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Microsoft's Windows supremo Terry Myerson is now Terry BYE-rson


The king is dead, long live the King

Soooo Windows, Xbox, mobile, and Nokia under Terry wasn't enough to convince you?

GoDaddy CEO says US is 'tech illiterate' (so, yeah, don't shut off that cheap H-1B supply)


Re: Trump in Nevada: 'I Love the Poorly Educated'

-8 years of 'Do Nothing Congress', 8 years Congress did nothing to work with President Obama ("Make him a one term President' -R Mitch McConnell's words), 8 years of racist/bigoted rhetoric (propelled Trump) and complete disrespect for the Office of the Presidency, 8 years of sabotage (ACA=Obama-Care) JUST for THIS moment; to repeal Healthcare. Stop with the nonsense! America/World suffered through Republican ineptness (Market Crash of 08) and they are at it again, this time their ineptitude and poor decision making skills (one cant make good decisions with hate and racism as motivation) by placing a Russian spy in the White House. Stop with the delusional nonsense

BTW- folk who lost manufacturing jobs would most likely not have access to college coming out of the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression.