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Intern with superuser access 'promoted' himself to CEO

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Dave Plummer

Dave said when he was an intern at Microsoft another intern in his same office, if I'm remembering the story right, tried to stick in some backdoor code with the piece he'd been given to do. But as its all reviewed it never got threw and the intern never came back.

75% of enterprise coders will use AI helpers by 2028. We didn't say productively

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Mark my words

It will lead to another Horizon scandal. People are using it to summerise reports and emails and not checking the results. We are testing CoPilot that summerises meetings. It claimed I said something during the meeting that was never said.

Years to come, people will use that as evidence. "Well the AI said you said it"

The likes of DWP will abuse it to summerise benefit checks and miss something critical causing a death.

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Its still shit

My partner watches Real Housewives and knows it so well said it would be her specialist subject. So as a bit of fun I said I'd ask ChatGPT for some quiz questions and answers. 10 questions, about 4 had same answer and only 2 or 3 were actually right. The others were just wrong and it made shit up.

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Re: Overhype

I fucking hate Gartner. I can't remember the full story now but was related to Equifax. Something about them praising them then they had the massive data breach.

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Re: Let’s hope it improves

True. One thing I do find them useful for, well ChatGPT 3.5 anyway, is take some code I'm unsure what its doing and give it the code and its quite good at telling me what each bit is doing.

Local councils struggle with ill-fitting software despite spending billions with suppliers

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They don't fucking listen to their engineers!

"The tales outlined in the paper will be familiar to readers of The Register. Something of a worst-case exemplar is Birmingham City Council's implementation of Oracle HR, finance and procurement.

The implementation budget has ballooned from £20 million to £131 million (from $25 million to $165 million), as the council failed to successfully create adaptations to make the software fit its needs. The council now plans to re-implement Oracle out of the box. In the meantime it is paying £5.1 million ($6.44 million) for a third party solution to plug the gap."

Because you chose Oracle. Your engineers probably told you that was a mistake and no doubt, no doubt at all, you fucking ignored them. Oracle charge an arm and a leg and love to randomly audit.

Post Office slapped down for late disclosure of documents in Horizon scandal inquiry

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Jason Beer KC

Needs an award for having to deal with a lot of the idiot and clearly blocking people giving evidence. People who, shockingly still work for Post Office despite clearly being shit.

Throughout, having listened to some of the statements, its been not only a culture of "Don't rock the boat", which is why they've gotten away with it for so long, but also appears alot of them jumped aboard, happily, the rocking boat so they could keep a job and send people to prison with no real evidence. To make them feel like a "security expert" or "tv detective" because they know they are shit yet the Post Office was allowing them to get away with it to stop the Post Office loosing face.

What's worse, and surely this now requires a prison sentence, is one of the Post Office lawyers, telling them in an email it would be a good idea to NOT leave a paper trail and speak to their insurers via phone so they'll be no record of the phone call in case "it ever gets out to the public". If not a prison sentence he needs to loose his law licence (assume we have that in the UK?)

Microsoft warns that China is using AI to stir the pot ahead of US election

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Re: Why?

You do realise Trump also tried to ban TikTok but now because "the Dems" decided to act (and its not a ban) Trump is now against a ban.

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Re: Why?

Jesus. You'll be one of those MAGA supporters who piss their life savings away on Trumps SPAC. Go ahead and do it, buy up his stock and watch it all disappear when he dumps his large stake in 6 months, tanking the company, tanking the stock and making all his followers a lot, lot poorer.

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Re: Why?

And regarding the "boarder" they created a bipartisan deal, that was written by Republicans and the strikest ever yet the Orange idiot told his equal idiot followers and congress bods to block it so he could campaign on it, so they did. Again, his followers are such idiots they ignore the fact a deal to "fix the boarder" was about to go ahead, until their Orange friend ruined it. They'll now loose out because he'll be going to prison and the Republicans will be decimated in November.

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Re: Why?

Trump took lots of money from China during his term. He did a deal to get Ivanka some nice patents from China (I don't know why consider China never honours any patents). He barks on camera about China because he knows its what his idiots followers want and will believe, but in the background he was taking China's money. Winnie the Pooh knows he can control the big orange idiot, which is why he'd want him in power. The other idea is to create chaos unmongsts the populous of the USA, in the hope it causes America to destory itself, so that Winie The Pooh can take the land.

Chrome Enterprise Premium promises extra security – for a fee

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Re: $72 per user per year...

"Companies with more money than sense are."

You mean "Companies with managers with more dense than sense are".

Microsoft slammed for lax security that led to China's cyber-raid on Exchange Online

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Re: Computing in General

Watching a video on the XZ problem, that was sadly a product of the open source community. Again, I enjoy open source and the movement is great and so is the community. But with this package, apparently the developer was just burnt out. Loads of people were apparently using the package but, as always, it was a thankless task that I believe he never made money from it. You can always have a donate button up, everyone will say how great your app is but never get any money for it. So he got exploited by an arse that took over his package but using guilt trips and exploiting the guys mental health.

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Re: Ten years ago...

But they had those quite cool testing sessions (I don't know the name but can be seen on the training for Windows 95 that is archived on YouTube and archive.org) where users would come into an office, sit at a computer and do what was asked BUT they'd talk as they were doing it. If they were looking for an icon but couldn't find it etc, so they could use that it making an application better.

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But the Cloud is more secure

So they keep saying. Bullshit.


"That state of affairs, the report notes, suggests Microsoft has forgotten the lessons imparted by its founding CEO Bill Gates in his 2002 companywide memo on Trustworthy Computing. In that memo he told developers "When we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security. If we discover a risk that a feature could compromise someone's privacy, that problem gets solved first.""

Yep. And now SatNav is involved its all gone out the window. More reason I dislike Office 365 because we deploy it, everyone uses Outlook and you do the odd training guide, then a week or so later they fucking move everything because of "new features" that no one fucking asked for. We want to go back to the good old days of installing an ISO and that's it. It stays the same for years until WE decide we want the "new features". It would be fine with Office 365 if they gave you the option to turn off all the new features when a patch is pushed, but they don't. Such as clicking on links in Outlook to find they now open in Edge with the e-mail to the right? What the fuck? When did that happen. So now I have to change it on every machine I build to not open in Edge until I can find the time to look to see if there is a group policy.

About "other providers are better" who's that then? Google are notorious with their shitty sessions tokens. You'll sign in and then close the browser. Someone has stolen your session host and signs in from across the country 5mins later. Google doesn't ask you to sign in to make sure you are you, considering you've just travelled 100s of miles in 5mins, no it just lets you in with the stolen session.

Then we have GAM (which, granted, may have changed). When I had to manager GSuite as it was then, we had to use GAM for Google drive management as there is no other GUI tool. When you create your GAM token for your admin account you stick all in a folder on your laptop and you're good to go, managing to Google Drive from the commandline. Giving people permissions to other docs when someone is off sick etc. Along comes a rogue engineer who copies your GAM folder and that's it, you're fucked. That user can now use your GAM login to do all the admin with no password prompty or check.

Hillary Clinton: 2024 will be 'ground zero' for AI election manipulation

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Might or might not be AI

Or just bots but already seeing it on YouTube. You'll have vids posting about how awful trump is, rightly so, then other comments agreeing. Then other comments created in an attempt to get each other arguing from accounts that have a format




And there will be several accounts in the comments with names like this. All clearly bots. And as always YouTube do fuck all about it. As much as they do with all the scam adverts on the platform.

Sega grabs tech layoff baton and dumps couple hundred Euro staff

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Never nice

To loose a job but Creative Assembly have never been able to do AI properly in the Total War series. Their promos before release were always misleading, then play and it was always easy to get the AI to get stuck. In one "siege" they didn't nothing. All just sat outside the walls not moving so my archers could slowly pick off their massive army.

Apple iPhone AI to be powered by Baidu in China, maybe

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Re: Winnie The Pooh

Obviously not, we know a lot of the Chinese people are nice people just stuck with a shit government. The point of cutting the country off, would be to (and yes well aware its not that easy) try to convince its people (not the nationalist, you'll never change them) to rise up against their own government. But again, that's easier said than done.

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Re: I assume because Chinese law

They've also been robbing Western AI and not changing the way it works. So when you have food items that are local to China, like Duck Soup, it draws a duck swimming in soup.

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Winnie The Pooh

Is what it should be called. And there we have it. Apple claiming "they care" but claiming they'll move their factories out of China because of the human rights issues. Then shortly after Tim Apple visited to open a new Apple store in China and appears they are still fine with selling their phones in a dictatorship.

Microsoft faces bipartisan criticism for alleged censorship on Bing in China

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Don't do business in a country that is run by a dictator. Of course money talks so they'll continue. Much like the issue of TikTok. If the CCP aren't involved in TikTok then they wouldn't be shouting about it, but they are, so are shouting as much as they can, giving away the fact by the other day stating "They'll protect China's interest" when speaking of "the ban" (its not a ban, unlike the full ban of Tiktok in China).

Whistleblower raises alarm over UK Nursing and Midwifery Council's DB

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And the reason the Titanic hit a big, massive ice cube.

UK council yanks IT systems and phone lines offline following cyber ambush

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Re: "Cyberattacks happen a lot, they happen to councils a lot,"

Always annoys me when staff say they don't want to put the authenticator on their own phone. We give out work phones but I still put mine on my own phone as I use the authenticator anyway.

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Re: "Cyberattacks happen a lot, they happen to councils a lot,"

Yep. All you have to do is search for councillor meetings and you'll get the names and email addresses of execs and directors. Because those councillor meetings are public record by law.

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Re: "Cyberattacks happen a lot, they happen to councils a lot,"

They don't stipulate for councillors. Its the law that they have to publish the councillors details.

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Re: One has to ask whether councils are specifically targeted in advance

That will be because if there was no actual data stolen, they don't have to report themselves to the ISO.

Oh look, cracking down on Big Tech works. Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi surge on iOS

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Next it should be Google/YouTube

For purposely making YouTube run and load slowly in Firefox, more so if using an adblocker.

Can AI shorten PC replacement cycles? Dell seems to think so

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Re: "shorten PC replacement cycles"

This is why I can't be a CEO or Consultant as I can't talk bullshit. She's saying what she knows investers want to hear with AI thrown in. Really, really, really fucking annoys me.

Maybe I should start up my own company NBIT

"No Bullshit IT"

The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready?

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Re: And this is why

When they used to do their focus groups, like they did for launching Windows 95 they weren't too bad. But, when you have the CTO of Azure, Mark Russinovich, who created the sysinternals tools (along with Bryce Cogswell), who used to do his Case of the Unexplained talks (he's sadly stopped) he would regularly poke fun at the Office team for how shit Office was, its error dialogue boxes and bug reporting (obviously in a nicer way that I've just written it). He worked INTERNALLY at Microsoft, was a Technical Fellow, used his own tools to diagnose a problem with Office and this was mentioned on one of his talks (I've watched all those Case of the Unexplained, they are amazing for troubleshooting). They still told him to log it as a ticket and they'd fix it at some point.

It appears they haven't changed.

Attacks on UK fiber networks mount: Operators beg govt to step in

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When BT do FTTP to buildings, as they have at our work, they never full cover the cable going into the property, which I've pointed out many a time, someone can just come along and cut.

Openreach saving pennies so they don't have to put armour shielding around the cables.

UK finance minister promises NHS £3.4B IT investment to unlock £35B savings

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Re: Ah yes, Mr Hunt...

And also the prick that wouldn't pay for the extra XP patches so then lots of Trusts got infected with WannaCry.

I swear he has compromising pictures on lots of people hence why he's stayed in office for so long. He really is a "HUNT".

It's that most wonderful time of the year when tech cannot handle the date

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1999 cause I can't spell Millenium

So they always say the Millenium Bug was nothing, that it was hyped. I always said its because stuff was fixed before it. Doesn't this prove it could or would of been an issue if nothing had been done?

Funny, boring story is I was still in college in 1999, just finishing a HND and I never remember anyone mentioning Y2K to us. So when my brother in law asked me a quiz question at the time that was in the paper I knew nothing about it. Don't know why I missed it.

AI comes for jobs at studio of American filmmaker Tyler Perry

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Its wrong but I'm goign to exploit and use it

""I just hope … that there'll be some sort of thought and some sort of compassion for humanity," Perry said. "I think the only way to move forward in this is to galvanize it as one voice, not only in Hollywood and in this industry, but also in Congress.""

AI is bad for Hollywood but I'm going to use it anyway. Even though it will end up being shit.

Staff say Dell's return to office mandate is a stealth layoff, especially for women

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Re: Wouldn't suprise me

Granted it might be true but with the "don't rock the boat" attitude is why they continue to get away with it and why the Horizon scandal happened.

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Wouldn't suprise me

Companies will try anything they can to convince people to just quit instead so then they don't have to pay them any redundancy pay.

Space nukes: The unbelievably bad idea that's exactly that ... unbelievable

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Re: That was my thought, too.

I really, can't understand the thinking of people like you that believe the crap Trump comes out with. Growing up in the UK watching American movies in the 80s they were always against "The reds" just look at the shit that was Red Dawn (I finally watched it. Probably fun at the time). I enjoyed the likes of Hunt for Red October etc but they are just movies. It was always the joke the American's were in the audience go "Yeah 'merica".

Then Trump comes along and seems to love Russia (because he has money over there) and now all those red necks that hated the "Reds" appear to ignore all this and now fine with Trump paling up with "The Reds".

And then we have the issue with Ukraine, where you seem to be totally clueless in understanding that Putin wants the land so he can create the USSR again. Once that's done he'll start moving into Europe and be another Hitler. If America sits back because "We have a big ocean in the way, we'll be fine" won't be as the worlds economy will screwed and USA will be next to fall.

How to weaponize LLMs to auto-hijack websites

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Re: Maybe it's useful?

Can run basic tests using Kali Linux. Plenty of guides on YouTube for this. I did for our company website when the Wordpress got compromised because the on/off dev hadn't bothered to keep the plugins up-to-date.

Cutting kids off from the dark web – the solution can only ever be social

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Burner phone

Simple. It shouldn't be up to the government to be the nanny. Parents, if they want their kid to at least have the means to call in an emergency (now pretty much all pay phones have gone), then you buy then the old skool 90s burner phone. They are cheap, for a reason, and can only dial out, text or recieve calls. Put a limit on the txt messaging if needed.

It might be difficult, but still up to the parents to monitor their kids.

Adam Savage had a funny story of one of his sons he grounded and confiscated his phone. Handed it to him every evening I think it was. Anyway, at one point for whatever reason Adam checked the phone and realised he'd handed him a dummy phone and not the one he actually uses :o)

Techie climbed a mountain only be told not to touch the kit on top

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Much like Dell

"This story had a strange sequel: three months later, Edmund was asked to locate the defective kit, because he had sent the unused replacement back and the serial numbers didn't match."

Sent me a monitor replacement and the asset number didn't match. Told them it was the wrong one anyway. They sent replacement, another wrong one but appears to work but again asset tags don't match. Kept it anyway. Wonder if that will come back to byte. Might email them to point it out so there is a record.

How did China get so good at chips and AI? Congressional investigation blames American venture capitalists

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They didn't.

They stole everything and if you think their Sara AI is good then you're delusional.

Watch the wumao's come in.

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work

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Re: Saying you'll quit isn't the same as quitting

Elons were businesses before he came along. He just bought them and then made everyone's working life a living hell to make his billions.

Billions lost to fraud and error during UK's pandemic spending spree

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Re: Oops, we stole it

Much like the tit that appears in the YouTube adverts about money in property. Can't remember his name but he just straight out came out with it. That people could claim Covid money, legally then use it to invest in property.

He really is a cunt. Yet YouTube continue to display his ads.

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Re: Oops, we stole it

I wonder if its cause "mates" were involved.

DEF CON is canceled! No, really this time – but the show will go on

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Re: Voting Machines don't get Hacked

"It would also help if the CCTV didn't show a few people pulling boxes out from under tables and doing some after-hours work at the counting sites."

Don't believe the idiot Rudy. You do realise he has lost his case and has to pay $148 million for saying the same bollocks.

The problem with conspiracy theories is when you get idiots that have never been involved with the process think they know what is going on in the "CCTV footage". Much like the UK elections. All the nut jobs came out and "examined CCTV" because they thought they'd lose, they all went quiet after they didn't. I think it was the referendum. They were all saying "Take your own pen, they can't rub out pens" and the CCTV footage showing them "rubbing out votes".

Pencils are used because they don't run out of ink!

The CCTV footage of the "rubbing out votes" was idiots not understanding the count process. You have a group of people at a table counting. The count supervisor for that group then takes the total count to the election workers who have the tally in their system. If the tally in the system doesn't match how many people turned up, it means the count at the table is wrong. So the count supervisor goes back to the table, the counters recount and the supervisor rubs out the incorrect number and waits for the new result. THAT is what they were rubbing out in the CCTV footage.

EU repair rights bill tells manufacturers to fix up or ship out

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Re: I haven't read

And this is one of the big issues which I'm assuming this bill won't or doesn't cover is parts. The likes of Apple are so massive, for years they've told the company that makes its screens that it is not allowed to sell them as parts to anyone else. Its shit like that, that needs to stop.

Especially when we have stupid expensive phones now with "gorilla glass" that is marketing wank bollocks. I have a Samsung S23 Ultra as my excuse for buying was I get a high quality portable camera as well. Its in an Otterbox case so raised from services. I should of put a screen protector on but haven't. It sits in my jean pocket that never has anything else in it yet its already got micro scratches on the gorilla glass. Its bollocks. And as I type that, I wonder if I could claim a replacement because of how its advertised.

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I haven't read

the bill but its probably not going to be good enough.

I remember in the late 80s the TV in the back room packing up. My mums friend from work popped round with her husband who was an electrician or engineer. I remember it like it was yesterday. He layed the TV on the floor, opened the back and there were the schematics for the TV in the back of the case, not hidden somewhere secret away from repair engineers. He traced the fault, did his solder repairs, put the back back on, TV repaired. That TV lasted several years after that so avoided landfill.

Now, however, we're fucked. The big corps have realised people will still buy stuff even if its made to fail early. All the shitty little paid for feature creep, people moan about but still pay. Much like my partner with Amazon Prime. We've had it a few years and the point being you pay for it to have NO ADVERTS in the movies or shows.

Now, however, greed has set in and Amazon will include adverts but if you don't want those adverts with Prime, you have to pay a few extra pounds each month! WTF! So I've let the sub expire. She's asked me how long the protest will go before she can have Prime back. And this is the issue, I know she'll probably end up getting her own sub, but this is why they continue this model as they know people will just pay.

If we all stopped buying (easier said than done) they'd be forced to make kit repairable again to get customers back.

When it comes to working from home, Register readers are bucking national trends

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Re: Managers don't know how to manage remotely.

All the downvotes are from the HR departments that believe in the bollocks.

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Re: Managers don't know how to manage remotely.

I should of stated its a psychometric tool or bollocks as I call it.

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Re: Managers don't know how to manage remotely.

personality types or MIRO is also part bullshit. We were forced to do some MIRO training and it surprised the trainer as it shouldn't be forced (although hardly anyone would of then turned up). This was done during Covid and remotely and I was asked "You seemed to be distant. Is there an issue?". I replied "Not really an issue I just don't believe in any of this, most of what you're saying etc. Not that I'm saying this about you but its much like mediumship which is known to be bullshit. You can cold read people and twist your questions to be a hit, rather than a miss, on how the person reacts to that question". Others on the meeting smiled and the trainer moved on and didn't ask me anything again :)

After the training had finished and we had showed what our "Colours" were, our manager, who also thought it was bullshit, proved the point. He had fudged his answers as he worked out what they required to get the results for each colour, so that he was equal bits of each colour :)

Sadly, despite all this I still hear people talking about it in the office "What's your MIRO colour?" so there are still people who believe in that bollocks.

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Re: cross-linking

Not all companies and offices are like that. I understand what you mean but they aren't all like it.