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'Crazy bad' bug in Microsoft's Windows malware scanner can be used to install malware


Re: Windows 10 for the best protection

Gnu/Linux can disable all of it's active services and open channels for communication, using TCP/IPSec Layers and Kerberos for strong authentication oh and it has the capability of turning invisible.

Whats Windows 10's super power?


Loving the News.

I'm kinda loving the news that the government, managed to single handedly piss-off nearly every single computer security guru and expert on the planet and they attacked the single source of there revenue stream's by attempting to "hack" into there own systems as maintained by DARPA!

Why would anyone do that?

That would be: Stupid


Re: Windows 10 for the best protection!

Microsoft doesn't really seem to get it's own OS, there used to be alternatives, until they forced people to buy a shoddy product, because let's face it, Microsoft is all about "Revenue" in ad's and they still include "Bug's" in Windows, especially MSDOS. You can read about it on the Russian site called Multi-Boot.ru where you may also download a copy of MSDOS 8.0

The Chinese came along with MSDOS 7.0

The Free Software alternative FreeDOS provides even more fixes to what some people would call the malicious and deliberate error that people know as Windows!


Trump's lips sealed on surveillance, complains EU privacy chief



Nine times nine lives hath lived the Cat,

And ninety nights are nine by ten,

Nine back-doors in nine servers fat,

Nine times hath pecked the Legal pen,

So nine times nine I call to thee,

Ninth of those nine, come thou to me.



Re: A mad idea.

Declare Safe Harbor finished, give all EU companies six months from today to show that they've repatriated all their data and, so far as possible, destroyed all copies within reach of US authorities. Start the clock ticking. That's the next move.

It was already declared finished and the CIA was under a direct order from the last president not to hoard vulnerabilities and disclose them, so it's probably very enlightening for "Trump" and his cronies, that no matter what he or the former president instructs his special agents or spies to do, they do exactly the opposite.

They're all in huge trouble, you see when you build up armies of Cyber warriors and cyber hackers and let them all run rampant and rough-shod over the law as it stands and declare that what they're doing is entirely legal, when it's far from it, then they build up an explosive situation as already expressed by other more distinguished hackers, whereby in the end the only people you find you've actually managed to hack into is yourself!

This is not the first time all this kind of crap has happened you'd be foolish to believe thats the case, in fact back in the 90's they did something similar with Microsoft as a monopoly and loads of people went to Jail, so count onwards - only a few years an a load more of these arse-holes abusing computer science research are just as destined to go to Jail just like the last lot.

Thumb Up

Operation Silver Fern ("oh look ma, bees!")

Just typing in Vault 7 presents thousands of Internet denizens with news about how the contents of Vault 7 where redacted by Wikileaks to prevent proliferation of the CIA's cyber-weapons, yet a quick search on GitHub reveals those same tools are on-line to download in full and un-redacted version for any programmer to glare at, in other CIA news a plane touched down yesterday where the Secretive five eye's alliance are holding a meeting of Spies in new Zealand, with the new Zealanders apparently oblivious as to who is going to there meeting... Well you heard it here first, that a five second search reveals that person to be none other than "Scott Brown" from MA whom "President Trump" or the "Troll" according to "Richard Stallman" has nominated as his new ambassador to New Zealand, apparently he's a keen golfer, so when he's finished wasting tax payer's money and waffling about the benefits of insider trading by bypassing encryption on peoples phones via a glaring back-door that every single programmer can see and letting all the so called intelligence agencies glare at those same end users like a bunch of Pedophiles over there own camera - eating caviar, presumably he'll have time for a few rounds of Golf.

Nuh-uh, Google, you WILL hand over emails stored on foreign servers, says US judge


@Doctor Syntax

"Ultimately national security is not helped by weakening your country's economy. When your country's businesses are at risk from weak security and are no longer thought trustworthy by the rest of the world you have seriously damaged your economy."

Trust but Verification, those are two words a lot of programmers live by...

The real question is about trust, I personally don't trust Google because Google is the commercial NSA of the future. What you read about in those leaks, time and time again, is that they have been hugely busy leveraging Open Source software "Bugs" when those systems all seem to come with the disclaimer, that they are not at fault - if your Machine blows up or melts down.

There are Multiple styles of C programming it would seem, some that use SAFE function calls and minimal privilege and others that use UNSAFE function calls but work out to be more secure.

Ironically the "Bugs" in the X11 Windows manager are getting to be pretty prevalent, so much so I found an exploit only yesterday for brute forcing someone else's X11 display manager and that was aimed at Linux & BSD.

When they talk about Hoarding cyber-weapons, they are of course referring to the kind of Cyber weapons available to any 15 year old kid sitting in there bedroom waiting to Pwn Microsoft Windows with a copy of Metasploit and Kali Linux!

An to be clear, things like msf-Venom - aimed at attacking Android handsets is exactly the kind of cyber weapons proliferation they're talking about.

Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals


Re: That's a *lovely* hand grenade under US business..

How exactly does cyber-war destroy all life on the planet? Sooo.. in essence you think the Network administrator can't perform his Job of walking over to the rack and simply un-clipping the Cat 5e or Cat 6 (depending on how l33t you are!) cable from the rack mount, when he notices loads of traffic flow, thereby ending any and all cyber onslaught and leaving the intruder with a middle fingered salute?

People need a reality check, they watch too much hollywood garbage about hacking and believe garbage like what you see in movies is all too real.

What is not garbage is the TAP & Tunnel interface API's that are at this moment included in your Free software distribution's be they BSD or Linux and even proprietary Windows has them too, this is all about meeting the demands of Legislation, if you legislate that there must be back-door access, then the programmers will design such access into the afore mentioned systems, just don't whine like a little bitch when they share that information with all and sundry as they are required to do by those same Laws.. Numb nuts & Twinkle toes!


Love the Panic

Dont you just love the Panic going on right now... Especially in the White House where trump has banned loads of the Computers installed by the out going president...

"Who are these bloody people Bond? How is it our own establishment has been penetrated by some secret organization thats all seeing, all knowing and we know virtually nothing about it?!"

Ironic how the truth comes out, is there a back-door? Erm, yeap!

In point of fact the code to that back-door has been found in the wild on numerous occasion's.. One can only imagine the huge sense of relief felt by all parties involved, oh they know about it at last, oh thank god, scatter it to the four winds...

We're spying on you for your own protection, says NSA, FBI


No statute

Re: Hey Ministry of Silly Walks!

Of course because there's no statute of limitations on fraud.

That's why Peter Thiels company pay-pal gets away with so much of it!

Only now they're realizing how badly they've screwed up... So badly that even the British spies themselves are running an open web-blog about how little anyone in any department can trust Google when all there own government websites now support a Google capture portal.

Fiber splitters, I've seen the tech manual about how to install those, it's actually pretty simple!



Biggest load of complete garbage I've ever heard, only for your protection, so breaking crypto putting everyones communications at risk and back-dooring the SWIFT banking system is about keeping people safe is it? REALLY.. Well holy shit, thank goodness we can all download things like ArkOS and BSD and Linux and Windows and Vault7 so we can return the same favors to the masses and keep all the spies safe by spying on them, for there own safety! "Kali" and meta-exploit all the things!

Vulture Framework - Debian Repositories & FreeeBSD = XKeyScore

ArkOS - from Google with GENESIS framework = ARK STREAM

Oh it'll get better & better, I feel safer already!

If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone


Re: Never Heard of SERVAL or MESH Radio?

Yeah, I've heard about Serval Mesh and others like Bluetooth Chat, those are Open Source app's if I am not mistaken available from F-Droid and the guardian project too bad you have to pwn the phone with Linux first if you want to remove things like Java & Search and GAPP's and use real Linux on it with the BSD hardened "malloc" array.

Another worthwhile application is CHIPSEC! It allows you to flash information into the Microcode on microchip's, you can insert what-ever you like, including your own backdoor.c!


De oppresso liber

"To Free the Oppressed"

For far too long, power has been concentrated in the hands of "root" and this "wheel" oligarchy.

They have attempted at instituting a dictatorship of the users through Digital Rights abuses.

All system administration functions will be handled by the People's Committee for Democratically Organizing the System (PC-DOS).

No longer will it be permissible for files and processes to be "owned" by users, thereby overflowing and "owning" it's users. All files and processes will own themselves, and decided how (or whether) to respond to requests from users.

The X Window System will henceforth be known as the NC-17 Window System.

And finally, UNIX itself will be renamed "PC" - for Pro-creatively Challenged.

UNIX(tm) is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories. Any similarity of names or attitudes to that of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Re: Don't count on it...

The argument is not just about Cryptography and passwords, the argument is about "Code Purity" and Computer "Security" as people call it, when you understand that, then you understand the C Language and understand it can be weaponed as a virus ie: "Pthreads!"




The Darker Side of Linux!

vde_switch -tap tap0 -daemon

Why are creepy SS7 cellphone spying flaws still unfixed after years, ask Congresscritters


Metadata - eh Like lvmetad with the LLVM & AES-XTS?

People are clueless as to what warranted hacking means, that means some guy with the Meta-sploit framework can attempt to hack your PC & Phone. Illegally! - Like some Script-Kiddie!

IT Angle


Encryption is there for a reason, the sooner everybody gets and understands it's importance, the better, your data would never have been stolen if you'd been using .. Oh wait, I forgot Stux-Net was using .. oh wait, all these Vault 7 leaks they seem to repeatedly touch on the subject of .. oh but wait nobody actually uses .. "Meh!" .. I'm so sick of turning on the news to hear about how they've been implanting people's device's running completely amok with a rich diverse heritage that tries to embrace the security of information bastardizing everything it stood for, these guys wanted a whirl-wind, well now it's time to pay the piper, you hired ton's of kids and taught them all to use Linux .. an now your pissed because guys that use it can see you fucking around with the code-base to what is predominantly completely all about security 100%

Ad's companies are finding it hard trying to enforce advertising on the end users if the end users are 100% focused on security by banishing weak applications and sand-boxing the rest.

The great war has finally come... Lord Sauron seeks the one Ring!

As for wire-tap's how come they're still using "Research Unix" calling it artificial intelligence?

Funny thing is the military insisted we should all have the Internet!

Read-up on it's history from the 80's and you soon see the good, the bad and the ugly!

More Brits' IDs stolen than ever before



More Brits' IDs stolen than ever before...

And that Security is to be found where?

In the ARM's (pun) of the ARPANet which was spun off from MILNet with the slow dawning of the realization that the C programming language descriptor is:

a:) Microcode (in size)

b:) Viral (considered harmful)

c:) Incapable of "Garbage" collection!

"nothing to hide, nothing to fear" - Bollock's complete and utter bollock's spun by people who do not understand that the original C language was actually a "WORM" and that it has been allowed to languish for so long that huge updates are long overdue.



Spies do spying, part 97: Shock horror as CIA turn phones, TVs, computers into surveillance bugs


Re: It's all about the history!

You should all be using IX not XII

9 IX 10-1

10 X 10

11 XI 10+1

12 XII 10+1+1


It's all about the history!

1969 The Beginning The history of UNIX starts back in 1969, when Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and others started working on the "little-used PDP-7 in a corner" at Bell Labs and what was to become UNIX.

1971 First Edition It had a assembler for a PDP-11/20, file system, fork(), roff and ed. It was used for text processing of patent documents.

1973 Fourth Edition It was rewritten in C. This made it portable and changed the history of OS's.

1975 Sixth Edition UNIX leaves home. Also widely known as Version 6, this is the first to be widely available out side of Bell Labs. The first BSD version (1.x) was derived from V6.

1979 Seventh Edition It was a "improvement over all preceding and following Unices" [Bourne]. It had C, UUCP and the Bourne shell. It was ported to the VAX and the kernel was more than 40 Kilobytes (K).

1980 Xenix Microsoft introduces Xenix. 32V and 4BSD introduced.

1982 System III AT&T's UNIX System Group (USG) release System III, the first public release outside Bell Laboratories. SunOS 1.0 ships. HP-UX introduced. Ultrix-11 Introduced.

1983 System V Computer Research Group (CRG), UNIX System Group (USG) and a third group merge to become UNIX System Development Lab. AT&T announces UNIX System V, the first supported release. Installed base 45,000.

1984 4.2BSD University of California at Berkeley releases 4.2BSD, includes TCP/IP, new signals and much more. X/Open formed.

1984 SVR2 System V Release 2 introduced. At this time there are 100,000 UNIX installations around the world.

1986 4.3BSD 4.3BSD released, including internet name server. SVID introduced. NFS shipped. AIX announced. Installed base 250,000.

1987 SVR3 System V Release 3 including STREAMS, TLI, RFS. At this time there are 750,000 UNIX installations around the world. IRIX introduced.

1988 POSIX.1 published. Open Software Foundation (OSF) and UNIX International (UI) formed. Ultrix 4.2 ships.

1989 AT&T UNIX Software Operation formed in preparation for spinoff of USL. Motif 1.0 ships.

1989 SVR4 UNIX System V Release 4 ships, unifying System V, BSD and Xenix. Installed base 1.2 million.

1990 XPG3 X/Open launches XPG3 Brand. OSF/1 debuts. (Plan 9 from Bell Labs ships.)

1991 UNIX System Laboratories (USL) becomes a company - majority-owned by AT&T. Linus Torvalds commences Linux development. Solaris 1.0 debuts.

1992 SVR4.2 USL releases UNIX System V Release 4.2 (Destiny). October - XPG4 Brand launched by X/Open. December 22nd Novell announces intent to acquire USL. Solaris 2.0 ships.

1993 4.4BSD 4.4BSD the final release from Berkeley. June 16 Novell acquires USL

Late 1993 SVR4.2MP

Novell transfers rights to the "UNIX" trademark and the Single UNIX Specification to X/Open. COSE initiative delivers "Spec 1170" to X/Open for fasttrack.

In December Novell ships SVR4.2MP , the final USL OEM release of System V

1994 Single UNIX Specification BSD 4.4-Lite eliminated all code claimed to infringe on USL/Novell. As the new owner of the UNIX trademark, X/Open introduces the Single UNIX Specification (formerly Spec 1170), separating the UNIX trademark from any "actual code" stream.

Plan 9 demonstrated that an integral concept of Unix—that every system interface could be represented as a set of files—could be successfully implemented in a modern distributed system. Some features from Plan 9, like the UTF-8 character encoding of Unicode, have been implemented in other operating systems, although UNSUCCESSFULLY as X11 has no Unicode support!


Ah the Kernel

The original kernel is vulnerable to input signals that are not at the nominal 1-PPS frequency or are excessively noisy. In the new kernel a frequency discriminator is used to suppress samples that are outside a tolerance range of ±500 PPM. As in the original kernel, a three-stage median filter is used to suppress outlyer time samples and second order time differences are used to suppress outlyer frequency samples. In the new kernel the outlyer thresholds have been changed to 500 ms for time (jitter) adjustments and between 500 PPM and about 2 PPM, depending on the calibration interval, for frequency adjustments.

While the new design allows for much larger tolerances and is much more resilient to noise and incorrect signal sources, there are specific limits due to the inherent ambiguity of the PPS signal itself when the pulse occurs approximately midway between two adjacent seconds. In order to prevent ambiguity errors, the sum of the maximum time offset and maximum frequency offset, expressed in microseconds over one second, must not exceed 500 ms. In practice with NTP, these limits cannot even be approached, due to the conservative design of the protocol daemon.

The original kernel modifications average the PPS time over a 64-s interval and average the PPS frequency over intervals that start at 8 s and eventually grow to 256 s. As determined by experiment and simulation, these intervals are too large for typical room temperature quartz oscillators. The design of the new kernel reflects the choice of Allan intercept, which depends on the intrinsic phase noise of the PPS signal and the intrinsic stability of the oscillator.

As determined by simulation and experiment, an appropriate value for the Allan intercept is 128 s. The time offset is averaged each second with weight factor equal to the reciprocal of this value, while the frequency offset is measured over an interval equal to the same value.

Outlyer Technologies is an award winning group of passionate professionals focused on revolutionizing the worlds of marketing and advertising.


Re: What has been seen....

Lol, they publish, the hackers - read all - see all an know all and suddenly Hotmail is inaccessible to Millions of user's.. Alien invasion or just co-incidence and today in the budget report, the low hanging fruit called Chancellor of the exchequer says he wants to invest, in disruptive technologies including bio-hacking!

Read between the line's, "if we invest heavily in disruption say to the tune of 100 million" we can just carry on trying to bull-shit people about no trap-door hidden inside there boxes and blame it all on kids!

The bit that makes you laugh... They understand enough about the technology to use Linux all over there CIA machines, but little enough to realize that back-door software can be reverse engineered and then don't blame your TV manufacturer if what your looking at on the box isn't quite what you expected!


@So if they've redacted

It doesn't matter what gets Redacted, the guy's in charge of "SECURITY" are pissed, that they've taken years of security research and completely abused it!


A Micro-code sized back-door?

Now think about the crap slowly creeping into your iCore and PSP chips!

Much better encryption is coming, the C code is written in plain easy to digest language, it bloody well should be, it was the fore-runner of the Morris worm.

An the last thing you want is a load of guys who understand Unix and telephone switches and I mean really understand Unix, putting it everywhere and on everything because there all Security extremists... Lol

See YouTube and get a 9front!


Re: None of you... Not me. Not me.

If that is true, then the CIA and NSA are strewing red herrings all over the place with regard to hacking tools.

Ah now you are one of the Enlightened!

Please see "security in Plan 9" an over-view by Russ Cox - it is a highly complex scientific research OS - based on the more Unix than Unix philosophy!

No, it does not intentionally include back-doors and as far as restrictive goes, it gives you "the end user" fine grained access control over your whole filing system, everything is a file.

Networking work's completely differently, no viruses, no firewall and encryption is "supposedly" easy to audit!


None of you...

None of you get it?

Seriously? Everything has a back-door by it's creator??? Rubbish!

An you guys call yourself computer user's? Programmers even?

This is a standards war, the argument here is for encryption & privacy as your civil right!

What Snowden leaked was enlightening to say the least, it concerns Micro kernels and Micro-code not Monolithic Kernels filled with C++ that do things differently, like co-exist as two Operating Systems on your Telephone as L4 from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The US forces companies to comply with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) is a United States wiretapping law passed in 1994, during the presidency of Bill Clinton. However they have attacked the security of there own operating system's and have been caught lying about it bare faced repeatedly. The ANSI Standards happens to be a secure standard, they've just been too busy squeezing there own math's department for back-door's to keep all the evil doers away, only to discover the agencies that do the most evil are there own.

As to what it record's... Everything..

So hackers are doing the only thing they can, helping spread the C standard everywhere, liberate your mind, your brain along with the Go code's will follow.

Upgrade cryptography, include Galois Counter mode's with better padding and more Pi-P and S-Boxes and make encryption Ubiquitous!

If a creator makes a back-door that's micro-code in size and hides it in your "compiler" or even on inside embedded chips as proposed by Professor Ken Thompsons paper "Reflections of Trusting Trust" how would you even know the back-door (trap-door) was there?

You might suspect it exists, but finding out about it would prove difficult, but easily detectable if your every single device connection was slowly being sucked into a giant social & advertising network like Google via Google android!

Microsoft lures top Linux exec from Oracle to Redmond


Have you?

Interesting article and interesting comments but have any of you actually tried Microsoft Unix?

Yes, there is a version for Windows! And "Yes" I have tried it, an "No" I didn't like it!

Every OS has differences, developers are only human beings after all, Windows is nasty, but there influence inside the Open Source sphere can be equally as nasty.

Gnome as a desktop reflects in my view a desktop going nasty, gone is the functionality and simplicity of your Window manager, the minute you start installing crap like Java-scripting hosts and nifty panels that are going to eat all the system resources thereby slowing down your workstation - causing the CPU to struggle simply from trying to display your desktop on what back in the day was considered to be adequate memory.

Oracle used to get the desktop balance right with lightweight window managers like the "Common Desktop Environment", it would be nice to see a resurgence of 'alternative' Window managers other than simply X11 and Gnome.

Even Blackberry QNX has it's own unique Window manager called "Nautilus"

You're Donald Trump's sysadmin. You've got data leaks coming out the *ss. What to do



Now you see, there is the bucket of Fail!

He shouldn't hire anyone to do something that;

A:> He is not trained to do...

B:> Cant not perform himself...

If he can not install Solaris 11 by himself, then upgrade his security by merging his updates with main, then he is fucking doomed!

IT Angle

A plan from outer space, the C shell - welcome to computers - science and mathematics one on one!

Here in the computer science school we teach you about "MATHS" and algorithms and the GNU and Microcode trap-doors, how to put your cryptographic hashes into Vampire to compare the hashes!

Welcome to the world of hacking you fucking moron's, it's as old as the Internet itself, it's not some secret capability, it's something you are all free to get involved in because it's the GNU & Unix - both of which represent freedom - although some aspects of it are about as free as American Politics!

Hackers who break security are called "Crackers" and other hackers view such individuals as one would view naval lint!



Computer Users need provide the likes of Donald J Trump absolutely no apology for good computing needless to say they do not need to apologize for mathematic or understanding computer security, it's threat's, it's landscape's or it's pitfalls.

Last time I remember reading a leak it had been leaked he himself was using Windows Server and it had been found to be full of vulnerabilities. Much later on he himself tweeted how out-going president "Obama" had tapped his phone and was a bad "sick" guy.

One can barely restrain the laughter, that a load of hackers have upgraded cryptographic libraries and suddenly every-bodies upset because cryptography is doing what it should. Phasing out the BAD mathematics. Such as DES & SHA1 and then upon reflection perhaps if president trump was using Sun Solaris he might feel differently about Computers and the types of Security available, if he himself was using RIOT OS line tapping those Cat6 connections, running interception at the packet layer with wireshark, needless to say, thats when your not trying to weaken and back-door (trap-door) those systems upon which the world and it's dog rely!


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