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Introducing 'freedom gas' – a bit like the 2003 deep-fried potato variety, only even worse for you


Re: My main regret ...

Links pointing to scientific studies and data are equal to ancient stories about a dude walking on water and other fantastical myths. Who knew?

OK, we admit it. Under the hood, the iPhone X is a feat of engineering


I've always thought Apple made fine products. It just so happens that I've always been able to find similar products for half the price. To each their own.

That 'Trump lawyers threaten teen over kitten website' yarn is Fakey Fakey McFake Fakeface


I'm stealing this.

Everspin's new gig: a gig or two of non-volatile RAM on PCIe


MRAM is not an SSD replacement

These emerging NVMe storage class memory technologies (i.e. RERAM, MRAM, PCM, et al) are an entirely new class of storage (though some of the technologies have been in research for many years). They are generally 1000 times faster than SSD and have characteristics closer to DRAM than SSD. In the future, when coupled with SCM, it is likely that SSD will become the equivalent of a spinning magnetic hard drive.


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