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DXC Technology bids $2bn for Swiss big cheese Luxoft


Another business bites the dust...

Deck the halls with ... oh, no. DXC tells staff they may not have a job in the New Year


It became one heck of a toboggan ride! :)

EDS from 2000 - 17 years of deteriorating employment standards. But I excaped in the end.

I got out of the industry altogether.

Part time as a tour guide at a small sports car manufacturer is very enjoyable.

DXC: Everything is going to plan, too well in fact... we've chopped so many staff, our IT projects are now behind



Just been catching up on various news items.

Departed (escaped is a much better word) DXC in Dec '17. They were trying to make me redundant a few months earlier at a very difficult time (wife losing her battle with cancer). Started with EDS in 2000, so the payout wasn't too bad.

Really glad I'm away from this pathetic excuse for an ITO business.

Keep the comments coming guys, they make really entertaining reading.

PCS: We'll ballot Hewlett Packard Enterprise members over job cuts


And if Scotland goes independent...?

The all the secure government / military &c. roles moved to Erskine will have to migrate south of the border...

Whitman deletes another chapter in HP history as CSC and ES borg



I think this is another sellout, just as the EDS/HP "merger"...