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The gospel according to Blockchain, or is it the other way round?


Re: Can someone explain


>> If you want to secure the data

Your point is a good one, I question what they mean by "secure" if they mean secure against undetected tampering then the claim stands . If they mean secure against access, well thats more difficult and there are already many ways of doing this in use already and the world economy relies on them. We all know these methods fail when put in contact with humans and I expect that to continue whatever technology is used.


Re: Does this mean though...


>> That if blockchains are compute and network intensive that as more data is added it becomes uneconomical

The hyperledger fabric is pluggable so a consensus algorithm can be chosen to be neither compute or network intensive. Finding a suitable correct algo and verifying its correctness is an interesting task and that is where much of the secret sauce which give this business value could be.

In my opinion this is a good use case for blockchain. I wish them good luck.