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Europe's tough new rules for Big Tech start today. Is anyone ready?


Virtue signalling? Or more censorship to protect corporations and their bottom line from "misinformation" which turns out factual tomorrow?

There goes your free speech, it's the same across the pond https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/urgent-the-empire-strikes-back-in

Lawsuit: We've got the stats to prove Twitter ax fell unfairly on older, female engineers


Didn't Musk require all underlings to sign a commitment effectively saying you're prepared to work night and day? I can imagine fewer women than men putting up with this stuff.

X tries to win back advertisers with brand safety promises


Great, Elon let out another fart again and we're all there to sniff it.

Now where's the Reg on

Missouri v. Biden, and the ruling prohibiting the White House from more interference with free speech online

Berenson vs Biden after the White House pressured twitter to remove his account after legitimate speech and his earlier free speech

Apple threatening to pull out FaceTime and iMessage from the UK because of proposed spying powers for the UK government

Or Flaherty who joined the Biden White House as Director of Digital Strategy pressuring twitter to remove a Biden parody account. ( https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.lawd.189520/gov.uscourts.lawd.189520.293.0.pdf )

Elon is amusing n all but there's plenty of newsworthy stuff going on.

LLMs appear to reason by analogy, a cornerstone of human thinking


The only reason is willingness to share

Seems like GPT is quite happy contradicting the user unless pressed. In this conversation GPT multiple times denies the existence of quotes before conceding the very quote is contained in a report.


Disclaimer: sharing does not equal endorsement but the behaviour is notable without having to resort to conclusions of mind control

Australia asks Twitter how it will mod content without staff, gets ghosted


Twitter files

When will the reg report on the twitter files which showed that under pressure from the White House it was suppressing legitimate speech in a violation of the first amendment?

Or journalist Alex Berenson his successful settlement with the company over the removal of his tweets and account? An illusion shattering moment for social media hiding behind the section 230 defence.

Or his case against the White House over his first amendment rights online ?

Zuckerberg: Yes, Facebook kept Hunter Biden's laptop under wraps


Apparently the story was explosive enough for Greenwald (Of Snowden, Citizen 4 fame) to resign from the organisation (The Intercept) he helped setup:


"Publication of that initial New York Post story provoked a highly unusual censorship campaign by Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, through a long-time former Democratic Party operative, vowed to suppress the story pending its “fact-check,” one that has as of yet produced no public conclusions. And while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologized for Twitter’s handling of the censorship and reversed the policy that led to the blocking of all links the story, the New York Post, the nation’s fourth-largest newspaper, continues to be locked out of its Twitter account, unable to post as the election approaches, for almost two weeks."



Re: A Dutch saying

Or in this case the inn keeper is Facebook and it doesn't trust its users to make up their own mind.

Make of that what you will.

After 7 years, long-term threat DarkTortilla crypter is still evolving


Re: What ?


"The malicious payload comes in an attachment with a range of file types, from .zip and .iso to .img and .tar., " Even then, your email client will save the attachment to a temporary files directory before extraction of the executable loader and DLL containing the processor. There's your evidence on the filesystem.

Airbnb turns its anti-partying tech on American lodgers


Re: False positives and unexpected consequences

It's not just AirBnb, I've had similar experiences with booking, no customer service at all. Room facility descriptions which are blatantly false (no refund), extra charges which were never mentioned before booking, etc.

In all cases it was up to me to collect the details of the discrepancies which is a pain because the description of facilities is different when viewing the "room booked" details from the "room available" view. Pro tip: always screenshot the promised facilities and services before making the booking.

One of the more flagrant incidents was when I booked a room but never received a confirmation yet the payment was made with a transaction code confirming it. There was no way to contact booking directly, impossible by phone without a booking code. I sent off multiple e-mails which would be looked at within a few days which is rather annoying when the booking is for the same night.

The hotel was equally useless and only when I suggested they contact Booking did they make an effort. No use though, because they're not contactable to their partners either. Stuck in purgatory it was or paying a lot more by directly booking another room with the hotel and hoping I'd get my reservation refunded.

Apple ends corporate COVID mask mandate


Re: The panemic is over?

Even if immune imprinting / OAS where the body is only trained on the original spike mutation was a thing we would be seeing massive waves in heavily vaccinated countries compared to counterparts with similar climates (Portugal & Spain vs North Africa, Israel vs Palestine, Taiwan vs ?, or even the old West vs East Germany) which we definitely are not and if we are we can explain away with confounding vars (age, diet, etc etc).

Don't go comparing US states' vax rates now because they report and test at different rates.

Ad infinitum.

Starlink's latent China crisis could spark a whole new world of warcraft


If you haven't already, you might like to pick up a copy of "the net delusion". It deals with soviet citizens living near the iron curtain watching western tv and subsequently being less susceptible to the spells of capitalism because they saw for themselves life in the west wasn't as celestial as it was made out to be in the innards of the soviet union.

Russia botches Twitter throttling, cripples anything with t-dot-co in the name – including Reddit, Microsoft


Whenever Telegram is mentioned as a target for censure I'm left wondering why Whatsapp is no target for the ire of the state even though it (unlike Telegram) implements end to end encryption by default. What is facebook doing to appease Turkey, Russia, et al that Telegram isn't?

Or could it be Telegram's public group functionality?

Belgian cops crack down on encrypted phone network Sky ECC in 200 overnight raids as firm denies criminal ties


Re: When will these people ever learn?

It has been suggested on these forums to build a device with a screen and camera and that is capable of encryption and decrypting short messages after preloading it with the required keys. Once a message is encrypted and generated into a QR code (potentially holding 4296 alphanumeric characters) on this device the message can be photographed and send via Signal using a bog standard phone. On the other end the same QR code is photographed, transformed back into a character set and decrypted.

Et voila, the message can only be read on an air gapped device. Secure, until the guys in Cheltenham get their hands on one with the keys still on there and there is no way of revoking them.

Steve Wozniak at 70: Here's to the bloke behind Apple who wasn't a complete... turtleneck


A trip down the history of Macintosh

For those unwitting of the existence of this great collection of stories about the development of the Macintosh and early days of Apple: https://www.folklore.org/

Careful, it might just eat your day!

"The cover story did include another profile of Steve Jobs, containing some comments that were less than complimentary. One unspecified friend was quoted saying "something is happening to Steve that's sad and not pretty", but the best quote was attributed to Jef Raskin: "He would have made an excellent King of France.""


Firefox maker Mozilla axes a quarter of its workforce, blames coronavirus, vows to 'develop new revenue streams'


Didn't expect this CEO behaviour to be tolerated at Mozilla

Meanwhile, the CEO's are just fine:

https://twitter.com/brendaneich/status/1217517703914643456 (graph showing Firefox market share vs CEO pay)

Spoiler alert: Google's would-be iPhone killer Pixel 3 – so many leaks


Perhapds their stance on user privacy?

"OnePlus is tracking users actions without anonymizing data" - https://tech.slashdot.org/story/17/10/10/227207/oxygenos-telemetry-lets-oneplus-tie-phones-to-individual-users

"a new report says that there's still a OnePlus app that can grab data from the phone and send it to servers in China without a user's knowledge or express consent. " -


.NET Core 2.1 – huh, yeah – what is it good for? Bing, apparently


I've just migrated a personal site with about a hundred daily users from Windows to the cheapest Ubuntu VPS my provider offers. This means half the processor power and memory compared to the Windows VPS and a third of the price. They even have special offer going on Ubuntu boxes saving me even more monthly costs.

The MS SQL database was replaced with MariaDB, simply because MS SQL doesn't support 18.04 (yet, or at least when I commenced migrating my core site). Though there were some minor niggles the EF Mysql provider works fine.

Performance is just as good if not better (page requests consistently below half a second) and it turns out administration of a Linux box is a lot easier if not more fun. Setting up Nginx with Letsencrypt was a breeze as was forwarding traffic to the dotnet process.

It's a funny world when I can wholeheartedly recommend .Net devs to migrate their sites to Ubuntu.

Palmtop nostalgia is tinny music to my elephantine ears


Re: Buyer beware

If only it were so..

Much as I'd like to join you in fantasizing about modern psions and n950's, I did have the foresight to attach a redundant bluetooth keyboard. Sure, reading and writing the odd email works fine despite the annoyance of seeing screen estate go to waste but don't think about a quick trip to tumblr or detour via other image heavy sites https://lostinmobile.com/2017/03/02/why-i-think-i-need-a-psion-style-device-but-wont-be-buying-the-gemini-pda/


Re: Buyer beware

My approach exactly.

It's hard not to fall in love with the concept when your inner geek is still alive. Then I realize the horrible screen estate efficiency of Android and the inner skeptic wins over. Is android ready to be used almost exclusively by keyboard and shortcuts or will users keep smudging and wiping their screens, ad nauseum.

In the mean time we're waiting on a n950, e7 form factor replacement.

Nokia should have released a remake of their n950 or communicator series instead of their 3310.


Buyer beware

I too almost pre ordered one (a gemini) but then a number of things dawned on me

The ceo has a bad reputation among indigogo's public for failing to deliver https://mobile.twitter.com/thezxkingpin/status/837554886250135553

Their release date of november seems rather unrealistic - we've not seen a working keyboard or software and they're not answering technical questions on indigogo. For the form factor to work the software needs to match and vanilla android or a plain linux distro won't do without a stylus or mouse.

Android and apps are made for portait mode unless you're watching netflix, which negates the keyboard need. When is the last time you decided to use your 7" or less phablet in portrait mode? I tried using my nexus in landscape orientation last night and it was horrible.

US telly stations fling malware-tipped web ads at unsuspecting surfers


Adblockers are a security precaution.

Chrome lives in dog years: It's seven years old but just turned 50


Those damn poorly coded sites

"...Isolating each Tab made the browser more resilient by allowing a poorly-coded Web app to take down just one process, rather than the whole browser."

If a site can take down the browser, is it the site (nee, Web app) that is poorly coded or the browser?

Northrop wins $55bn contract for next-gen bomber – as America says bye-bye to B-52


Re: Why not give the money to NASA

Though the US is not too keen on it.

The Space Preservation Treaty was a proposed 2006 UN General Assembly resolution against all space weapons. Only the United States of America voted against the treaty, with Israel abstaining.

The resolution No first placement of weapons in outer space, which emphasizes the prevention of an arms race in space and that "other measures could contribute to ensuring that weapons were not placed in outer space." 126 countries voted in favor to 4 against (Georgia, Israel, Ukraine, United States),

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Militarisation_of_space#Outer_Space_Treaty

So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?


Vaccination. It's the reason influenza no longer comes around and shuffles 20 million off our mortal coils.

Or Polio debilitates us for the rest of lives.

Jackpot: New hacking group steals 150,000 credit cards from casino


commercial software.

"akin to the level of commentary seen in commercial software."

So, no comments at all then.

Apple's Swift creeps up dev language survey – but it's bad news for VB


Re: Stack Overflow use introduces a big bias

Any new language should skew results. People will start to experiment and stumble upon problems, flocking to stackoverflow.

Same goes for github, new languages need ports of libraries.*

You'd think this is all taken into account though.

*unless, as in the case of Swift, it's compatible with existing ones.

That EVIL TEXT that will CRASH your iPhone: We pop the hood


Just tried sending it to my own iPhone using iMessage. I have a sneaking suspicion Apple is filtering iMessages as it never arrived when other messages did.

Queen's Speech: Snoopers' Charter RETURNS amid 'modernisation' push


Re: Measures will also be brought forward to promote social cohesion

Hate to break it to you, but No. Not even a significant chunk of the population is looking into encrypting their communications.

What they are interested in though is Posh&Becks and Jordan. So maybe we should just rename the next cypher suite after them to rumble up some interest eh?

In the mean time I'm trying to message my contacts via encrypted channels in case the day comes and I need it so it won't set off alarm bells. That and I quite like the idea of my messages only being read by the intended recipient.

Spy-tech firms Gamma and Trovicor target Shell Oil in Oman


"Oxford University is lead consultant on the project acting through its wholly owned subsidiary ISIS Innovation."

Time for a name change?

Jay-Z freestyle attack on Tidal's rivals leaked to Tidal's rivals


AS posted by a fellow commentard in response to another article on Tidal and the music biz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEsJqtiU-2A (Tidal - End The Suffering ) quite entertaining

Microsoft: It's TRUE, you'll get Android and iOS apps in WINDOWS



Windows Phone specific API's offered to Android? It's almost like the good old days ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Java_Virtual_Machine#Sun_vs._Microsoft )

The content business wants Netflix out of Australia


Re: Netflix doesn't want these regions

Upvote for "hideous style of US documentaries". US broadcasters really seem to believe their audiences to be as stupid as they're made out to be around the web. Dramatic "Edge of your seat" music is added to interviewees' mundane one liners followed by lots of CGI with irrelevant beeps to illustrate a soldier taking a step towards the parapet.

Compare some of the ww2 History Channel documentaties with "Wings of the Luftwaffe" documentaries, calmy narrated by a British presenter. You'd think with every action the Japanase took the USA was on the brink of becoming destroyed. Like when the Imperial Navy was hypothesizing building submarines capable of transporting a couple of light aircraft.

Scientists tail whales, hails their tales of record 14,000-mile migration


Re: Human Migration

It doesn't count unless we're walking there and back?


"...a new world record for the longest migration path of any mammal..."

This raises the question, what's the longest migration path of humans? And does their record count as a mammalian one?

Instead of public sector non-jobbery, Martha, how about creating real entrepreneurs?


opportunities we should be grabbing with both hands: education, women and ethics.

I too think we should be grabbing women with both hands(!)

Watchdog slaps American Apparel's youthful naked arse


Another dangerous threat to our fabric of society squashed. Hooray!

...we can all safely head back to the pub to witness far worse.

Google pulls out of gaping Blogger smut black hole


In their failed attempt for everyone to become more "social" by forcing google plus down their throats through shutting down Google Reader they received multiple tons of feedback. Only this time it made a difference.

What gives?

Dutch government websites KO'd by 10-hour DDoS


Kudos to the Dutch MP's having the guts to ask the question on all our minds:

Why couldn't functionality be restored using a backup?*


*source: http://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/latest-security-news/ddos-attack-brings-down-dutch-national-government-websites/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tripwire-state-of-security+%28The+State+of+Security+%7C+Tripwire%2C+Inc.%29

Drinking to forget? OK. But first, eat a curry... QUICK!


Better skip the post beer if putting traumatic events behind you is the objective:

"People often drink to 'drown sorrows'," according to Kalev. "Our results suggest that this could actually paradoxically promote traumatic memories and lead to further drinking, contributing to the development of alcoholism."


Another curry!

Snowden SLAMS iPhone, claims 'special software' tracks users


In the mean time GHCQ/NSA is happily eavesdropping on journalists: http://boingboing.net/2015/01/21/british-spy-agency-intercepted.html

Where's your news item on this, Vultures?

Facebook worth more than Portugal? Hell, it's worth a LOT more than THAT


So, what about the effect of Facebooking making people unhappy?*

How will we factor that into our unicorn numbers?

Is Tim saying whatever I'm doing it adds $minimum_wage_rate to the GDP?


DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back


According to wiki...

this is what he said on intelligence and race:

“there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so”'

Which seems more reasonable than saying "white people are superior" and reasoned from a scientific point of view.


Will tech titans SWALLOW upstart where Apple guru Steve Wozniak works?


Go Forth (Virtually)

"Well, comment on the article,private"

"I can't Sir, I don't know what it's going on about"

Judging by the nr of comments, this is how we all feel. Perhaps an article for the PHB's.

Google pushes 'go' on Android Studio


Re: The King is dead....

I think Xamarin starts offering value when you're developing for two or three platforms (iOS, Android and WinPhone).

In preparation of my Xamarin adventure I read Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms by Microsoft Press and it too recommends familiarizing yourself with the platform specific Xamarin API's. So if you're targeting a single platform there will be overhead. Familiarity with C# and .Net might balance things out again though.


Re: The King is dead....

Allow me to differ.

Using Xamarin Forms I attempted to write a sample app. To add something as plain as a checkbox I had to download a community developed controls nuget package which when deployed and their checkbox is added to a simple grid made the whole grid disappear without so much as an exception, never mind trace output. the labels they replaced worked fine before though.

When it's a struggle to get a simple checkbox to show up I quickly cut my losses and switch frameworks. There is no point in continuing if you know this is the struggle it's going to be. I'd rather spend my development hours developing than beating my head on the keyboard and save myself from a future of slow and frustrating debug cycles.

Syrian Electronic Army in news site 'hack' POP-UP MAYHEM


Adblocks are more than an eliminator of annoying ads, they're a security measure. It's not a rare occurrence for ad networks to serve up malware.

Imagine if they decided their network of Syrian fighters could use some extra funds and targeted flash instead for your banking credentials to be send right back the first time you login to your banking site.

Bittorrent wants to sink Dropbox with Sync 2.0


BT's cloud?

Shame there's no mention of how the product works and if it's in any way related to the original Bittorent protocol.

Article: "The premium version it's announced – US$39.99 a month – claims unlimited-size file storage" yet according to wiki there is no cloud, only your devices:

"The user's data is stored on the user's local device instead of in a 'cloud', therefore requiring at least two user devices, or "nodes," to be online in order to synchronize files between them", and

"There is no limit on the amount of data that can be synced, other than the available free space on each device"

Either something has changed and they're now another cloud storage provider or they're charging you for storage on your own devices.

My guess is the former.


NOKIA - Not FINNished yet! BEHOLD the somewhat DULL MYSTERY DEVICE!


Good luck to em! With those edges, It does look like a large Iphone 6.

In the mean time, I'm not holding my breath for a n950/E7 equipped Android coming anytime soon.



Nokia got out in time. Phone hardware right now is a race to the bottom. Only Apple seem to be able to sell sexy and overprice.

Instead they should have lingered on fighting cut price one plus handsets? Their imaginate hardware design wouldn't have saved them when all people want is a large display in their hand.

Much as I like them, the world didn't want an E7 or N900, two of Nokia's top models.

They were either too visionary (their Debian based tablets) or lagging (N9).

Google's Eric Schmidt's shock confession: Steve Jobs is.... MY HERO


Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley Will do fine thank you, we don't need another movie. It captured the spirit of the times pretty well and even the actors resemble Woz, Steve, Steve and Bill.

In the mean time, if you need a good read about Apple history, one could do worse than start at folklore.org. It's a collection of stories written by members of the original Macintosh team. Inspiring.