dishwasher has directory traversal bug


Re: Bewildered. (That's grown-up speak for "wtf")

> Luckily, we don't have smart meters here, yet. But if they do, they won't be joining our home network

That's ok, they don't want to - they handle their own connectivity. The electricity meter obviously has the most power available, so it talks to the mothership, I assume over GSM. I'm told the gas meter is powered by a little turbine spinning in the gas flow, giving it just enough juice to talk Zigbee to the nearby leccy meter. They don't go anywhere near any of my kit, and I get a bill each month for what I actually use rather than the company making up a random number, direct debiting whatever they feel like, and then trying to reconcile a huge discrepency every couple of years.

I expect there's probably some implementation stupids when it comes to switching provider (haven't tried yet) but I'm a fan of the principle.


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