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Just the place you'd want to spot a BSOD: While waiting in line for a roller coaster that lifts you up 124ft



Total Inability To Stop Users Plummeting

Blow me down with a feather, well, storage server software update gone awry: Nest vid streams go dark for 16 hours



Total Inability To Spy Upon Postman

HPE: Since y'all love cloud subs so much, we'll throw all our boxes into GreenLake by 2022


One size does not fit all.

FAO: hardware manufacturers

What if your customers are public sector and have no operational budget and instead get purely cap ex spend?

Lots of business models don't like operational cost, and so this will be completely ignored by them.

thank you

Those darn users don't know what they're doing (not like us, of course)


Scoff not

I've often considered the sarcasm and snobbery that comes from experienced IT staff. As the writer explains, to laugh endlessly at the Luser for mistakenly calling a monitor a Computer, purely because they're not swimming in IT jargon 24/7 is the worst of all IT Staff's failings. Having been in this industry for 20+ years I still get angry when I see someone do this.

I've seen a woman with a PhD in astro physics struggle to work a computer but she can manually calculate the path of a satellite from earth to Pluto. With just a pen and paper. Can you do that?

Be nice to your users, they're human beings, deserve your respect and one day you might need to calculate the path of your own rocket (for reasons) and might need their help.

Nutanix and HPE sitting in a Greenlake: That disavowed hookup has actually happened


NOt just Greenlake

My understanding is that it's not just via Greenlake. You will just be able to buy Proliant and Apollo tin with NOS on them via good ole' CAPEX.

Phew... Oi, was that you, Curiosity? Euro Mars sat inhaled mega methane blast, boffins baffled


Re: has anyone....

I guess a joke loses something if you have to explain it. /sigh


Re: has anyone....

I think you mean ISO 14001

Aussie engineer accuses 'serial farter' supervisor of bullying, seeks $1.8m redress



what a load of hot air!

Let's spin Facebook's Wheel of Misfortune! Clack-clack-clack... clack... You've won '100s of millions of passwords stored in plaintext'


Re: I guess this is why I've never made anything successful

...but how would Zuck feed his ego if he quit?

Boffins discover new dust clouds in the Solar System, Mercury has a surprisingly filthy ring


Make Pluto great again

Taking this on board, isn't part of the "definition of a planet" that it must clear it neighbourhood of smaller objects? By that logic either

1. Earth, Venus and Mercury should all now be defined as minor planets or

2. Make Pluto a planet again!

Back-from-the-dead array shipper Tintri teases new gear


welcome back

Tintr,i you've got some catching up to do...

Barclays and RBS on naughty step: Banks told to explain service meltdown to UK politicos


Deliveroo had a failure last week and they compensated me by funding my account with £5 off my next order. To be honest they didn't need to do that, I didn't ask them to. I understand that things break, it's about the time taken to correct it thats important.

Alas I can't see Barclays doing the same with my next Direct Debit

Somerset boozer prepares to declare its inn-dependence from UK


Trade agreements

I bet they still manage to secure better EU trade agreement than Mistress May did.

It's official – satellite spots water ice at the Moon's chilly poles


Re: Awaits...

I wonder if I've been drunk more than once using the same water and hops molecules?!

How deep does this rabbit hole go?


30 year old knowledge

If we'd had kept sending humans to the Moon we'd have known this 30/40 years ago. This perfectly illustrates that there no better geologist than the geologist that is actually in the field.

Lets start putting humans back into space exploration. Relying on satellites and drones absolutely reduces risk but it slows down the pace of learning clearly.

Lo and behold, Earth's special chemical cocktail for life seems to be pretty common


Re: Fermi Paradox

Everybody forgets the "Fl" part of the Drake equation.

"Fl" means "planets per star that can support life". Whilst its great having all of the building blocks for life abundant throughout the universe, the conditions to support life is one of (if not THE) most critical elements.

Most of our observable locality is awash with DNA-destroying Ionising radiation and the one thing that stops all life on earth frying to death in the bath of radiation we're pummelled with every day is the lovely warm comforting blanket of the vast magnetic field we have around us.

That blanket is pretty unique in that it's so stable. You only have to look in our own back yard (solar system) to see that without a magnetic field life just cannot survive for long enough to develop and evolve to complex life.

Mars seems to have been rich in the building blocks for life in the past but with it's magnetic field it all came to nothing. The Moon Europa has a magnetic field and a lot of the building blocks for life right there. Surely the chance of complex life there (under the ice) hangs on whether that field is enough to sustain the relentless smash of radiation from Jupiter.

Maybe we need to stop looking for the building blocks and start looking for the signs of a stable magnetic field first?

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'


Re: hang on....

"Nothing as safe as an Oompaloompa.

And nothing as hazardous as an Oompaloompa in a cabbage patch..."

There's no earthly way of knowing...

Zero arrests, 2 correct matches, no criminals: London cops' facial recog tech slammed


This just in...

..Government funded IT project delivers no tangible results after huge outlay in taxpayers money. /Shockedfaced

Look, we're doing stuff: Facebook suspends 200 super slurper apps


Now the Reg knows how the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee feels. They're still waiting on FB to answer some questions too.

Can we have an update on that please vultures!

C'mon, Zuck... don't make us feel second class. Come talk to us in Europe – EU politicos


"we would like to insist to invite Mark ...."

Lets reword that....we would like to insist to invite Mark Zuckerberg comes to visit us, at his expense, even though he has no legal obligation or requirement to do so, isn't bound by UK law, and even though it's potentially damaging to his image and that of his company and shareholders, we'd like him to come all the way over here and answer questions from some self important pricks that have a "God complex" to massage their ego's whilst you clearly have nothing better to do with your time.

There's a lovely witch hunt waiting for you and we can't seem to understand why you wouldn't want to join in?!

Hate to add to the wanky jargon – but your digital transformation is actually a bolt-on


Jesus, this article demonstrably shows the disconnect between CLevel types and the plain speaking IT guys on the ground doing the work. None of what is written in this article translates into an actionable plan or definitive description of what digital transformation actually is.

With waffly bollox like this, it's no wonder people take on projects like connecting fridges to the internet and standing back and saying "we digitally transformed the fridge"!

Absolute Cxx guff-speak of the highest order.

PACK YOUR BAGS! Two Trappist-1 planets have watery oceans, most likely to be inhabitable


Re: Pack the car folks...

Just 8562 grandkids to go!


Re: They might be the right temp

circa 1.5 million year round trip to find out. I'm over it already.


They might be the right temp

but if there's no magnetic field, protecting the planets from solar radiation, any water will simply boil away and life wouldn't stand a chance.

>points to Mars

Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge


everybody chill...

If there is an increase in load overnight we can just burn more fossil fuels at the power stations.

Problem solved!

NASA rethinking InSight probe mission after dust storm predicted for Mars


Bleeding obvious...

Who said that the dust storms are "highly likely" and what proof do they have? Does ole Reg wanna tell us their source for this article?

If this really is the case, just don't launch in May,

NASA is a public organisation, project delay is what public organisations do!. Just push back the launch til the next launch window.

In the meantime, make damn sure Opportunity stays safe. Maybe get the little guy to dig a hole or something!

Baywatch hero drone saves silly struggling swimmers Down Under from going down under


@MartinSummers completely agree. I have personally been caught in the old washing machine spin cycle with a board tethered to my leg (making the whole situation much worse) on more than one occasion.

When you've had time to contemplate your own stupidity whilst being tossed around like a rag doll, wondering if your head is going to smash against some rocks, without the help of life guards at hand, you begin to realise the amazing work those guys n gals do. This drone is amazing stuff.

Up with this sort of thing!

*by the way, thats an amazing bit of coastline!

Don't panic... but our fragile world is drifting away from the Sun


2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Entropy is a bit*h

Worcestershire's airborne electronics warfare wonderland


Lovely article

My part of the world and have visited this site many times.

If your the running type there's a year offroad running race held here by the local running club. The race gives you the opportunity to run around the stunning grounds and to see a large portion of the estate that many miss when visiting.


NASA is pretty pleased with its pulsar-sniffing intergalactic GPS tech


3 miles

Can still mean the difference between missing a moon or smashing face-first into a big slab of rock.

That said this is amazing work and a great step forward..well done those boys n girls!

Ice cliffs found on Mars and NASA says they’re a tap for astronauts


Don't drink the water!!!

...until you know whats in it.

I'm sure they didn't really mean the astronauts WOULD just grab a bucket but just in case...

Here on earth we've built up a tolerance to the bacteria we're exposed to regularly. Mars might potentially have had a whole ecosystem of complex microbial life at some point in it's distant past. Maybe even at a time when those glaciers were formed.

Go watch the TV series "Fortitude" or the rather good recent SCI-FI horror flick "Life" for a rather over the top view on messing with ancient bacteria.

(FWITW - Watch Fortitude anyway, cos it's awesome)

Transport pundit Christian Wolmar on why the driverless car is on a 'road to nowhere'


It's too Black and White

Has he even considered a Hybrid approach? I fully take on board that, busy pedestrian environments, broken traffic lights and road works could all cause a fully automated car to sit there for hours. Heck! even some human drivers do that too.

But has he not watched the Tom Cruise snoozefest "Minority Report"? Lets have roadways (motorways) that are fully automated (pedestrian free) and then when on normal roads the car should switch back to being human driver controlled. We're half way there already with cruise control and lane assist anyway

All or nothing is never going to work, so Mr Captain obvious is just stating the ....well obvious

Boffins closer to solving what causes weird radio bursts from space


Re: Alien? Unlikely

That is the point of this article.

SpaceX to try reusing both rocket and spacecraft for historic ISS mission


Re: Excuses

If theres so many Russians on board they might have observed the orthodox "feast of the conception" or as the roman catholics call it the "festival of the immaculate conception" ?

VMware refuses to support its wares running in Azure


dont use our products as intended

Taken from the first line on this page:


vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications. It’s the ideal foundation for any cloud environment.*

*except when theres a competing product.

I seem to recall both Cisco and HPE having a mardy at Nutanix when they validated their software themselves. The fact that software designed to run on x86 hardware, couldn't be "validated" because they'd had no input is laughable.

I'm sure the guys at Azure built this as per best practices, along side the HCI and with N+1 in the design....

Did the Earth move for you, too? Grav waves sensed from black holes' bang 1.8bn LYs away


Re: 3 suns just vanished?

thanks John. I re-read and now understand... but shiiiiiiiit. Thats a hell of a bang!


3 suns just vanished?

where did the other 3 solar masses go?

31 + 25 = 56 and not the stated 53.

That's an awesome amount of matter just disappearing!

Dell EMC refreshes its entry-level arrays


Re: $10k for unit only?


I guess that price is just for the chassis the controllers and power supplies.

That figure probably doesn't include disks, support or the software licenses to enable features like auto-tiering or snapshots.

Such a shame they changed back to the old model of charging for software features.

Tintri stock plunges as first results since IPO show mounting losses


Everyone has a dip after IPO.

Nimble dropped from $33 down to $8 dollars at one point as an example. Nutanix also had a blip but are recovering nicely.

Personally, I hope it picks back up and works out for them. Even though I've competed against them for years, it's not nice to see companies die slowly.

At last! Vivaldi lets you kill looping GIFs


I might have missunderstood....

...but I always welcome the opportunity to be sucked dry!

Good Lord: Former UK spy boss backs crypto


Give that man a cookie

The smart money is on the former head of MI5 rather than Amber Fudd.

It's utterly disgraceful that this is newsworthy (and under debate) in a 1st world country.

Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts


Well done to them. University budgets can be monstrously small and they've managed to pull off what many universities want/need, yet simply can afford.

Ofcom: Blighty has devolved into a nation of unwashed binge-streaming mole people


Re: Just try cutting out the BBC all together including iPlayer. Yep, it can be done.

Alas it's still the best source of Science, natural and historical documentaries anywhere on the internet. If you're like me and despise vacuous "I'm a celebrity-xfactor-enders street" type shite, you're only good source of entertainment is something factually based.

Unfortunately, my experience with Netflix, NowTV et al has been less than great. What documentries they DO have are poorly made and lower budget.

<2 cents>

Cancel your summer trip to nearby Proxima b. No chance of life, room service, say boffins


The very first part of the Drake Equation states: R = Rate of formation of suitable stars.

Maybe we need to tweak that one to not include stars that spew vast amounts of spikey radiation burst.

or at least calculate a value that negates that radiation by having a bloody good magnetic field

Ne modified.


UK and Ecuador working on Assange escape mechanism


Re: Is it worth it

@I ain't Spartacus

thanks for clearing that up, sir. Everyday is a learnin' day!


Is it worth it

failing to surrender to UK courts is grounds for trial.

Maximum of 12 months, if found guilty. Why doesn't he just walk out, get arrested by the UK and explain to the courts why he ran? Now that sweden have dropped the case, surely a judge would just send him on his way?

And now, in alphabetical order, all the storage news you may have missed



What was the key certification that they achieved. You can't state "no one else has this" without tells us what they have!

DDoS attack brings Qatar's Al Jazeera website to its knees


Did the DUP site admin redirect the traffic?

Apple gives world ... umm ... not much new actually


Re: Sign of a mature market?

"10.18 will probably be Desperately Seeking Sierra"

Genius sir!

Google to give 6 months' warning for 2018 Chrome adblockalypse – report


I thought it rather funny...

...that my adblocker blocked 5 ads on a webpage reporting about dealing with adverts.

plus 3 more on creating this comment.