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Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it

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Re: At GlenP, re: international passengers.

I think you might be underestimating the Pilot salary and expense to the airline of a plane not being in the air. A cheap 787 goes for at least $120m An A380 more like $350m. Don't forget that a significant number of passengers on the plane doing a U-turn over the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian Oceans might also have connecting flights...

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Re: Travelling to client sites

UK > US is not the other side of the world. Do you have a globe?

Hey cool, you went serverless. Now you just have to worry about all those stale functions

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Re: Every cloud (sic) has a silver lining???

Hello sed :-)

New iPhone details leak: Yes, Apple is still chasing Samsung

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Re: $1400?

BBluetooth is an awful lossy format to transmit audio. Fine for podcasts, but if you even remotely care about audio quality, bluetooth is pretty terrible

Linux-using mates gone AWOL? Netflix just added Linux support

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Re: re: I have no interest in streaming or renting TV shows and movies

It's almost like individuals have their own personal utility and preferences. You pay your money and make your choices.

'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows

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Re: It only makes it easier to crack...

Tell me what happens when there's been an infiltration attempt and Joe Bloggs user then attempts to logon - only to be told that next allowed logon attempt is in 24 hours? Or are you going to restrict by host/ip - which then restricts a whole system from logging on?

Rasputin whips out large intimidating tool, penetrates uni, city, govt databases – new claim

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Re: Stored Procedures

Salubrious conversation with veti is posting URLs...

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Re: Stored Procedures

But doesn't this assume that the store procedure does not pass the number of variables passed? If you did that with some usertype checking it would make it very difficult no


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