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Auf wiedersehen, pet: UK Deutsche Bank contractors plan to leave rather than take 25% pay cut for IR35 – report

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Re: Drop in quality

There is only one way from the bottom.

Or so they think...

UK contractors planning 'mass exodus' ahead of IR35 tax clampdown – survey

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Re: A bloke called Norman

No, he was a permitractor. And people like him are the reason for the reform.

This is the only positive thing about the IR35 reform - it will weed out impostors like him that give contractors bad name.

Unfortunately the ham-fisted approach by HMRC is going to make a lot of collateral damage.

Fingers crossed, once the dust settles, the rest of us will be able to resume providing our services on a flexible and professional basis.

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Re: hyperbole?

The problem is that IR35 is so ill defined that even HMRC are having trouble explaining it. so they don't even bother. They never provided companies with clear set of unambiguous rules that would allow them to make proper determination of the tax status of the freelancers they employ

Which lead to a situation where the biggest market for freelance work - large corporations are faced with a choice:

A) Accept quantifiable risk of HMRC investigation and tax grab

B) Stop using freelancers at all

Guess which option most of them are going for...

It's not apocalyptic, labour market have seen much bigger upheavals through the years, but there will be significant impact for both clients and freelancers.

HMRC doesn't care either way, they wan their pound of flesh

Very little helps: Tesco flashes ancient Windows desktop on Scan-As-You-Shop device

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The more interesting question is who the hell still writes applications for Windows CE, for a handled device nonetheless.

Well Symbol I guess.

You're not Boeing to believe this: Yet another show-stopping software bug found in ill-fated 737 Max airplanes

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Re: Captain Obvious

Only it wasn't true redundancy. The secondary/passive one couldn't take over mid flight if the main failed. It required manual switch over.

In server terms it wasn't a cluster, but a identically configured cold spare sitting powered off at the bottom of the rack, used as a failback while the main is being fixed, or under maintenance etc.

Their latest fudge I guess is trying to run them in parallel for actual HA. Only every engineer understands that you need a 3rd (or any higher odd number) point for arbitration, they haven't learned even the recent lesson of having 2 pitch sensors speak to the MCAS

LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them

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Re: KeePass

As with most password managers it allows for copy/past of the password without revealing it on the display. Handy against shoulder surfers in the office etc.

It also handles well concurrent updates to the same DB file and merge of the changes.

Neither of these is an option with just a file. I'm sure there are other advantages to it. Not saying it's the best password manager or anything, just pointing out that it's one of the last remaining non-cloud and completely free options for a decent password manager.

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Re: KeePass

Must have been long time ago. It's definitely an option now and fairly sure has been since version 2 release.

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This is why I will keep relying on the good ol' KeePass for my password management needs.

Local DB, stored on several PCs, flash drives and clouds with massive master password.

Zero dependency or exposure to 3rd parties.

Das Reboot: Uni forces 38,000 students, staff to queue, show their papers for password reset following 'cyber attack'

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Re: That is taking security seriously

I suspect the digging out all the obscure places where service accounts are used, to update their password might be actually harder than going through 40k identified humans.

There is always that one critical app that no one knows how it actually runs.

Capita unfurls new consulting arm. Hmm, what shall we call it?

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Polished turd, eer Crapita

Hey Dixons, you know what's mobile? Your rapidly shrinking sales

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5G Boon?!?

"That said, analysts have some expectations that 5G networks and devices will be a boon for the smartphone industry next year."

Really? I see zero incentive in buying a new handset for the upgrade from 4G to 5G alone.

Oh noes! Half the NHS runs on Windows 7! Thankfully, here's Citrix with a virty vaccine

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Re: Shall we analyse why this is the case?

You of course are talking about commercially available software.

Large organisations like NHS thrusts are riddled with custom in-house software that someone wrote/bought donkeys years ago and the original developer is either gone or otherwise incapable of updating the application for Windows 10.

Then there are a host of medical devices that for whatever reason use windows as OS and the hardware is simply incapable of running Windows 10

We took a shot every time Qualcomm said 5G, AI or mobile gaming in its Snapdragon 865, 765 system-on-chip launch...

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Re: " 'desktop-level' performance"

You know that you can put these chips/SoC in a non-phone envelope right?

This should read as ARM (at least mobile derivation of it) being more powerful than x86

And it's already the case with Apple's A13 that has performance comparable with Intel's Core i5/7 CPUs and has been gaining 10-20% YoY, vs. like 3-5% for Intel's x86 CPUs gimped by legacy architecture way past it's life time.

Mayday in Moscow as devs will be Russian to Putin mandatory apps on phones, laptops, TVs

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Re: "the company cannot tolerate that kind of risk"

Russia isn't that important market for Apple, they don't even have Apple store there.

Despite the territorial size of Russia, it's population is slightly higher than Japan (about 140 mil). The low income for large portion of the population is pricing them out of Apple products.

Even if Apple officially pulls out, there will be plenty of sales on the black market and people just buying from abroad during their holiday etc. So the financial loss to Apple will be minimal, while the "moral" gain will be significant.

Now if China decides to pull something like that....

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Re: New Voice APP

If only it was limited to Russia...

UK parcel firm Yodel plugs tracking app's random yaps about where on map to snap up strangers' tat

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They had an app?

Who the hell uses their app, or their services for that matter. Only an insane person and corporate bean-counters going after the lowest bid would hand Yodel their parcels.

The odd time when I'm due shipment from an above mentioned company i try to keep my interactions to a minimum, tracking the delivery on their website. Really no point in installing their app.

After 10 years, Google Cloud Print will finally be out of beta... straight into ad giant's graveyard

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Re: Oh no

Not really if restricted to only print from e-mails from the company domain(s)

Intel end-of-lifing BIOS and driver downloads for dusty hardware

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Re: Hosting Costs

Not a rocket science:

Step 1) lift and shift the entire legacy portion to legacy.downloads.intel.com and put it on a separate web server.

Step 2) slap an "as is" disclaimer on the main page

Step 3) don't lose reputation over pennies in hosting costs

Leeds IT bloke pleads guilty to hacking Jet2 CEO's email account

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Re: Setting Up

It's not unusual to use a generic/service high privilege accounts to run scripts etc. for the migration. Easy enough for a PM to get his hands on the credentials, as they are even hard codded in plain text in scripts.

Bad idea, but I have seen in done plenty of times.

Open wide, very wide: Xerox considers buying HP. Yes, the HP that is more than three times its market cap

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How are they going to fund it? the 3Bn windfall from the the Fujitsu JVs and lawsuits are barely 1/10 of what they need.

The interests on a 27Bn loan for God knows how many years will be crippling for already struggling businesses. There is only so much that streamlining and economy of scale can achieve in terms of savings.

Seems like some C suits are looking for a way to cash in from the transaction and then jump ship.

If you really can't let go of Windows 7, Microsoft will keep things secure for another three years

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Re: Given the cost of a Windows 10 Pro license...

These are most likely OEM licenses only legal for sale with a device by approved re-sellers.

Juts have a working license key, doesn't mean you are using a legal copy of Windows.

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020

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AMD Ryzen Laptop

For me the highlight of the announcement is not the gimmicky dual screen devices that might never come to fruition.

It's the advent of AMD Ryzen powered Laptops, that will light a fire under the lazy Chipzilla butt.

Have you been Thomas Crooked? Watch out for cybercrims slinging holiday-themed fakes

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Re: Thomas Cook had hired Skurio

had hired, past tense. Presumably the service is already paid for as an yearly subscription or contract.

Even if it wasn't and Skurio is out of pocket, if they already had done the work in setting up the monitoring etc. releasing the info to the public is good marketing for them.

How to lose a UK contractor in 10 days: Make them commit after upcoming IR35 tax upheaval, apparently

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Re: How are the government going to cope?

The same It people engaged as contractors for a small consultancy not caught by the new rules charging double the rate to the end client.

WeWork, but We don't IPO: Self-styled techie boarding house calls off cursed stock offering

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Re: If there is a way to revolutionize the commercial real estate business...

The problem in Blighty is the B-word, and the potential for businesses collapses and/or exodus depending on the outcome.

Why worry about cost of banning certain Chinese comms providers? Fire Huawei, says analyst

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"Strand believes the US has achieved "a leading position in 5G" ROFL

Stopped reading at this point, the man is clearly delusional and/or sponsored.

Consumer campaign to keep receiving printed till receipts looks like a good move – on paper

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Re: Amazing technology

I wonder which is faster - Booting up a laptop/phone and starting an e-mail client/application or browsing through 100s of faded paper receipts in a drawer to find the one you are looking for. I somewhat doubt you are using the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

I agree the paper copy should be always available as an option, but make it an opt-in, rather than opt-out similar to how most self-checkouts now ask you if you want a receipt at the end, instead of automatically spewing one, just to remain discarded there or instantly binned.

UK Supreme Court unprorogues Parliament

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Re: Remain MPs all broke the law and should all be in prison anyway.

And this Ladies and Gentlemen is a prime example of a gullible Brexiteer "living and dying" by the Daily Mail.

sal II

There was no evidence of WMD in Iraq either, that didn't stop him...

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Re: Regardless of which side of the fence you are on.

They didn't overrule the Parliament, they "overruled" an Executive decision that broke the law.

Scotiabank slammed for 'muppet-grade security' after internal source code and credentials spill onto open internet

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Re: called it

Aaah DevOps... <3

If Syria pioneered grain processing by watermill in 350BC, the UK in 2019 can do better... right?

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Corn in Syria?

"Syrians started using water wheels to grind corn in about 350BC"

I always thought it was some Italian dude was the first to visit the Americas in circa 1507AD, how did the Syrians get their hands on corn 2000 years earlier? Aliens?

Electric vehicles won't help UK meet emissions targets: Time to get out and walk, warn MPs

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What a joke

"National Grid said that just 54 charging stations, placed at appropriate points along the strategic road network, would mean 99 per cent of drivers in England and Wales would be within 50 miles of a charge point.

It estimated that this could be delivered at a cost of £800m but said "investment will be needed by industry and enabled by government"."

So 100 miles round trip with couple of hours wait for the charge, when most EVs have about 200mil range... How moronic do you have to be to even put that proposal forward...

And then to top it off, ask for £15mil per charging station

What is it with hosting firms being stonewalled by Microsoft? Now it's Ionos on naughty step

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The "problem" has two parts:

On one hand MS is upping the ante in spam control, simultaneously better protecting their Outlook.com users and highlighting shortcomings with other providers to promote O365

On the other hand mid size e-mail hosting providers have grown complacent and not staying on top of the spam emitted from their networks.

I'm surprised that in this case where it appears only individual IP addresses are being blocked, they haven't redirected the traffic to the servers that are not yet blocked by MS.

Police costs for Gatwick drone fiasco double to nearly £900k – and still no one's been charged

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Drone control around airports

I don't understand, why the airports don't employ the same tactic they used to control birds flying around the airport - Having a bunch of guys with shotguns paroling. I know that nowadays it's all humane noise machines, netting etc.

Or just have a couple of drones and go ram the intruder after a dog fight

Rome wasn't built in a day, wasn't teased in a day, either: AMD's 7nm second-gen 64-core Epyc server chips finally land

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They didn't need kickbacks from Intel. Nobody in their right mind have used AMD in the DC for the past 5-10 years, so there wasn't a demand

sal II

Re: Go AMD !

It's just semantics. It doesn't mean that they will instantly increase their core count by 40% replacing all current servers. What it means that in the future when they have increased demand or compute or do HW refresh they can decommission ~3 racks of Intel CPUs and replace it with only ~2 racks of AMD CPUs a significant saving for both CapEx and OpEx

Bottom line is 40% higher CPU density is a huge deal at large scale and warrants some risk taking.

It all comes down to how much incentive the HP/Dell sales drones have to push AMD over Intel

OK, it's fair to say UK's botched Emergency Services Network is an emergency now, right?

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Re: Coverage, what coverage ?

Not much better inside the M25 ring either and that's for outside.

Inside is a s**t show. WiFi calling is mitigating the issue at home, but when you are not home...

Boris Johnson's promise of full fibre in the UK by 2025 is pie in the sky

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Re: Is the target obsurd?

It has nothing to do with rural or FFTP. The voters he went to meet this time happened to be in a rural area and someone happened to ask a question about Broadband.

Boris being Boris, there are no half measures, when it comes to promises - Why stop at reliable Broadband - Full FTTP in 5 years or bust.

The best hope rural areas have for "reliable" BB is if Telcos are bound to offer full coverage in rural areas as part of the spectrum allocation. FTTP is simply not financially viable outside cities and mid sized towns.

Oh look. Vodafone has extended its ultrafast 5G network to deliver... Wi-Fi?

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Data cap

Ignoring all the issues with coverage, contention/congestion etc.

Why even offer data cap? if i'm gonna use 1Gbps speed I will blow through the 100GB cap in like 15min. If I'm not gonna use 1Gbps why pay more for 5G, instead of getting cheaper 3/4G MiFi

And I bet their "unlimited" has fine print about throttling after certain amount of data is used up.

UK MPs find 'no technical grounds' to exclude Huawei from 5G networks

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Re: Respect !

Or indeed the Saudi...

All change at NASA while Proton launches and India's Moon dream suffers a snag

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Re: Question

At a Lagrange point it will always have one side constantly towards the sun, unless they introduce a spin around it's own axis, which I highly doubt will be the case.

So the question remains why exactly -90C

London cop illegally used police database to monitor investigation into himself

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Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice

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Why all the criticism?

Alexa linked privacy concerns aside (as they are there regardless where Alexa have access to the NHS website or not), what seems to be the problem? It's not like they are linking your NHS number/NI to your Amazon account.

Today: People ask Alexa health related questions and receive answers based on random sources on D'internet

In the future: People ask Alexa health related questions and receive answers based on the NHS knowledge database.

Half of the GPs do exactly that - search the NHS website based on the symptoms you give them.

Microsoft, you should look away now: Google's cloud second only to AWS in dev survey

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Completely useless/meaningless results. First they do targeted advertisement, then chop 2/3 of the results.

Besides who on earth even sees those ads, yet alone click on them? Any sane person involved in IT should have them blocked at browser if not firewall/router level

Open-source chat plat toasts rival after picking up $50m in funding: 'The better Slack does, the better Mattermost does'

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Never used any of these in "real world", so can't comment on features/usability. But the pricing for on prem offering seem a bit on the high end compared to Slack, and completely out of touch compared to Teams, given that a lot of businesses are already paying the O365 license so Teams is free or close enough.

*Spits out coffee* £4m for a database of drone fliers, UK.gov? Defra did game shooters for £300k

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Re: Insane

"I can't see where even half their estimate is coming from."

It's not important where it's coming from, but where it's going to :)

Who bought the most powerful commercial supercomputer? Come on, it's Total-ly obvious

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Re: With that sort of a power requirement...

"months worth of diesel in your generator"

at 1.5MW that's a lot of diesel even for Total :)

Freaking out about fiendish IoT exploits? Maybe disable telnet, FTP and change that default password first?

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Re: How many home users *need* the admin password anyway ?

So how do you setup your WAN connection and at the very least DHCP scope on the LAN?

Parliament IT bods' fail sees server's naked OS exposed to world+dog

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Re: it's probably

I doubt that the people working there know what QDOS is...

A fine example of the kind of talent you get on government salary / Inside IR35