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Lords told to listen to science on cannabis

Olly Molyneux

Informed debate here

If you are interested in this subject and are looking for an informed argument for a fundamental rethink of all drug policy please follow this link:


no IT angle though...

Follow the Somali pirate scourge via Google mashup

Olly Molyneux


For the love of Blackbeard where did all you pirate experts appear from??!

Were you all born in the 17th Century or something, or have you just been playing too much Monkey Island or whatever it was called?

Anyway, I think Johnny Depp in a Disney-themed dingy using the twin swords of wit and repartie would sort all this piracy-cafuffle out nicely.

Designer touts 'super sight' sunglasses

Olly Molyneux


Yes, but I would suggest you would look a complete tool wearing sunglasses in the office.

O2 misses iPhone targets

Olly Molyneux


Spot on chaps.

I have an iPhone too and I love it. And I like to think I'm pretty normal. Yeah, it cost me, but I can afford it so boo. The Edge is excellent and fast enough for most things that you would need. I used to have a 3G vodafone datacard and that was pretty rubbish as it would drop down to GPRS speeds if it could not connect, which was most of the time. Give me Edge any day to be honest.

Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

Olly Molyneux

@Vladimir Plouzhnikov

"From what I've heard from Dawkins on TV (I can't see a point in wasting time to read his book) his main counterargument to religion seems to be his belief that there is no god."

jeepers creepers. NO ITS NOT. I can see the point in you reading the point - that you may understand the arguments before posting stupid messages on websites.

His argument is ... nope I can't be bothered, read the book.

Bike bonk bloke lands on sex offenders' register

Olly Molyneux

A classic...

I bet it was a Chopper...

Top US boffin plans jizz-based LEDs

Olly Molyneux

at least now..

... the salmon will have something do to after they've caught their flies.


US outfit whips out mp3 vibrator

Olly Molyneux

my tunes

Here's my playlist (if I was a chick, with really bad taste in music):

Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Land Down Under (Men at Work)

Come Together (Beatles)

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (John Lellett)

Something's Fishy (Dolly Parton)

Cherry Pie (Warrant)

Hokey Cokey (Anon)

and finally....

Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)

Facebook was my idea, says yet another ex-Harvard student

Olly Molyneux

@Luke Wells

Here here. Me too.

I'd actually rather peel my face off than put a profile on one of these bloody sites. Next year it'll be "facepedia" or something equally banal that everyone will be banging on about.

And that was my idea btw...

Vodafone takes one on the chin for billing problems

Olly Molyneux

me too!

I also have a vodafone 3G datacard 250MB limit. Never go anywhere near my monthly limit and as such dont check my bills that often, only to find last 2 months they've charged my almost £100 each month. 5 phone calls down the line and still no refund. This is theft as far as I'm concerned.

Do not get a Vodafone datacard (not that one would :/)

Germans plan 578m-high überpyramid

Olly Molyneux


Yeah right, great idea. I've always wanted to be buried in Germany. In a Pyramid. With lots of other people.

Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track

Olly Molyneux

@David Farrell

Couldn't agree more. Frankly I'd rather take the risk getting on a plane with no security than the endless hours I've spent waiting for security forcing people to put items from a randomly compiled list of non-dangerous products into a clear plastic bag (btw if clear plastic bags are so necessary you may as well make a human-sized one and then we'd all be safe). I take that risk when I get on a [insert form of public transport here] so why not a plane. OK so the argument is a plane can be tunrned into a guided missile - well, let me think, lock the cockpit door. That was tricky.

Rant over.

Why oh why do rock stars die young?

Olly Molyneux

@Simon Reed

lol Status Quo are about as rock 'n' roll as tea and scones. I actually wish they'd followed the trend, so wonderfully highlighted by this crappy research, a little more closely.

Cops seek 179mph net vid biker

Olly Molyneux


I drive along that bit of road all the time. Even in the early morning like 5am I struggle to get faster than 35mph :oP there are so many flaming lorries.

Girls prefer pink: official

Olly Molyneux


I like brown, not blue. My girlfriend, she like brown too.

'Grim reaper' dog senses nursing home deaths

Olly Molyneux


can't be true. I had a dog that always used to sniff my balls and I don't think I'm dead down there just yet. ah,but I might be firing blanks though..

God appears in eggplant slice

Olly Molyneux


Surely if there is one slice with 'GOD' on it then there'll be loads of slices with 'GOD' on them, granted, in ever decreasing sizes. If she hasnt already put them in the moussaka already she could make a fortune.