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Huawei Matebook X Pro 2020: Nothing too crazy but at least it's more fixable and cheaper than comparable Apple wares

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I prefer melons.

(we wouldn't recommend anyone buys a Mac right now, given that Apple Silicon is just around the corner, but that's by-the-by)......

Should have stopped at the first comma.

Transport for London asks Capita to fling Congestion Charge system into the cloud

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Re: 900 more staff?

I recon 850 of those staff will be trying to look at 1.5 Million emails of images between them every day.

Pen Test Partners: Boeing 747s receive critical software updates over 3.5" floppy disks

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Re: How is "visiting a plane every 28 days" a chore?

Have you not read 'On Call' ?

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All well and good

I wonder if they are still using them on starliner or have gone back to the real floppy ones to save weight ?

I got 99 problems, and all of them are your fault

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Re: Reminds me of my mum

My brother gave my mum and all in one Mac thingy so I got to claim ignorance regarding support for about 4 years.... Until it started getting hot any then turning off. Removal of screen and lots of plastic crap to hoover out years of dust and cat hair and it surprised me when it worked after putting it back together.

Hint they have a magnetic screen front so use a sucker to pull it off.

University of Cambridge to decommission its homegrown email service Hermes in favour of Microsoft Exchange Online

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Why ?

If I can run multiple mail servers while seriously lacking in A levels and no desire for a degree (my partner has one in chemistry and is now a well paid bean counter, i have lots of random technical qualifications over 25 years and we are on a similar wage / just under £100k between us) is it so hard to expect a university to do it...

Read the small print, the student run servers amongst other things include 'lifelong email forwarding after you leave the university' that's nice. I expect the university will still be there long after MS has disappeared. The students will probably invent the next best thing and still be pushed aside because corporate greed.

Anyway since when is it OK for all our email to be read by our American overlords? Huawei are not allowed to do it.

UK COVID-19 contact-tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told

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It can go

On my work phone, if I leave the house I will turn on Bluetooth, need it for the car. No way this is touching my personal devices though.

The biggest problem I see with this app is that younger school children are sensibly not allowed phones in school. My youngsters are all up for wearing PPE but they are still the highest risk of catching it when they go back to school. My partner has been working from home since it hit Spain and I followed a week later. No real reason for either of us to go back to an office environment apart from me visiting customer sites for hardware issues.

The ultimate 4-wheel-drive: How ESA's keeping XMM-Newton alive after 20 years and beyond

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Three wheels on my wagon

Awesome idea to use the spare wheel, it's hard enough contemplating how a spinning wheel can balance on a string let alone how four are interacting with eachother. Beers for everyone that figured it out.

Oh-so-generous ransomware crooks vow to hold back from health organisations during COVID-19 crisis

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Re: Look at the super markets.

My partner found a local catering supplier had a lot of extra stock that they obviously couldn't shift to their usual restaurants etc. They put it on Facebook (suppose it is useful for something) that they were now open to retail and not just trade customers. The pack sizes though haha we have 36 eggs and enough jacket potatoes for 6 months, I'm delivering them to family and next door neighbours etc for free as the local shops are out of stock.

Surge in home working highlights Microsoft licensing issue: If you are not on subscription, working remotely is a premium feature

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Other options

We currently only use RDP for accounts / Sage, it's not supported by Sage but it works fine.

Email is all OWA as we have on premise exchange so no issues there.

Just bought some extra Screen Connect licenses and giving select users access to their office pc, not sure how that stands with MS licensing but they can take a log walk off a short pier.

Our problem is that most of our customers are not sending us the usual level of work as it's split between retail / leisure and office machine support.

Fingers crossed we get paid at the end of this month :/

NHS websites will no longer burn up your mobile data allowance, say Brit telcos

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Also why they didn't just add .gov.uk to the list as it is the official location that lists rights for employees etc

On a similar note, my car MOT runs out at the end of the month. I can see the fine coming already but cannot take it to the garage :/ hope they defer the requirement until this crap is over.

HPE celebrated diversity on International Women's Day not with pictures of its own staff but stock images of models

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At least

The wording was quite / quote good. It looks like they copy pasted it from some guidelines.

"We believe that everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity, should be given equal opportunities to pursue and obtain the career experiences they want and need.”

They should have added, we had a look at our staff and shoehorned as many as possible into as many of these criteria as we could / he has long hair / she has some stubble / they are not white / maybe they have a same sex partner because they didn't want to go on a date with me Fekkin woo woo. It's none of their bloody business. Just treat people as people based on thier qualifications and experience.

British Army adopts WhatsApp for formal orders as coronavirus isolation kicks in

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SIGINT anyone?

"The Register verified from the full screenshot (not published) that the WhatsApp order was posted on the internal Defence Gateway intranet."

First off and somewhat worrying is that a person has access to this when they are no longer a member of the full time Army. FTRS or reserves probably shouldn't have access either. You sign the official secrets act for life and not just until you leave the initial employment period. The idiot that shared this info with you should look at the remaining people that worked at Bletchley Park who still to this day do not talk about what they did there. (You should visit, it's a very good day out and really brings home the efforts of all involved / make sure you visit the radio room first, on the right as you exit the main entrance. Awesome people there and just wow sets you up for the rest of the site if you have no idea about radio etc)

Disclosing internal military communication practice, not a good idea whatever the reason.

Finally using bloody WhatsApp? At least use Signal FFS or maybe Telegram. Fracking WhatsApp! Who the hell thought that was a good idea.

X forces member, they never had my personal mobile number and never will. That's what a work phone is for.

Appareils électroniques: Right to repair gets European Commission backing

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Re: It is not just phones.

I'm my case it is the phone.

I really liked my Honor 9 lite. Made the mistake of having it in my back pocket and it dropped into the toilet :0 took it out sharpish and cleaned it with wet wipes but i obviously couldn't remove the battery quickly so just turned it off. Removed the back panel the next day by heating the glue with a heat plate, prising off an edge and gently pulling with a suction cup. Lots of moisture inside so disconnected the battery and let it dry near a radiator for a few days.

Now it takes half hour to charge to 1% and the main board / the top one gets hot and drains charge quickly but it does work absolutely fine. You think I can buy that board ? I know it will be basically a new phone but it is quite easy to replace (I'm lucky I have the numerous tools at hand). Even if it cost £100 I would pay for it then waterproof the bloody thing with a liberal application of non conducting thermal paste over the internals.

Corporate VPN huffing and puffing while everyone works from home over COVID-19? You're not alone, admins

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Home working

I wish... while I mostly work remotley / on the road visiting customer sites to fix hardware. The boss really likes people in the office. The sooner the government put in place a recommendation for all workers to work from home where possible the better.

As it is now I have recommended to our engineers that they wear a fresh pair of surgical gloves (part of normal car stock anyway) to each site before they even touch the door handle, clean each machine on arrival and consider their tools etc as contaminated. Clean their vehicle and tools at the end of each day and dispose of the gloves. It's a pain in the arse but better than potentially spreading infections to hundreds of sites.

Google: You know we said that Chrome tracker contained no personally identifiable info? Yeah, about that...

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Re: GnuTzu - Proxy

In a company network I believe you can install additional certificates on the users pc's so that the proxy can intercept and monitor / alter https traffic.

Your phone wakes up. Its assistant starts reading out your text messages. To everyone around. You panic. How? Ultrasonic waves

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Re: “We did it on metal. We did it on glass. We did it on wood,”

You beat me to it!

For some reason it reminded me of the Sarah Silverman fuc#ing Matt Damon song aimed at Jimmy Kimmel. If you haven't seen it it's well worth a look lol


Admins beware! Microsoft gives heads-up for 'disruptive' changes to authentication in Office 365 email service

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Re: It's all good news except...

I agree with you but as I mainly deal with Ricoh I can confirm that the vast majority of their machines support SSL encryption for SMTP connections.

Enabling SSL for SMTP Connections


Use the following procedure to enable SSL encryption for SMTP connections.

1Log in as the network administrator from the control panel.

2Press [System Settings].

3Press [File Transfer].

4Press [SMTP Server].

Operation panel screen illustration

5In "Use Secure Connection (SSL)", press [On].

If you are not using SSL for SMTP connections, press [Off].

When "Use Secure Connection (SSL)" is set to [On], the port number changes to 465.

6Press [OK].

7Log out.

If the option is not shown ask a Ricoh tech to update the firmware / takes around half hour. Unfortunately / officially only Ricoh certified techs can get access to the FW files as it is quite easy to damage the machine and can be expensive to rectify if it is not done properly. The most common machine that is still in the field that does not support it from new is the MP C305 but it can be updated. All machines from around 4 years ago should be fine.

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Help me understand

This is an honest question, please don't take the piss as I am sure other people here would like an explanation as well.

Firstly Basic Authentication. I take this to mean username and password sent to a server from a device. The username and password are stored on the device / email client or maybe a copier. It's a simple case of entering these details once and the device will remember them. This does not mean that the details are sent in plain text but encrypted during transit if using the correct protocols, TLS or Starttls etc.

How does modern auth improve on this? How is the device initially configured if not with a username / password?

Spider-eyed Lite version of Huawei flagship flies out before actual P40 launch event

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Re: Target market

Totally agree especially regarding the camera.

The camera on on Huawei 9 lite is crap even when compared to an old galaxy S7. The 10 lite is much better but still not as good as the ancient by comparison Samsung.

The only other downside is that my S7 is very water resistant, not sure the Huawei would survive a drop in a puddle but I don't tend to drop things that cost £180 very often.

Sophos was gearing up for a private life – then someone remembered the bike scheme

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I have been a Sophos partner for several years and they have been very good compared to most of the other AV on offer.

Any suggestions on a replacement AV provider?

London's Metropolitan Police flip the switch: Smile, fellow citizens... you're undergoing Live Facial Recognition

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The next step

Getting arrested for wearing Dame Edna glasses or on your way to a fancy dress party.

Vodafone: Yes, we slurp data on customers' network setups, but we do it for their own good

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Auto channel

I though and half decent WiFi router or AP had an auto select best WiFi channel?

No reason at all for the ISP to know that channel let alone the devices connected to it.

If they wanted to improve customer support maybe add that functionality to the Vodafone app? Something similar to WiFi Analyzer maybe, it's then opt in and would allow you to walk about to find signal strength issues etc. Probably too easy though.

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Re: So...

I'm guessing that Zen Cpe is a Fritzbox?

The standard Fritzbox is not that bad but Zen configure them in a way that disabled modem mode. VPN pass through and the SNMP also has issues.

At least Zen provide the login details so using your own decent kit is easy.

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Re: So...

Good luck with that if you have Sky broadband. The last time I tried helping out a relative with connection issues they refused to supply the connection details (this was a few years ago). Half hour to faf around making up a cable and 2 minutes with wireshark I managed to connect a Draytek ADSL router and I think its still working fine. Their support were absolutely useless!

Glue's clues: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip dissection reveals a pholdable mired in adhesive

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Did it work when they put it back together?

Based on the score I very much doubt it.

'That's here. That's home. That's us': It's 30 years since Voyager 1 looked back and squinted at a 'Pale Blue Dot'

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Re: Excellent article!

I second that comment but would add the following as possible articles.

Space in general, spacex and the battle for commercial space flight. Boeing and their cluster ducks of late, starliner as the obvious one but their risk manglement in general. UK and European space antics, current launches not just the historical stuff.

It is all related to IT in one way or another / I doubt they are using WiFi6 (bit pointless IMHO) to beam down data but Starlink? Surely there are tech angles to it that come from space tech years ago that we are using now on a daily basis?

I would rather read them here than ARS, the writing over there is nowhere near as good..... Also I can't be arsed setting up an account to become a commentard.

One more thing, somebody have a moan about the lack of affordable 10Gbe for home, gees it's 2020 and I'm still on a 1Gbe LAN from 2000!

Netgear's routerlogin.com HTTPS cert snafu now has a live proof of concept

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Re: All this because users can't handle a red warning sign!

I know a few so called IT admins at customer sites that you could train up for me!

Even today I had a call from one about a network connection on a printer. DHCP reservation in place on install last year but stopped working today and had a APIPA address. Turned out that they didn't know that the switch had VLANS set up per port and they had been 'tidying up the network cabinet'. Pays the bills though :)

Fed-up air safety bods ban A350 pilots from enjoying cockpit coffees

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How hard is it

It is not that difficult to make office machinery spill proof. I have seen modern copiers covered in coffee, random liquids and even an air con failure that dropped all its liquid over a £10k Machine. They were all working fine, No damage and after a quick clean or a few days unplugged to dry out no further issues. Coffee stinks after a few days of festering but that's not my problem.

You would think making a center console at least splash proof would take mimimum effort. Almost as easy as providing spill proof cups as previously mentioned.

The time that Sales braved the white hot heat of the data centre to save the day

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Sales person?

Sorry but getting hold of a sales guy out of hours on a company line, maybe the support desk used their own personal number.

Sales guy with technical experience, OMFG just no. There is a reason that tech guys get moved to sales and its not usually considered a promotion.

Letting freezing cold air into a hot server room? May seem like a good idea at the time but remember to turn the dehumidifier to max please.

Been clearing up for sales for 30 years, the fekkers usually get to move on with their fat commission and leave the crap imaginative solutions that they sold for techs to resolve.

Unlocking news: We decrypt those cryptic headlines about Scottish cops bypassing smartphone encryption

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Re: The FEDs want remote access...

Pussy whipped just like me.

Have tried loads of tricks, changing the flap, treats, leaving the little shit out in the rain, pushing the bugger through. Opening the flap works but we may as well open the bloody door grrrrrr.

The $4.3bn trial of the century is over! Now we wait for judgment

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Reserve judgement

For around four months. I guess there is a mountain of paperwork to review, but four months :0

My preliminary judgment is HP are full of it and their case should have been dismissed way before now. What a waste of money.

Boeing aircraft sales slump to historic lows after 737 Max annus horribilis

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One of my favourite words. I believe the first time I read it was in a BOFH?

Still I propose using the window of an Airbus Neo with an actual solid gold parachute.

There's something fishy going down in the computer lab

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Loved mine

I was very fortunate to receive a second hand Amiga 500 for Christmas plus quite a few copies of Amiga format and some coding manuals. I had great fun playing Zeewolf and typing out lots of code including the REM /comments (I didn't know any better at the time lol) in blitz basic.

Qbasic several years later while bored during the fire service strikes on a monochrome laptop (seriously skint) I wrote playable versions of pong and then arkanoid (that's a massive step up in complexity). Few years later spot the difference game then a really crap command and conquer rip off with a map editor (how else do you make the map).

Now I do professional services work and spend most of my time trying to make documentation and statements of work fool proof... For actual fools I. E. The REM parts :/

I miss my Amiga.

Privacy activists beg Google to ban un-removable bloatware from Android

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More options please

'It also states that pre-installed apps should undergo the same scrutiny as standard Google Play store apps, with users able to control the permissions the software is allowed.'

The same scrutiny is not enough. I also want more fine grained controlled or every Google service that comes pre installed as well. Eg. WiFi scanning (such as WiFi analyzer etc) requires location access since v6? Why?

On a different note, where has the top bar above the Reg logo gone on mobile? Fully patched Android Firefox user. Very strange but is making me less likely to post / seem to have lost my gold Badger :(

Sometimes shining a light on a nuclear problem just makes things worse

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There is a reason

Most Copier manufacturers state in the installation requirements that the device should not be located in direct sunlight. Some even say strong light.

The worst one I have seen was in an estate agents front window in full glare of the afternoon sun. Normally not an issue as long as the only real effect is to bleach the panels a horrible colour. Unfortunately some idiot thought drilling a few holes in the copier to mount a keyboard was a good idea. They managed to get some of the holes in the right l place but the uncovered test ones managed to let light bounce inside and onto the drum.

2cm of black nasty tape and telling off and they were mostly happy.

'Buyer's remorse' drove HP's legal crusade to go after Lynch, High Court told

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Re: Slightly disappointed

I'm sure that I have heard this dubbed over as ' yipppie kyaee kemosabe' probably on the BBC.

I very much doubt that the original version was meant as an endearment to Mr Gruber before that watch slipped off lol.

No horrific butterfly keys on this keyboard, just you and your big, dumb fingers

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Re: They may have sucked

Tiny sticker on the back.

Don't look directly at the laser, if you do you may also need to learn how to read Braille.

Lenovo intros choose-your-own-adventure Yoga Slim 7: Ryzen spend $360 less on shiny or take a dip in Intel's Ice Lake?

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Nice premium

How much extra for the Intel version! Wow that's a massive markup especially now that the AMD version also supports LPDDR4 and with much better gpu performance it should wipe the floor with Intel Iris. Why are they not offering the better screens?

Also 'After a false start with Windows 8 RT, Windows on ARM finally looks like a viable option,'

I suppose if you have gone office 365 and just need a Web browser maybe it is viable. Just for giggles I duck ducked 'Windows arm Libre office'. Apparently you can BUY for a massive 79p an unofficial version from the MS Store?

Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth

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Well I'm screwed then

Having been at my present employer for around 15 years, turning 40 soon and have vast experience in 2 different but converging areas.

To be blunt if the company I work for gets sold off and merged I will be out on my arse as they wouldn't want to pay for me.

The only real prospect is getting a job with one of my current customers or suppliers, an option that I do not relish at all. OR as many at my age that were lucky enough to get on the housing masked are choosing, renting out property, buying a shitty flat to live in and scraping a living reselling Fracking Office 365 migrations and support meh.

We live so fast I can't even finish this sent...

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"there's no point worrying my idiotic but pretty little head about questions such as "why?"

Why you would use pretty to describe your dashing good looks when you would obviously be better described as the next Bond, James Bond?

Don't suppose you drink martini and like a bit of parkour?

It's not the why you should be asking but who? Who needs Daniel Craig. If Idris Elba doesn't want the job I propose our very own Dabbs, Alistair Dabs.

IT exec sets up fake biz, uses it to bill his bosses $6m for phantom gear, gets caught by Microsoft Word metadata

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Re: Too greedy also

All my pens are provided by other companies with their branding on them free of charge. Most are a bit poo but the few I have from KIP are outstanding, just like their products.

You can tell a lot by the standard of the free crap that they give away eg the shitty branded 2GB USB sticks that some places hand out.

There is a Santa! BT prises remnants of InLink from jaws of administration

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Has it come to this

'Literally anyone could walk up and dial a number without having to prove their identity.'

I'm quite sure there used to be things called pay phones, big red boxes that you could put real money / coins in and call someone?

I'm guessing the new version comes with a camera that you can't turn off and requires a debit card or other traceable payment?

Lock down your ariel. https://youtu.be/oVme87qJXbE

Boeing, Boeing, gone! CEO Muilenburg quits 'effective immediately'

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Cascade failure

I'm not sure how changing CEO is going to brush this under the carpet. It's not as if they can lay the blame on the outgoing CEO for the MCAS palava that has cost hundreds of lives!

They also failed to install a parachute correctly in a recent Starliner test. They tried saying it was a success due to redundancy, I'm sure if there was a crew on board they would prefer to lift off with everything in the right place you know just in case something else went wrong on the trip.

They also failed to dock Starliner because the clock was out more recently. Fair enough it landed OK but the mission was to Dock with the ISS and it probably failed because of lack of QA on the timing system.

Competition is good but not the catch up half arsed kind that Boeing are trying to do.

'Supporting Internet Explorer is hell': Web developers identify top needs – new survey

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That 79% processor usage... If they were clever it would be farming coins, its probably just really badly written code.

'Tis the season to be wobbly: HSBC online and mobile banking services suffer not one but two major outages in 12 hours

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absent without leave

I assume that was originally written as AWOL then changed in a edit, editor?

I would have gone for Total Inability To Support Usual Payments myself.

Happy Christmas!

UK cops lost nearly twice as much of their own tech kit this year, says thinktank

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Re: What is even more concerning

Or maybe... I whacked the suspect really hard with my night stick / throws body cam into river just in case.

Hey, ICANN, if you need good reasons to halt the .org super-sell-off, here are two: Higher fees, more website downtime

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Awesome idea...

Switched a few .Org to .Org.Uk because we all know Nominet is a totally trustworthy, not for profit organisation (my customers are based in the UK anyway) ... You used to be able to find them at Nominet.Org.Uk but the Enlightened not for profit shareholders now redirect to the vanilla Nominet.UK /s

Poor, poor mobile networks. UK's comms watchdog plans to stop 'em selling locked-down handsets

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See the light

Huawei 9 lite £160 from Amazon.

7GB data, unlimited text and calls from Giff Gaff rolling monthly contract £10 per month.

Not being tied to a network... Priceless.

Behuld – zee-a internet ouff tuilet tissuoe at Meecrusufft Sveden. Bork bork bork!

LeahroyNake Silver badge

Smart meter saved a few £

While I have a smart meter for Gaz and Leccy (it's a UK thing apparently) my partner does not. When the lights started flickering then went out last week we were going to phone an electrician but we noticed that the 'old fashioned' meter kept restarting so phoned the distributor as an alternative. Turns out the previous occupier was on the super duper fast service list, 6 hunky men turned up and fiddled with the pole outside within an hour and all was good.

I'm pretty sure the new smart meters have backup batteries and I therefore would have paid around £150 for an electrician that couldn't have fixed the problem.

New and smart my arse.



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