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Eufycam Wi-Fi security cameras streamed video feeds from other people's homes


Re: A spokesperson for Anker told us...

Unifi has wifi cameras which work off a local app. Does still require a ui.com account but all data is stored locally and accessed locally

Hong Kong floats doxxing laws that would let it force big tech to take down content


Re: Sexist laws

In Cantonese the same word is used for him and her.

International politicos line up to get shot down by Facebook



Why not go take a look for answers in their offices?

Oh and while your there take all paperwork related to profits and taxes, I'm sure he will be available the very next day

British Airways: If you're feeling left out of our 380,000 passenger hack, then you may be one of another 185,000 victims


BA Amex

Called Amex (We have a british airways) our card was caught and their response was not to worry and we don't need to replace the card. I mean its only full name ,address, cvv, long card number, would still be hard for a hacker to do anything with

I told them we "Lost" the card so they would replace it.

One IP address, multiple SSL sites? Beating the great IPv4 squeeze



Why not do a demo using Caddy, it takes 5 lines to setup a reverse proxy and handles all the encryption itself.