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Amazon flicks switch on AI-powered enterprise search service Kendra – but where are all the connectors?



Wow. Another way for Amazon to hoover up more of your data to sell you stuff. Sounds great!

Eclipse boss claims Visual Studio Code is an open-source poseur – though he would say that, wouldn't he?


Not free

VSCode is fine for the basics - the light stuff for new/occasional coders. It's free for a very good reason though - MS hopes/expects that as those new/occasional coders ramp up, they'll see the limitations of VSCode, and invest in full fat Visual Studio (storing all their code branches in GitHub of course). Nothing is free - ever!

Bezos to the Moon: Blue Origin joins SpaceX and Dynetics in a three-horse lunar lander race


Bezos and BO have little credibility with even getting stuff into orbit yet, let alone out of orbit and beyond. Strange decision all round, but I'm betting SpaceX will do more with their small cut than any of the others will. BO is all talk and little action, but they still stand more chance of getting off the ground than the SLS!

Jeff Bezos tells shareholders to buckle up: Amazon to blow this quarter's profits and more on coronavirus costs



I don't believe a word Bezos says. 'Protecting employees' actually means 'Protecting the company' and stuff the employees. Amazon are just trying to save face because their employees (aka slaves) are pushing back and trying to tell the truth, despite Amazon firing them or limiting their ability to discuss things internally. Amazon are a horrible, horrible company. I try not to use them at all costs now.

Wall Street analyst worries iPhone is facing '2nd recession' after 2019 annus horribilis


The 2020SE may be Apple's 'answer', but they're only doing the rinse/repeat cycle they always use. Even the 'new' SE is a 5 year old design, probably with re-used internals with a upgraded CPU to make it feel faster. Apple don't really have an answer - they've milked their market as much as they possibly can, and now it's drying up.

Mayday! Mayday! The next Windows 10 update is finally on approach to a PC near you


Just wait

I think the best advice is to defer all Windows 10 feature updates for at least a month, if not three. Just wait and see how buggy the release is first, but based on the fact MS have released 7 (yes SEVEN) cumulative updates for 2004 this year alone, it says to me it was far from ready. I'd fully expect another massive day 1 update too.

Everyone is now peddling frantically on the Microsoft hamster wheel, but remember, it's not too difficult to jump off if you want an easier life!

NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off


Bad move

Watch this go bang. Once NASA factor in the ridiculous Internet pipes they'll need, with umpteen levels of resilience and bandwidth in the 10's of GB/s range, and pay AWS bazillions forever more. I can't quite believe how they think this will save them money. In all reality, NASA engineers will be twiddling their thumbs while things upload/download, or AWS goes down, or they suddenly find they're trying to access data from a much slower region. Trust me, it won't work, and NASA will pay the price. Nobody saves money moving to the cloud!

IBM puts 1,248 frontline techies at risk of redundo, warns of data centre closures


IBM can f*ck off

F*uk IBM and companies like them. If the execs at the top can't guide the company in the right directions and make the right decisions, don't take it out on the hard-working people who actually MAKE the company what it is. I'm totally p*ssed that when there's a dip here and there - that you would assume would be recoverable IF those execs did the right thing - heads must roll, and all to keep the shareholders and investors happy so they keep getting their dividend payouts. IBM can just go and f*ck right off.

Apple checks under the couch for $500m in spare change, offers it to make power-throttling gripes disappear


Nice one

One of the clauses of this 'agreement' is that Apple don't have to actually admit they intentionally slowed down i-devices, which runs the risk of tarnishing their shiny brand image. Apple say they did it to protect batteries and extend life - but one of the side effects of not telling users this, is that many went out and bought a new iPhone. Perfect solution.... for Apple!

The Ghost of Windows 10 Past shrinks back as Microsoft's axeman tiptoes ever closer


Re: 90k PCs, 5k Windows Store apps, "a handy pointer"...

Most of these surveys are sponsored anyway, and the results can therefore be presented in any way which benefits the sponsor.

Early adopters delighted as Microsoft pulls plug on Mobile Backend as a Service. Haha, only joking – they're fuming



MS is continually shafting developers - all the time. All those mobile OS attempts where they dumped devs before moving onto another attempt (5 or more times!), continually moving goalposts with app stores, trying to phase out win32 in favour of store apps, then reversing decision. I just don't understand how devs trust MS one tiny bit anymore. All MS are interested in these days is Azure and cloud - everything else is superficial. If they can lock you into their cloud services, it's job done.

Judge Vulcan-nerve pinches JEDI deal after Amazon forks out $42m to pause Microsoft's military machinations


Size 40's

This spat is mainly because Trump stepped in with this size 40's (before shoving them way down his throat again), and threw his toys out the pram because he hates Bezos. I personally think MS are one step away from the anti-christ too, but for a contract this large, if there's any sign of favoritism (or hateism) or under-the-table deals, it needs to be found out.

MS will just have to put champagne back in the cooler for a while longer

Microsoft brings the pane: You'll be looking at Xamarin and React Native to design apps for dual-screen gizmos



Talk about confusing - for everyone. Two devices (both Surface), but different operating systems and app support. It's almost like MS are hedging their bets, because they've f*cked up so many times. From what I've heard, the UI on the Windows device is diabolical, with so many functions removed and apps only running full screen. Common Windows UI features have been dumped, and the file explorer is straight from Win10 Mobile. Honestly, MS couldn't alienate users and developers more if they tried. I can tell you one other thing, with the 'Surface' name, these things will be expensive too. Cue more sighs and 'maybe next time MS'!

Microsoft reorg places Surface evangelist Panos Panay as boss of Windows too – report


Don't listen

I doesn't matter how many re-orgs MS do, or who's in charge of what. MS still don't seem to know what to do with Windows these days - it's been under the control of pretty much every department inside MS over the years, and they still won't listen to what their customers actually want - Windows 10 and their incessant fixation on cloud and dragging all their 'customers' into it - whether they want it or not - is proof of point!

Don't mention the seam! Microsoft releases Surface Duo Android SDK, more on Windows 10X


Full fat

MS have failed so many times now with badly implemented devices, I think they've forgotten how to succeed. Whatever these devices are, be prepared for another landfill event as MS aim both barrels downwards again. The only thing people associate with Microsoft these days is full fat Windows running on a dusty old box in the corner that may get switched on once every few months. Everyone else has moved on.

*David Attenborough voice* And here we have, in the wild, a rare glimpse... of what may be... a positive IBM quarter


Lay offs

Well, it would be safe to assume that if you lay off enough people, you'll eventually turn a profit.

We're so, so, sorry you're not able to get PC chips, says Intel to everyone who hasn't gone with AMD yet


So sad..

Poor, poor Intel. Does everyone feel sorry for them now? Just buy AMD and be done with it. In a relatively short time, Intel will have plenty of stock available that it can't shift.

NASA told to get act together on commercial crew vendors as chance of US-free ISS rises


Milking it..

Boeing are milking any NASA contracts they get for every penny, even, I believe, slowing down development on purpose just to ensure the next glut of cash to get them 'back on track'. SpaceX could have had Crew Dragon flying already, but as NASA have to answer to taxpayers and congress, everything is mired in red tape and funding issues. NASA themselves are part of the problem though - they insist of a specific set of tests over extended periods, and demand successful results at least a dozen times before certifying any part of the project, which slows things down again. I'm not even going to mention SLS either, which is the most enormous cash sucking pig of all time. SpaceX could launch 10 or more Falcon 9's for ever SLS - if it ever gets off the ground!

Watch Waymo's totally driverless self-driving car cruise around, how the US military wants to use AI ethically, etc


Re: Did any one else notice

Indeed - super wide roads, no other cars, no kids or pedestrians. Just cruisin' around with nothing to get in the way. Couldn't be any easier!

Microsoft sees sense, will give Office 365 admins veto rights on self-service Power tools


Dumb ass

Microsoft only saw $$ signs with this move - and they've only done a 180 because of pressure from over-stretched sysadmins who don't need yet reason to chase stupid employees who think they can do what they want. Yes, MS have seen sense, but it was an idiotic idea in the first place driven purely by greed.

Billionaire Bezos unveils plans to land humans on Moon, with a little help from some old friends


Call me

Call me when BO actually get off the ground and put something into orbit. They're all talk and hot-air at the moment - absolutely nothing to get excited about. SpaceX are running rings around everyone.

Creators Update meets its maker: It's 1903 or bust for those clinging to Windows 10 1703


LTSC all the way

If you absolutely have to run Windows 10 - and Microsoft are doing everything they can to push everyone to it - the only release worth installing are the LTSC versions. Stipped back, no crap, no feature updates - UI consistency. Unfortunately, it's only available to Enterprises, but any enterprise doing anything with 10 should be looking at LTSC first - no matter what MS says.

HP polishes the redundancy cannon, prepares to fire 16% of workforce


...and so begins the demise of HP then. Same old CEO sh*t - kick out the people who make the difference, keep the shareholders happy and cream the bonuses. All the while, spewing forth the expected lingo/jargon to try and keep the wolves at bay while they 'restructure'. Unfortunately, that word 'restructure' means lay-offs just due bolster the bottom line. HP will go the same way as IBM, who now have about 2 staff left. HP can digitally transform and disappear up their own ethernet cable for all I care.

In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street


F*cking cyclists. There everywhere, and cause a massive nuisance - mainly kids on bikes in pedestrianised areas. My biggest bugbear though is the fact that someone can get on a bike for the first time on Monday, and by cycling on public roads on Tuesday. They don't need to wear a helmet, or high viz clothing. The bike doesn't have to be roadworthy, or have lights, or even working brakes, and while they should, they don't even have to know anything about navigating lanes, how to approach roundabouts or when to give way. There are NO rules about cycling - the highway code gives recommendations, but enforces very little, but guess what, if there's an incident between a car and a cyclist, even if the cyclist was in the wrong, the majority of the time, it's the car driver who's penalised.

Apple cracks, straps on free repair service for defective Watches


Still wearing my 5 year old G-Watch R daily. A little scuff here and there, but working fine and the P-OLED screen is still immaculate. I'll probably replace it with a Pixel watch when available, but this has been a very reliable watch (I did have to replace the battery, but that's expected after all this time).

Last one out, hit the lights: UK energy supplier SSE to axe 115 bodies from tech department


Dumb move

Well, another reason not to use SSE then. Many Brits hate having to talk and deal with off-shored support departments - it's often a trial by fire. I certainly won't ever be using them again anyway.

Microsoft Chrom... Edge hits beta as new browser prepped for biz testing


Bad smell

There was a bad smell coming from the original Edge, and I don't think new Edge will make that smell go away. Your average user is already Chrome-ified, and is unlikely to change. They won't have a clue about the Edge changes, so yes, it will still be used - once - primarily to download Chrome, and that's job done. Google are now synonymous with search and Internet, browsing (Chrome) and mobile (Android). Only those arrogant Apple users full of their own self-importance with their glorified iFashion accessories think differently - because Apple tell them to!

Astroboffins have spied the largest star that has gone supernova and it's breaking all the rules



What this highlights to me is that despite all the number of scientists and clever people looking at all this stuff, we mere minions on earth actually know bugger all about the Universe in realiaty, and most of the stuff we think we know is theoretical. In the scale of things, we're just amoeba's rolling around in a soup made of ingredients we can't even fathom.

Psst. Hey. Hey you. We have to whisper this in case the cool kidz hear, but... it's OK to pull your data back from the cloud


It will burst

Eventually, and this will happen, the whole 'cloud' thing will burst. Whether through continued outages, security breaches or increasing costs for enterprises. The cloud is about nothing but control, lock-in and revenue for the ISP's. Any enterprise selling their soul to a cloud ISP is just asking for trouble. Costs will often be more expensive than on-prem, your security boundaries will be shot to bits, and you will be entirely dependant on your internet connection, meaning you'll need faster and diverse links for resilience which will cost more (normal ISP's will obviously fall over themselves to provide this!),

One final thing, no matter what cloud ISP's say, is that as someone who works in IT, knows the companies systems inside and out and are employed by them directly, I'm trusted to manage the data, but can, if I wanted, bypass any security in place. I therefore know that anyone working in a cloud ISP could also do this if they wanted to, and have access to any data they host, and that's scary.

Side-splitting bulging batts, borked Wi-Fi... So, how's that Surface slab working out for you?


Bad bad bad

Our company bought a few SP3's a while back in some fit of madness. Out of 5 new, one was DoA, one had a badly fitted display and needed swapping out, another died within two weeks. All are now back with IT, and won't be given out again. Terrible design and quality. Totally user unrepairable. We won't be buying them again.

UK parliament sends snippy letter to Zuck and his poodle Clegg as it seems Facebook has been lying again


Re: Scum?

Feel free. Did it sound like I don't like FB, or wasn't it strong enough?



FB can drown in the rotten, stinking cesspit of their own making as far as I'm concerned. They can take all their cash-laden execs and belly flop into the filth where they belong, licking the crusty scum out of each others arseholes. I have no time at all for them at all, and never will. They're defecating slime of the lowest order, feeding of a braindead society who for some reason think FB are doing them a favour. Zuckerberg can go f*ck himself.

Official: Microsoft will take an axe to Skype for Business Online. Teams is your new normal


One of the major risks of moving to the cloud - the provider can terminate features at any time and force you in a direction you may not want, but might not have any choice over. If MS want everyone on Teams - whether they like or want it or not - that's what they'll do. If that includes a price increase - you'll probably have to suck it up. They're in control - not you.

One of the big advantages of on-prem services - you're in control. You can stay with a system for as long as you want, even when it's out of support if necessary (not ideal, but sometimes necessary).

What's in store for Microsoft's US pop-up shops? Not much, they're being closed


Re: What would you buy?

Microsoft were pretty good at keyboards and mice - they're just shite at everything else.

Microsoft Bing is 10: That thing you accidentally use to search for Chrome? Still alive and kicking


Anyone who uses Cortana in Win10 to search, will be using Bing. Microsoft baked it in this way to force searches against it's own engine, I guess in the vain attempt to improve it, get market share up and feed yet more data into it's AI backend. The truth is, very, very few conciously use Bing to search - Google have the search game wrapped up.

How do you like dem Windows, Apple? July opening for Microsoft's first store in Blighty


I'm sure there will be queues outside... of people with Windows 10 devices that were borked by the latest update - certainly not there to shop anyway. If these stores are anything like some of the US Microsoft outlets, when MS better get an order in now for a few boxes of tumbleweed, as those stores spend long periods devoid of people even in the shops, let alone buying customers!

'Evolution of the PC ecosystem'? Microsoft's 'modern' OS reminds us of the Windows RT days


I had to choke on my lunch reading this. Really? MS have said most of this about every version of Windows since 8, and none of it was true. This is nothing more than MS attempting to resurect RT under a new name, with yet more outlandish claims, litterally none of which will actually appear. Nobody uses Windows for UWP, always on, and mostly any of those input methods. Windows Mobile? Failed. Windows Tablets? Failed. App Store? Failed. Cortana? Failed. Bing? Failed. People use Windows with a keyboard and mouse to run win32 apps and Chrome. That's about it, and probably all it will be until Windows final demise.

Fixes for Windows 10 arrive (for Insiders, soz) and covers are pulled from Edge for macOS


Re: Nothing to worry about

You mad fool! I'm hoping by 'estate', you mean that big Ford Monedo you've got sitting out back, because anyone rolling out ANY Windows 10 feature update in an enterprise within 6 months of launch is just crazy. Literally stark, staring mad.

Want a good Android smartphone without the $1,000+ price tag? Then buy Google's Pixel 3a


Budget for Apple is £700 - that's as low as they will go. They believe they're better than everyone else, so people will pay whatever they ask. That level of eliteism isn't going to change anytime soon. Apple make too much profit per handset to even consider dropping down to where the rest of the world live.

As for the 3A, it genuinely sounds like Google's best option for Nexus holdouts or ex-owners, and they've done a lot of working creating a great experience at a sensible price - I haven't actually read a bad or even negative review yet.

How much open source is too much when it's in Microsoft's clutches? Eclipse Foundation boss sounds note of alarm


Microsoft haven't changed - let's just clear that up. What they have changed is there tactics to undermine competition by subversion and using backdoor methods to get inside competitors products, and ultimately I'm sure their plan is to eat them from the inside out. They're trying it with Android, WSL inside Win10, and currently Github. They're actively starting to coerce the open source market into believing Microsoft are all cuddly and cute, and love open-source developers and products, but mark my words, Microsoft's longer term plans are far more devious.

Google jumps the shark from search results to your camera: Nest Hub, Pixels, and more from ad giant's coder confab


Re: I bought my Nest thermostat before Google bought them

Agreed. I've used Android for years, and know many others who have to, and have never, once, had a single security realted problem. Android *has* it's problems, as others do, but I think the security thing is way overblown.


Re: Apple harvest just as much of course.

Your data is anonamized first, then merged into your unique Google ID. That ID is then made available to partners, for a cost - exactly the same as Microsoft and a mulititude of other vendors do. Apple don't do this - at the moment - but as they move more into services, that may change. You pay your Apple tax when you buy into their ecosystem, and altough Apple tout 'user privacy' at every opportunity, nobody *really* knows what they do with the data they collect, and I can tell you, it's just as much as the others!

Meet Microsoft's new Visual Studio Online... not the same as the old Visual Studio Online


I guess this is the first small step to Visual Studio going to the cloud, and becoming a subscription service in the process. Micosoft - you've gotta love 'em!

The Year Of Linux On The Desktop – at last! Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 brings the Linux kernel into Windows


I still think very few trust MS on the whole WSL thing. There will be some deep, underlying reason why they're doing this - and it won't be for some open-source love. Remember Embrace, Extend, Extinguish? That's how MS remove compeition.

UK taxman falls foul of GDPR, agrees to wipe 5 million voice recordings used to make biometric IDs


Re: ...and enables us to get callers through to an adviser faster

I'd upvote that comment x100 if I could. So true.

What a pain in the Azzz-ure: Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, etc knocked offline by DNS blunder


A lot of companies have Sharepoint, because MS told them it was going to be the next big thing. It wasn't, and companies paid loads for it. It's a pig to develop for too, isn't user friendly and is way too complex for what it actually does. There are better alternatives for a lot less money.

Apple iPhone sales down by double digits, Mac sales knifed by Intel CPU 'constraints'


I like the way Cook blames litterally everything else for Apple's continued decline - China, Intel, customers holding onto phones longer etc. Apple won't take resposbility themselves obviously - high prices, lack of innovation and sucj like. Personally, I hope the decline continues - eventually they'll have to look at placing the blame elsewhere, and hopefully looking towards home!

No stormy weather on Microsoft's horizon – as quarterly commercial cloud cash balloons 41%


This is what the cloud is really about - syphoning huge piles of cash to the providers. Does the cloud really make a big difference to business? Does the cloud actually save them money? I think the answer to the first question is marginal at best, but these days, enterprises are almost told if you're not 'in the cloud' you're out of business. I also think the cloud ends up costing businesses more in the long run, but they're almost too afraid to say anything. The cloud is about lock-in, selling extra services that might not even be needed, and getting that companies data onto the providers servers.

When all this blows up big time, companies will scamper back to their on-prem systems, and maybe finally realize what a massive con the cloud is.

And here's Intel's Epyc response: Up-to 56-core, 4GHz 14nm second-gen Xeon SP chips, Agilex FPGAs, persistent mem


All I can say is, go AMD. EPYC will offer far more performance for the buck, and it wouldn't surprise me if AMD's 64C/128T EPYC is half the price of the high end Xeon Platinums. AMD are on to secure 10% of the lucrative server market - and growing. Intel's monopoly days are over, and they're now actually having to do some work.

What bugs me the most? World+dog just accepts crap software resilience


Exactly the reason why companies like Microsoft are delivering software 'as a service'. There's no need to find/squash bugs anymore - unless they're showstoppers. Push whatever cr*p out the door your like, then worry about it later. When you've got nearly 1B beta testers, and are collecting reams of telemetry data from most of them, what could go wrong!



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