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'Nun' drops goat head on pavement outside Cheltenham 'Spoons


Asking for a friend....

Just wondering if goat heads are readily available and reasonably priced in Cheltenham?

Asking for a friend....

Mine's the one with the portal to eternal damnation in the pocket

Q. China just landed on its far side, the US woz there 50 years ago – now Europe wants to mine it? A. It's the Moon


I'm not a lawyer but....

The goal is to shoot an Ariane-64 rocket carrying all the drilling equipment needed to the Moon before 2025.

It'll have to be quite a long time before 2025 if they've signed a one year contract!!

Surface: Tested to withstand the NFL. Microsoft firmware updates? Not so much


Average NFL play time

This link? https://curiosity.com/topics/the-average-nfl-game-has-only-11-minutes-of-action-curiosity/

Having AI assistants ruling our future lives? That's so sad. Alexa play Despacito


"Yeah, like it is a matter of life and death if I pour myself 497ml of water"

It's not, but pour me 497ml of beer and we're going to have to have a conversation! It's 568.261ml all the way. Presumably after March 29th all the AI will have to be re-calibrated and we'll go back to proper pints and all the 'ml' nonsense will be over?

Mine's the one with the Al Murray tickets in the pocket

McKinsey’s blockchain warning irks crypto hipsters


I do see a use for immutable ledgers...

....but probably only in industries where the probity of the production chain (farm to fork etc.) is a tangible benefit. I those cases the number of parties would be small, potentially only the manufacturer but more likely (in the Farm to Fork scenario) the farmer, transport companies, wholesaler, retailer, packager etc., but still unlikely to get very far into double figures and thereby reducing the impact of performance on very large blockchains. If there is a market for goods with excellent environmental or regulatory credentials (Organic, fair-trade, Child labour free, whatever floats your personal boat) then this seems like a useful tool. For massive scale deployments it's still not quite there IMHO, YMMV

Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight


Re: An even better location

"501 Front Street in Norfolk, Virginia"

An excellent choice, although I'm confused by the Sea World vehicles parked outside!

UK web grocer Ocado takes £500k hit after robo-warehouse tech splurge


Re: Unsure

I think I was also at the same talk, I'd concur that it was a little OTT but on pure tech grounds some of what they had done was impressive and clever, not sure if I'd say useful though

Is that a bulge in your pocket or... do you have an iPhone 8+? Apple's batteries look swell


Re: It's a ventilation feature

To be fair to Apple they had this feature as far back as the iPhone 5s, there were swelling problems all the way back then, to Apple's credit they swapped the phone ( already a replacement for a failed fingerprint reader) without question even though it was well out of warranty. The guy in the Apple Store told me that it wasn't an uncommon issue with the 5s.

Microsoft ups Surface slab prices for Brits. Darn weak pound, eh?


Hold on a minute....

The lead into the article is "Microsoft has increased hardware and software prices in the UK for a second time this year, citing the decreased value of the weaker sterling currency when repatriated as dollars."

.... all I ever hear on this subject is that American corporation tax is so high MS, Apple et al leave the money in <insert tax haven here> rather than repatriate it, therefore surely the currency fluctuation isn't relevant and 'losses' are entirely theoretical. The Donald even made one of his revolutionary / exciting / mad / deranged / hysterical speeches to the GOP on the subject



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