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Dratted hipster UX designers stole my corporate app

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Re: It's not just designers

Happy to say that i'm the support guy that got users to explain a workflow so I could automate their 1099 tax returns to 'Murica from .XLSX to PDF and finally to form filled Printjobs on preprinted american letter format paper.

The main factor is time. If you have time, you can do anything imo. giving myself a beer , because I can, and it's friday!

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?

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Re: I remember a fix...

Win10 LTSB has it completely off I believe.

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Re: RE: Getting one over on the boss

if IPv6 was more human readable, i'd agree, but for now I much prefer have ipv4 on LAN and only using ipv6 for gateways

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Re: Octal problem

0 I presume ; call the method, get the return value. Ignore the shiny distractions.

That scary old system with 'do not touch' on it? Your boss very much wants you to touch it. Now what do you do?

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Re: The Spaghetti Has Escaped

don't worry, there's even a certain blockchain that refers to itself as "the tangle".

Remember when Apple's FaceTime stopped working years ago? Yeah, that was deliberate

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Re: Really?

the amount of PhD's that argued against the monty hall problem really put into perspective how little touting having a PhD means to me.

WannaCrypt: Pwnage is a fact of life but cleanup could and should be way easier

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I hope this makes people think about alternatives.

Finally installed Linux on my personal machine. I tinkered with it in a VM for development and messing with ElasticSearch Shards and such, but now with windows 10 causing personal headaches It feels like a nobrainer.

moving my dad's machine back to windows 7 with a dual boot of ubuntu (windows 10 creators update borked his machine), hoping to wean him off the devilish microshaft

hopefully the friendly penguin becomes a more popular solution for home users, but I doubt it will ever compete due to the lack of the the budget and marketing machine microsoft has to shove windows down everyone's throat's.

WannaCrypt outbreak contained as hunt for masterminds kicks in

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any payload eh?

makes me want to make a variant that installs the Microsoft patch.

IBM freezes contractor hires to keep full-time workers fully occupied

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Re: We were already 'optimised'

serious question; what is the point of" taking one for the team" :

"some were putting in unclaimed hours to help the team out".

I feel like doing anything that would reduce the impact of the companies' ability to detect its own stupidity is probably not worth it in the longterm, and sound somewhat questionable for a contractor in the short term under such circumstances ( freeze).

Misery loves company so ServiceNow's built anonymous chat-rooms for the recently p0wned

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Ive been using service-now for work for the last 2 years. its pretty robust and well designed compared with my previous experiences. Much prefer it over SAP products so far.

I wouldn't be unhappy if it proliferated a bit.

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors

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Re: @Steve Davies 3 - Goibg to Jail?

can confirm.

KickassTorrents kicked out again, this time by Australia

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and 1024 can be expressed as

easy way to remember google DNS IPs .

FAIL - the most incompetent IT pros

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Re: @Mephistro (was: FAIL - the most incompetent IT pros)(@ jake)

has it though? if time is suspended , then I guess you could say you had one, are having one, and will have one for an infinite period of time.

Not that that's a problem , in fact I think i'l have a little taste...

FYI: You can blow Intel-powered broadband modems off the 'net with a 'trivial' packet stream

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Re: Can you disable IPv4 on these devices?

blocking off said ports using a hardware firewall could be an option I suppose. Not exactly difficult to buy one on the cheap either ( for home use) ~£40-50.

Microsoft's in-store Android looks desperate but can Google stop it?

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Re: It's dead, Jim

most of the client I see that have company Iphones use a 3rd party enterprise encryption platform that offers a sandboxed environment and active directory integration for authentication over company gateways for mail and such.

as above, you aren't truly safe on any platform, you have to take multiple steps to prevent and mitigate worst case scenario of your creds being robbed aswell as ur info.

VMware to end support for third-party virtual switches

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looks fine to me, as Simon said, some people will be glad for the headsup. If this isn't you, there are plenty of articles to look at, and a back button. Marvelous.

BOFH: The Boss, the floppy and the work 'experience'

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amazing. The intern sees through him and lives to tell the tale. few have that privilege.

Wanted: Bot mechanic. New nerds, apply within

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Re: Apply Here

i read that as Engineer Darts.

The actualy link was immediately less interesting.

UK Home Office warns tech staff not to tweet negative Donald Trump posts

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Re: @AC ... Yes, good idea

The ends do not justify the means.


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