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Literacy leads to happiness and luuurv

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To: Department of bleeding obvious

Book: a written or printed work of fiction or nonfiction, usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within covers.

Perhaps you would benefit from reading one.

Did we say you can read that?

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Travel plans

Sounds like UK is already onboard the Mediaval Time Travel Express embracing mind control, paranoia, ignorance and apathy. Wonder if they can catch up with the Stone Age Express from USA.

BOFH: Server room secret panels

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Gimmmmmmmeee . . . .

. . . . one of those . . . .

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture

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Heil Orwell

Expert opinion can be hazardous to your health.

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

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Perhaps . . .

Hmm . . . what happens if I am at Deathrow airport reading a book about the history of modern warfare, do I get shot on the spot?

EU project scans air passengers for terrorist tendencies

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Perhaps . . .

A glass of milk, a couple of prozacs and a good night sleep would lower the hysteria at Brussels.

The New Order: When reading is a crime

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No worries

I think we should all congratulate UK for replicating in details the behaviour of the UFSA.

Would rather travel to China or Iran than step on UK soil now.

An accidental fart at Oxford street proly qualifies as a bio terror act by now.

Ubuntu man Shuttleworth dissects Hardy Heron's arrival

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@Don Mitchell

You sound a bit to me like a polcom preacher from the old U.S.S.R. Sure, the theory is beautiful, the possibilites cover the earth and then some. Eventually we all benefit immensly but that is usually in the unforseen future. M$ has always been in my view a bit like the old U.S.S.R. Alot of force on a theory but having it work without a major headache in the practical world is difficult to say the least.

Perhaps this is the price M$ pays for wanting to swallow the world, it tends to get stuck sideways in the throat and nothing of really good quality gets coughed up.

I find Linux first and foremost practical to run. The servers stay up, most of patching can be done online without rebooting, it is fairly transparent and there is a world of info out there on the subject if needed. Security issues can be dealt with in a reasonable manner most of the time without creating 1000 new ones. I dont really care if Linux its leftovers from someones condom, it works and thats what Im interested in.

If there is another os out there that really delivers Im all fingers to try out. Maybe it makes my servers run with more efficiency and I get more bang pr. buck.

Does it really matter what we run as long as it does its job without behaving like a intensive care patient?

GPS tracking fights teenage trauma

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Dead Vulture

Dysfunctional parents seek help of nosy scientists

Ok, so now parents should have one more instant solution to avoid dealing directly with their offsprings.

No small wonder teens are becoming the most violent group in the society, they are never trusted or respected, they are spied on like gulag prisoners, exposed to pest control devices, no one except the commerical world bothers to spend time with them and what great parents the media corps are with their fantasy image building.

Perhaps the scientist conducting this experiment should have offered to be the first lab rat in this repulsive experiment.

Dead penguin due to lack of neuron firing in that scientists head.

Coming up: the fingerprint-grabbing keylogger

Magnus Egilsson

I can just imagine EU politicians . . .

. . . running around with fists in their ears shouting "lalalalalalala" after reading this. Their wet dream on the final solution has been challenged with a haxing condom.

Actually, they might just ship old USSR documents to Brussels and start reading on how to really oppress people.

Haxer is the human gift to the IT world

Get your German interior minister's fingerprint here

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A round of applause to CCC for having the balls when most of Europe is just silently obedient and waiting for the next blow to the rights to have an existance without the USSR like EU politicians tuning in on it all the time.

ID proves nothing save perhaps a probability of a person. Unless EU is planning massive realtime surveilance for Citizen Political Cleanliness we have a massive epedemic of voyEURism in Brussels.

The only way for total security is the next Zoo living on the other side of the bars.

Dutch MP releases anti-Islam movie

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Was there another point?

Well, I find this film nothing more than a bad example of media emotional overdrive. Sure, none of us likes to be burned alive, blown to bits or being repressed to death by religious nutcases but thats something we allready know can happen all the time by just looking at history.

I suspect the maker of this film had another point and that is to highlight the obvious stranglehold Islamofacists have on Europe. By dumping this crappy film into the media ocean all of Europe's politicians seem to tremble and bend over right away to calm down the neurotic minds of religious fanatics that want to represent Islam. This is really starting to remind one of another era where organized bullies had their ways until little Neville waved a piece of paper promising no more wars.

I write this in my name cause Im old fashioned enough to support freedom of speech and tolerance, even if spineless EU politicians are all to keen on taking it away from me.

Syria orders cybercafe owners to ID customers

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Now we know where the EU gets its sensoring ideas from . . .

Stamen punts new approach to data aggregation

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Strangely familiar

Didnt Bill Gibson write a story about a guy that could aggregate vasts amount of data and find the probability of events within the images in his head?

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

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Maybe a small silence across all game spheres would be appropriate for a person that made it all happen with a simple pencil and paper

Microsoft goes open source - almost

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Nice try

There must be a mile long fine print on this one. Somhow I cannot imagine the word Microsoft in a sentence with, open source, fair play, customer does matter, respect for others, etc. . .

Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims

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@ Adam The Willie

You are politically correct about that. Lets hide everything that might provoke the slightest human emotion from the society and create drone land where I suspect you will be king amongst equals.

Do we need computer competence tests?

Magnus Egilsson

Why freedom?

Interesting article but I fail to see the analogy between a home computer and a car working unless you plan to throw the desktop at someone each day.

I wonder what we are gaining by ever increasing nanny state. Maybe the terrorists are mostly in our heads.

I agree with you on asking questions, the more the better.

Most doctors plan to dodge health database

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Do you own your info?

This is similar to what happened in Iceland years ago when a gene research company ordered from ruling government a research database with the nations health info on mandatory level. The main argument was of course better life, cure of sickness, etc. In order to make some money out of this, paid third party access was planned which meant that insurance companies would theoretically have access to a person on dna level and determine premium to that level and companies could do dna screening on job candidates. Many were against the database but the government being somewhat personally entangled with the head of said company pushed this project very hard and the argument rose even to the ugly level of the government actually disputing a person's claim of owning the rights to him/herself since a person is born into the society.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera

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Another death

Sigh . . . another approved death in the Democratic States of Totalitariansim.

Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

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Hmm . . . perhaps stating the obvious but . . . whats wrong about having flames and fun at once?

How feasible is the personal communications hub?

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Home is . . .

Home is what one builds. For years Ive had a second home in cyberspace, it was a desktop orginally but I relocated it to a decent size laptop later on and it is like my physical home, made to feel comfy. It has three ways of communication for now, im, voip and email and these count for 95% of all comms I have. Smart phones and pda's have been replaced by a simpler, more inexpensive cellphone with browsing capacity so I can access my cyberhome when I need. As with most peoples homes, improvements are made as needed and / or experimented with.

I wonder if the gigantic emphasis on 24/7/365 availability is really necessary? Are we experimenting with new ways of connecting like in a hive minded way or is this thirst for availability a way to cope with the fact we are individuals in a very big world seeking out (or hoping for) company of some sort? If cyberspace is indeed a new world why dont we make homes there like we do in the physical world?

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

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Ballmer the Sirius Cybernetics executive

Hey there Mr. Ballmer Destroyer of Intelligent Life on Earth

Why dont you do as your Sirius Cybernetics complaints division says, "Go stick your head in a pig"

IT risk becomes board-level issue

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At the risk of sounding negative . . .

Its simply funny seeing a company like Gartner announcing the common knowledge and proly make loads of money on it. Good biz.

Staying connected?

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You can pry the broadband connection from my cold dead fingers

Enuff said :)

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation

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Digital Druqs

I wonder how much similarity is now between the basic behavioral patterns of a heroin junkie and the media consumer?

As for the McCann case, she was reported lost weeks ago, has the situation changed :P

Left-handeders finally unlock the closet, researchers find

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That might be adaptation / assimilation to a generally right handed world. Have you tried switching hands on common tasks. Its surprisingly easy to master them (im lefthanded btw :) )

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

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The innocence of digital age lost

This whining sounds all too familiar. It was heard years ago when the hippie wave broke against the beaches of harsh reality and the me generation boogied their innocent little behinds into the discos.

It must be hard coming down from that authentic prozac placebo the bloggers bought from that genuinely fake pharmasy with a very real card account.

'Happy slapping' vids prompt Brown to push net filters

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Striking similarities

Ive just finished reading 1984 by Orvell and The Penultimate Truth by PKD again. It is chilling to find so many elements of recent day politics in fictional books of cold war era and general paranoia. Politicians constantly babble about securing society and protect public interests, I wonder, who is going to protect us from them?

Perhaps Ill reach for The Futurological Congress by Lem tonight and forget about it all.

Challenging the mobile clichés

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Hobby Horses?


I would imagine that your references in hobby horses could serve as the start for counter argument to your article. It is without a doubt a saying in english language but if you take the words into the modern world people might ask, what horse, why a horse? Are there many childern today that actually own a hobby horse, why not getting on a hobby console? My point is this, seeming fads or romantic notions can become hard reality if they get enough attension from people imo its a two way communication, they shape each other and time will tell the result.

As US threatens to trash GATS, Antigua responds

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Bush administration vs. USA

They (the administration) really have to change PR unless they are of course aiming to represent the US as blatantly ignorant bastards on a holy crusade to destroy the rest of human civilisation with their sick greed. I wonder if the nation at large is happy with this image?

'Microsoft' to compensate 419 victims

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Playing on the dum dum factor from Redmond

"...homeless and others living by the grace of God." should also had knocked over some warning bells in peoples minds apart from about EVERYTHING else? Since when has M$ quoted other beeings than Bill Gates :P

Ahhmen . . .

Sony threatens to evict naughty gamers from Home

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The gleaming future

The Zony exec must accidentally have gotten into his part time role as Al Capone in "You mess with me I mess with you" showing now at a local dumbster. I give him three skulls for outstanding performance picturing his employer as a badly run mobster syndicate that wont take any crap from those pesky customers that dare buying their product, the company sure as hell knows where we live so you all better watch out.

I think the value added exec is right, people should bow in awe for the megalith and show total obedience by not buying any Zony products, its obviously not doing the company any good. It might have to do some proper corporate policing otherwize.

I wonder if brown khakis, black leather boots, goose marches and corporate chanting is the norm at Zony these days.

Of course I might be wrong about all this and decide to keep my Zony Eickman phone a bit longer.

Google denies Oz-blurring black op

Magnus Egilsson

Blurrns Ball anyone?

Looks to me like the difference between Google and the US government is a bit on the blurry side. Is the Internet Megalith just another puppet on a string for those boffins in Washington or is it simply searching for new meaninngs of No Evil?

Google's spokesperson sounds more like a muppet from old cold war Kremlin.

Why would anyone want to bomb Bush, it would only result in a lot of crap around Sidney.