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Microsoft confirms pursuit of TikTok after Satya Nadella chats to Donald Trump

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: I Just Don't Get It

ByteDance does want to sell. https://www.reuters.com/video/watch/idOVCPKADT7

We give up, Progressive Web Apps can track you, says W3C: After 5 years, it decides privacy is too much bother

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Strangely, anything called "Progressive"...

... means " For the greater good of mankind, and fuck all those individuals that get caught in the crossfire."

Burn baby burn, plastic inferno! Infosec researchers turn 3D printers into self-immolating suicide machines

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Whatever a man can build...

... another man can screw up.

(Is it a derivative of Murphy's Law?)

EU tries to get serious on cybercrime with first sanctions against Wannacry, NotPetya, CloudHopper crews

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Re: The Nation State seeks to maintain its Monopoly on Hacking

Hi AC, any proof of Russian (Chinese, Nork, Iranian, check the appropriate) involvement? Didn't think so. Creating a false external enemy to draw attention from the internal problems - this trick goes back as far as Pharaohs and may be further. Your gov't as usual is f***ng with you, and you stupidly follow the lead. Wake up. "There's no spoon."

Better get Grandpa off Windows 7 because zero-day bug in Zoom allows remote code execution on vintage OS

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Re: Try moving gramma to Windows 10, if you like pain.

What a nice, loving thing to say about one's father!

Cereal Killer Cafe enters hipster heaven, heads online: Coronavirus blamed for shutters being pulled down

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

It can be considered a cereal killer killer.

Boffins baffled as supergiant star just vanishes – either it partially blew itself apart or quietly turned into a black hole

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Receive an upvote for Stanislaw Lem reference.

Germany prepares to launch COVID-19 contact-tracing app 'this week' while UK version stuck in development hell

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Actually, percolation collapses if the individual "cells" *resist* percolation with probability p > p_c. That's why the epidemiologists talk about "herd immunity", achieved at about 60% level of immune population. But tracking app doesn't make you immune, so this model is not applicable. The applicable model would involve characteristic times of infection transfer, probability of transfer detection, and characteristic times of reaction ("catch all possibly infected and isolate them"). Spread of contact tracking app will only give you probability of transfer detection.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: UK man gets 3 years for torching 4G phone mast over 5G fears

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Re: He used the wrong excuse

His crime is not being a stupid fuckwit. His crime is arson.Committing arson because of being a stupid fuckwit doesn't change that.

As the US maybe gets serious about coronavirus-tracking apps, Congress wakes up to the privacy risks

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Re: Matt Gaetz Antifa

Talking to himself.

Boffins step into the Li-ion's den with sodium-ion battery that's potentially as good as a lithium cousin

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Re: "Sodium does provide better environmental benignity..."

But it does. Sodium, unlike lithium, is not poisonous (unless we're talking sodium cyanide).

80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds

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>"I recall reading some study..."

Borland probably read this study too.

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it

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Re: Jail time

Hey, what Apple has to do with it?!

COVID-19 sparks new wearables to push the pandemic away

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Re: Blockchain, blinkenlichten and comes in October

Noodle and blockchain is one gadget, 128 GB and synchronization - another.

Microsoft doc formats are the bane of office suites on Linux, SoftMaker's Office 2021 beta may have a solution

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: The other bane ...

Nitpick: "annual" already means "per year".

Incredible how you can steal data via Thunderbolt once you've taken the PC apart, attached a flash programmer, rewritten the firmware...

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Just one of multitude...

...ways you are screwed if well-equipped hardware hackers get their hands on your machine. And who leaves the machine unattended running or sleeping (i.e., wasting the battery) for a long time anyway?

NUC NUC. Who's there? It's Intel, with a pint-sized 8-core Xeon workstation

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Re: Have some Mint instead!

Eggsnow doesn't hold a candle against MintBox 3 Pro in reviewed configuration. i7 vs. i9, 16GB RAM vs. 32GB, 128GB SS D+1TB HDD vs. 1 TB NVME, Intel HD 520 vs. Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti, etc.

No wonder it's 5 times cheaper.

Ex-Imagination Technologies boss tells UK Foreign Affairs Committee: Britain needs to stop overseas asset stripping

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Eat the pie and have it too?

"prevent sensitive technologies falling into the wrong hands, but without hindering the foreign investments"

If I buy something I usually expect it to fall in my hands. If I don't buy something, the seller doesn't get my money.

Surprise surprise! Hostile states are hacking coronavirus vaccine research, warn UK and USA intelligence

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Re: We're talking medical research, not nuclear launch codes.

And what about the profits of the pharmaceuticals? How can the pharmaceuticals make money off the vaccine if everybody and his uncle can produce it?

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal

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Re: Hanlon's razor

Very creative!

Intel is offering more 14nm Skylake desktop processors, we repeat: More 14nm Skylake desktop processors

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

So many cores...

So many side channel vulns...

Academics demand answers from NHS over potential data timebomb ticking inside new UK contact-tracing app

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Who said it?

Who said "Each people has the government it deserves"? I heard it attributed to Bismark.

Guess which cloud giant Zoom picked to handle millions more video calls? Bzzt, wrong answer: It's Oracle

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Good for Oracle

Well, if not JEDI, then at least Zoom...

Travel advice for the week ahead is just: STOP

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: Really?

Clothing optional Monday, clothing optional Tuesday...

Stripe is absolutely logging your mouse movements on websites' payment pages – for your own good, says CEO

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Re: Prevent fraud ?

GDPR (most probably) does not apply, because the data collected for the model training do not contain personally identifiable information. The model is trained not to tell your mouse movements from my mouse movements, but to tell a bot imitating mouse movements from you or me actually making these movements. At least that's what I understood from their explanations.

Lockdown endgame? There won't be one until the West figures out its approach to contact-tracing apps

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Why do Google and Apple develop new API?

Singapore has (and had for some time) perfectly working app doing exactly what G&A are planning, and it uses existing Android/iOS API. Strange things are going on.

Data science alliance in talks with UK Cabinet Office to help ease economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic

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Why wasn't Cambridge Analytica invited?

See the title...

Apple: We respect your privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps

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Re: Not New?

Google stole it from Apple, like everything else, no doubt.

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum

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This calls for decisive measures

Attacks on critical infrastructure (especially during national emergency) should be classified as terrorism and dealt with with extreme prejudice. As if the attackers were blowing up the tube stations or derailing the trains (because those contribute to the virus spread).

If the law enforcement doesn't stop this madness now, coming on it as a ton of bricks, the tube stations and trains may be next.

It is totally useless to preach to the lunatics and try to educate them. They are lunatics. They should be caught and eliminated from the society.

The "celebrities" and other blowhards giving good advice to the terrorists should also be eliminated from the society for terror propaganda.

This is serious, folks, human rights or not. The lunatics have no human right to terrorize other humans and must be eliminated.

From Brit telly presenter Eamonn Holmes to burning 5G towers in the Netherlands: Stupid week turns into stupid fortnight for radio standard

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: The RF nutters

Pity human intellect is limited in principle, whereas human stupidity asymptotically reaches infinity.

Suspicious senate stock sale spurt spurs scrutiny scheme: This website tracks which shares US senators are unloading mid-pandemic

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: Not selling airline or hotel stocks when this spread from Wuhan...

Especially on "Princess" liners, I heard.

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: So when are they buying back in?

And here comes the second wave...

Taiwan may turn traffic advice app into massive tracking system

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Re: China's new coronavirus cases rise to near six-week high

Never seen a box of masks made in USA or Europe. Have an old box of masks (don't remember why I bought it a while ago, but it shirley came handy now), it's made in China. So much for "cleaning out worldwide stocks of western-made PPE". I call BS.

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Re: de-anonymisation

So for de-anonymisation the government will need the ID cards? Good thing ID cards are not here.

Boeing 787s must be turned off and on every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' being shown to pilots

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Re: Turning it off and on

According to the article, the OS used is Wind River VxWorks realtime OS. Where did you find any mention of Windows? In other people's comments?

Sun storm probe OK'd: 'Our motivation is a fascinating signal that we have detected for decades but never been able to make an image of'

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Teeny satellites?

Does that mean they were produced between 2001 and 2007?

Delivery drones: Where are they when we really need them?

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: Vertical cars?!

The cars running up the building walls also come from "Minority Report".

British Army adopts WhatsApp for formal orders as coronavirus isolation kicks in

Danny Boyd Bronze badge


How is touching your face with dirty gloves better than with dirty hands?

Uncle Sam stonewalls probe into its secretive airport facial-recognition technology. Now the ACLU is suing

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Re: ... this AI randomly discriminated ...

[The problem with using FR for law enforcement is,] it is bad when the AI system recognizes you as somebody else [the cops are after].

Resellers facing 'months' of delays for orders to be fulfilled. IT gathers dust on docks as coronavirus-stricken China goes back to work

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Re: China is not the world

The highest mortality rate is observed not in China, not in Iran, but in Italy - close to 5%. So pollution probably helps.

Gartner vision quest sees Microsoft, Google and IBM nipping at Amazon Web Services' heels in cloud AI

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Oracle is nowhere to be seen...

... which is reassuring.

Good news, everyone: The US military says it will be ethically minded about how it develops AI

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: In other news...

As rocket scientists know, "With enough thrust pigs fly just fine."

Oh good, the FTC has discovered acqui-hires... American watchdog to probe decade of Big Tech takeovers

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Or reconsider their approval of T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

Is Chrome really secretly stalking you across Google sites using per-install ID numbers? We reveal the truth

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

13 Bits

Is it just me, or do 13 bits describe the range [0x0..0x7FFF] rather than [0..7999], as the article states? 0x8000 != 8000, you know. Am I missing something?

The $4.3bn trial of the century is over! Now we wait for judgment

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Re: Reserve judgement

Why is it a waste? Will somebody think of the lawyers?!

Relying on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mob US to protect you from SIM swapping? You better get used to disappointment

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: In person show ID?

I wonder, if you are too far from the provider's outlet to come and swap the SIM card (of this provider), where did you get the said card in the first place?

Danny Boyd Bronze badge

Re: Carriers will not change unless forced to

Somebody should explain to the carriers that the only thing they need to do to solve this problem is to stop accepting SIM switch requests by phone. No additional costs involved, and they are all white and fluffy, and can scream about it in their advertisements. Profit!

Lenovo unfolds time frame for bendy ThinkPad: Pricey Windows PC out in summer '20

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Re: re: Folding tablet

X220 was the last known good X series Thinkpad. Still very decent keyboard, built like a tank, fully repairable and upgradeable, i7. Bought it refurbished for $160, spent another $150-160 on upgrades (added SSD, upgraded HDD, added RAM), and voila - best machine for my purposes for under $500. Use it extensively for five years already and expect to use it at least another 10.

Multiply it by 2, as I got two of them - for my wife and for myself.

X230 and after - don't even bother. Keyboard (famous Thinkpad keyboard!) devolved to total crap, to begin with. Also unreliable. Bought new X230 for my wife, and she had a year of pain running to the repair shop now and then, until I ran into those refurbished X220s.

Y2K quick-fix crick? 1920s come roaring back after mystery blip at UK's vehicle licensing agency

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A joke I heard 20 years ago

A COBOL programmer got rich in the end of 20th century, fixing the Y2K bugs in various systems. He decided to spend his money on trip to the future, and bought deep-freeze sleep until the year 100000.

He awoke, surrounded by people in white gowns, and asked: "Wow, is it year 100000?" One of the doctors said: "No, actually, we had to wake you up earlier. You see, it's year 9999, and we found your CV, it says you know COBOL...?"

What's that? Encryption's OK now? UK politicos Brexit from Whatsapp to Signal

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George Orwell here

All animals are equal but some are more equal than the others.



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