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Every bloody gadget in the house is ringing. Thanks, EE


Doctor, Heal Thyself

Funny how business wants to help us be "always on" for phone calls, notifications, push ads and so on, but they themselves do everything possible to hide their humans behind growing degrees of "customer service" automation BS.

Please, please, c'mon, just... please, pretty please, just, like, please use our AI – Microsoft


Maybe this will help

my Word-for-Mac's spellchecker to figure out the rules for apostrophe's'.

Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles


A Million Miles?

Not for this guy:


Bill Gates says he'd do CTRL-ALT-DEL with one key if given the chance to go back through time


Gates' Biggest Mistake

…was to put Ballmer in charge.

Crushed Juicero now officially a fruitless endeavor


Re: Hipsters

"Remember when good products didn't need a "mission"?…"

The "mission" is what gets the extra $100 million.


Re: "disgruntled investors" ?

"Anybody can juice fruit by hand for next to nothing…."

Is "juice" still even a verb?

Zero accidents, all of your data – what The Reg learnt at Bosch's autonomous car bash


How Cool?

"And sitting in their swanky demo car, using a touchscreen to control the shutters on "your house" and check the contents of "your fridge" definitely feels – let's be honest – pretty damn cool."

Yes, pretty cool. But not cool enough to get me to buy. To do that, the car will have to be able to tell me the angle of my drainpipes, the mood of my cat, whether squirrels are back on my bird feeder, if my neighbor has a cold, and what time - to the nanosecond - my mail was delivered. Can't wait. I'm super excited.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Microsoft's 'Ms Pac-Man beating AI' is more Automatic Idiot


Re: meh

Better still, give it a few beers, which is how I used to play Pac-Man in the pubs after our band packed up.

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'


Re: Who really wants robo-cars??

Right. Just because you can stick a computer in something doesn't mean you should. Like toasters, hairbrushes….

Pop-up Android adware uses social engineering to resist deletion


Re: bzzzttt wrong...

"Try again. I does nothing of the sort. even withstanding you need to have turned off only allowing browsing in the Google Store, after ignoring the warnings of doing so, AND you oped out of the app scanning, even then, it doesn't "download itself"."

No offense, but if you don't understand grammar should you really be writing?

Amazon's Alexa is worst receptionist ever: Crazy exes, stalkers' calls put through automatically


Tell Me Again

why I need an Alexa to make phone calls for me?

Microsoft sparks new war with Google with, er, $999+ lappies for kids


M'sft Still Doesn't Know Where Apostrophes Go

As a Mac-based Office 365 user I'm used to Word screwing up on the spellcheck/grammar thing. I've got a large folder on my desk that catalogs, among other things, Word's uselessness at figuring out apostrophes, or should I say apostrophe's. Please God don't let Gates and Ballmer and the new guy try to teach anything to children.

Would you believe it? The Museum of Failure contains quite a few pieces of technology


I'll Bet A Few Folks Would Like To Call

Ballmer up to their office.

Windows 10 Creators Update general rollout begins with a privacy dialogue


Too Many Lawyers; Not Enough Smart People

And I don't mean you, Ballmer.

Startup remotely 'bricks' grumpy bloke's IoT car garage door – then hits reverse gear


Got What He Deserved

I run from anything called "smart."

God save us for the crap that's coming with IoT.

Facebook, Mozilla and Craigslist Craig fund fake news firefighter


Wait - PR Firms?

Those are the folks who make their money with fake news. Please.

Uber wasn't to blame for robo-ride crash – or was it? Witness said car tried to 'beat the lights'


Ah, But There Is - Money

"There is no justification to speed up in this scenario…"

IBM: Those 2 redundancy schemes? We need to 'improve margins' and right quick



“To ensure we continue to drive competitiveness and our transformation we will continue to drive parallel initiatives…."

All that driving - hasn't she heard about autonomous tech? Oh wait - IBM - maybe not.

Avaya's $3.7m bankruptcy bonus plan slammed by watchdog


Innovate, Anyone?

I guess they didn't disrupt the industry enough.

Cheap, flimsy, breakable and replaceable – yup, Ikea, you'll be right at home in the IoT world


Re: I'm Listening

Except for the actual commands.


Re: Who needs anything?

I like #2 the best, since it serves for most of the IoT world.

US Senate votes to let broadband ISPs sell your browser histories


Re: It's all about money

Get rid of that iPhone that's glued to your hand. That's what to do about it. It's amazing that so many folks (here in the US, and elsewhere) have been tricked into carrying their wallet around wherever they go.

Frustrated by reboot-happy Windows 10? Creators Update hopes to take away the pain


Re: turning machines off over the weekend?

Why is that? I'm only semi tech-literate.

IBM UK: Oh, remote workers. We want to be colocated with you again


Re: Bah!

Funny how she doesn't specify where that desire comes from. The top, I would guess.