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Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt


Grow up already!!

Some people really need to grow up! I personally know David n Elly and know them to be very good people.

The shirt in question isnt offensive its HUMOR!!!! Ive read alot of comments on several sites where this has become a topic, people say they dont want their 4yr olds to read this, well I wonder how many 4 yr olds can read it or do their parents tell them that that P word is *Piss*. Or do they read the shirt to them to say isnt that just so bad of him!. This is truely unbelieveable and so ridiculous its unreal. People are so quick to say wear it at home, it offends me, I dont want my kids reading this, etc..... Well for one if its on a woman then dosent it appear that your NOT just reading her shirt your lookin at her boobs? How rude is that to begin with, should the lady in question walk up and lift your chin to point out where her eyes are or her beautiful smile? or you just gonna say well I was drawn to read it, hmmmmmm. I havent seen the FCUK shirts but wouldnt mind owning one lol.

So many fingers pointed negatively yet if you read what they wrote you will most likely see some sort of ignorance and insults against someone else for something else, such as the one bout the 2 20yr old people of size.

Seems alot just want something to complain bout and put others down to make themselves feel so much bigger.

For pete's sake its a T-SHIRT its not an offer to fight, its not a slam, its not offensive, and he didnt put in on with thoughts of *well today imma wear this shirt to see how many I can *piss* off*. ITS HUMOR TRY SOME LAUGHING OR SMILING JUST MIGHT LIGHTEN YOU UP A BIT.

Like ive said before Ebay an other funny t-shirt or logo t-shirt sites are gonna be getting alot of business now just to find these kind of shirts.


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