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ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

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OK, they got into a bit of a toy chucking incident, but have the powers to take over a non profit making company *just like that*

That could be the last time I go and buy a .uk TLD

Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

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@ Admiral Grace Hopper

Last week I was actually in front of a lass from New York buying my tickets for the radio recording of ISIHAC next month and did say to her "Hold on, you're American, you won't understand anything!"

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I'm sorry...

God help them if they ever listen to an episode of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue...

Irish brogue voted world's sexiest accent

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As somebody who once went out with a Dublin lass I can't agree more.

Come on, admit it, that's why so many people stayed with AOL when their call centre was based over there!

Although the comments I've had on my Yorkshire accent when in the States does make me think about moving there...

Nationwide Freeview tune-up takes place today

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@ac 10:47

Actually, Freesat isn't the only way to get ITV - it just has to be manually entered. My friend has done it on his Sky box.

JFGI - don't have the details

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune

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Even though ITV was totally shit at their F1 coverage, BTCC race weekends are excellent., although I conceed it's a minority sport on a minority channel it's better than watching football (IMHO)

Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online

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I use the Yahoo geocoding API to convert postcodes into lon/lat - but this data should be in the public domain. I don't know of a postal system anywhere in the world that charges for access to this data like ours does.

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains

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London > Aberdeen

Used that route last week, on my iTouch was pretty damn good and didn't need to verify my non existant @example.com email address (though, without net access, how could I!)

They block access to iPlayer and such, but i imagine that would be easily bypassed.

One nice trick was on their login confirmation page was a map showing where you where, similar to the in-flight screens you see.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

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Few years ago...

I was working with a local PC shop, who had a customer come in complaining that their newly purchased PC was freezing intermittently.

All the required tests where performed, soak test, running every program on the system to the max, full system check, the works. Nothing found, so customer goes home happy it's been "sorted out"

Next day they are back. Started to ask about the environment, near to power station, lones overhead, anything that could cause this. Nothing. Another soak test, customer out of door...

Third time in, one of the guys decide to to the owners house to find out what exactly was going on. Silently, he stood there watching as the machine was plugged in, connected to the phone line etc, then dozens of fridge magnets where placed all over the case to "make it look pretty"

Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals

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Doctors and consultants

Are constantly walking up and down the wards in my hospital using their mobile, even whilst talking to patients!

Rule for one?

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

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Coloured pencils

"the Macs in the coloured pencil office"


Fifty years later, steam appears on British railway

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The weather in Scarborough was pretty grim last night so wasn't the best conditions to go and have a look (I didn't...).

The station is still there so at least the brakes worked!

Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown

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Skip o Fooer

I think I knew him, Irish fisherman

Maybe this was "speak like the Irish" day and nobody else knew?

BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees

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So that'll be...

The Middlesbrough in Teesside then?


ASA rules against citing 'hits' in ads

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About time...

This is going straight onto the wall somewhere to remind people that "hits" and "visitors" are not the same thing.

Our local evening newspaper a few years ago was boasting that their's was the most popular site for inforation, as it received over 50K hits a month. Mine, at the time, was hitting 40K+ visitors a month

Of course I had all my advertisiers on me asking why I wasn't doing enough. Lies, damn lies and statistics...

Driving some value into Google's Street View

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Actually, Yahoo provide an API for postcode geolocating

From one of my sites,

http://local.yahooapis.com/MapsService/V1/geocode?appid=#appid&#zip=#postcode#" method="get">

Works well.

Airshow Blighty hits town - 100 years of UK powered flight

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George Cayley

There isn't even any great recognition of Cayley in the Brompton/Scarborough area either, although a business centre was named Cayley Court a while ago, so if you weren't there when Sir Richard Branson flew the replica a couple of years ago from the same place his coachman had, then tough.

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates

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Sorry, but I had a plate once that was x 733 OWW so you could. have had OFF as part of the plate.

Microsoft and HP tackle SQL-injection scourge

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Uh oh....

Clients find out about it, clients run it on comptetitors sites, clients ask developers to quietly find a hot spot in the next town and do a drop table;.....

Beeb's online music stations get rewind button

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Radio will live

I can't see the Beeb turning off radio access for overseas people, a fair few presenters make a point of mentioning when somebody has written in from California or Sydney or wherever saying they are listening to the show

Now we've had the download Firefox day, how about an uninstall Real day?

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg

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It was all going so well until "receive millions" in return

If it's too good... etc...

Burma 'Gone with the Wind', suggests Telegraph

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UK Press Gazette

Used to call these juxtaposition cockups "Widdiecombes" (sp?)

To have the comment about people loosing their homes, however, that;s a true editorial fuck up

Bournemouth floats UK's first 100Mbps sewer broadband network

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Hong Kong

A friend was boasting about the 100Mbs pipe that he has to his flat in Hong Kong, at least I can say we are getting there.

Apart from the fact that he's got a slow connection, HK broadband offer up to 1 Gbit/s. We are still behind (no pun intended)

BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

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Not working for me

Well, I've just tried it on my (Jailbroken) Touch and I get audio but no video.

Just wish Apple would change their mind about Flash.

And I'm a Brit, in the UK, about to go to the pub FWIW

Software glitch hits Heathrow T4 baggage system

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Choose another desination

OK, I was thinking of going to Paris, but can I book to HK next week please?

USB Missile Launcher gets integrated spyscope webcam

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Get the weight down...

tie it in with a RC helicopter and the worlds your lobster

I'm considering putting one of these in one of my clients server "room" without them knowing and see how long I can get away with it

Fark attempts to trademark NSFW

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To reuse the punchline...

They weren't farkers, these farkers were acronym's...

Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster?

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Apart from...

The stumbling block with iPlayer is that many independent producers have obviously not allowed it to distribute their programmes, Dragons' Den being one obvious example.

Apart from that, I quite like it. When it works, which I'd say is about 80% of the time.

Plastic police to enforce London bag ban?

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WH Smith

What gets me annoyed is when I go into Smiths to buy a newspaper and immediately they start putting it into a plastic bag.

Ban them at source. What happened to the days when there where always empty boxes lying around at the checkout area for people to put their purchases into?

Remembering the Commodore PET 2001

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Learnt to type on one of those

We had one in my secondary school which was so well used the decals had come off all the keys, so unless you fancied stabbing away for hours producing gibberish, you had to learn the QWERTY layout PDQ.

Sharp learnt a lot from these with their MZ-80A's


Magazines go online in iTunes-esque move

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Regional press

Our local; newspaper is next to useless, and I've oft pondered the logistics of setting up a PDF only version of a local rag, similar to a new F! magazine that is electronic format only.

Camera pole puts you in the frame

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Brett, so I hold this above my at a press conference with a Canon 1D and say a 35-350?

Hope the person underneath is wearing a crash helmet