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Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel


Never mind gui, have they fixed networking yet?

Networking has been a disaster ever since netplan came along, with a confusing array of files you have to look through to find things like dns or static ip settings. Any improvement here?

Microsoft flings features at Teams to close the Slack gap


Teams is an awful app, borderline unusable. The GUI is horrendous, it's impossible to delete chats, there is no home/splash page, I could go on all day...

I went back to using Skype for Business.


Shocking GUI

Teams is a lump of shite. It's a front end for various other tools and doesn't do as good a job as the full fat client for any of them. I don't understand why it exists. I also hate how it shits groups into AD and sites into sharepoint. It's a demoni, pointless shit heap!

And not to mention if you do try and use it that you can't delete a chat, there's no splash page, and it's never particularly obvious if a new message comes in.

Back to Skype for Business, nothing to see here except pain and despair...

Wowee, it's Samsung's next me-too AI gizmo: The Apple HomePod


Play 5 has voice input, they just haven't enabled it yet.

Apple accused of counter-revolutionary pricing in Russia


Russia has a regulator that PREVENTS corruption???


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