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Aww: Apple won't be HomePod for Christmas


Re: That's a big screw up

Doubt there is a shortage of parts. I suspect the issue is how it would compare to the Google Home in reviews. Siri is just not very smart. But then so many additional features have been added to the Google Home over the last year.

The thing is Apple needs to get it to market and then can enhance it. I know this is very 180 from Apple's normal MO. But the problem is AI is very unusual in that it improves over time. AI products completely change dynamics as it is the only technology I am aware of that gets better over time instead of deteriorating.


Purchased the Echo in late 2014 when it first came out. We now have several Google Homes. The two are often compared but they are actually very different. The Echo requires rigid language to get it to do things. Something close to commands with some variance. The Google Home you just talk to it naturally for most things.

I was super motivated to memorize the Echo commands when we purchased and used it. But it remained "my toy" my family's language. As I type this I can hear my daughter in the kitchen listening to music on the Google Home which is where the Echo also resides.

In the end there is only two mobile platforms, Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). Ultimately we will have one assistant and not different ones on our phones and then in our home. So think Apple delay is going to help Google a lot more than Amazon, IMO. A perfect example is driving home last night needing a very quick turn around with my family to leave for something that was going to be tight. I just say into my phone "hey google broadcast here" and it plays throughout our house on the Google Home speakers and we had a record turn around with them on the front porch ;).

Google aims disrupto-tronic ray at intercoms. Yes, intercoms


Have both an Echo since it came out in late 2014 and now several Google Homes. The two are actually very different and hard to see why people would still buy the Echo.

The big difference is the Google Home supports natural language. So you can just talk naturally like you would talk to your wife. The Echo uses basically commands. So I was motivated to memorize the commands but my family was not. So our Echo my family referred to by my family as "my toy" versus everyone uses the Google Homes.

Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


On what measure was Windows more successful in 2003? There are many times more Android devices sold than Windows. There are way more apps for Android then there ever was for Windows. PC sales are at 10 year lows.


Re: Who's Supposed To Be The 'Winner' Here?

Apple peaked in their FY 2015. Had worse numbers in 2016 and 2017 while Google grew more than 20% in 2016 and on track to do the same in 2017. Remember Apple FY is one quarter ahead of calendar.

Android has far, far more market share than iOS. Not really close. Android grew in units sold in 2016 and 2017 while iPhone declined compared to 2015.


Re: "endless problems associated with Windows?endless problems associated with Windows?"

How does a desktop OS have a larger attack surface? It is the exact opposite in every dimension. There is far more mobile software. Mobile OSs are doing far more things than desktop. Mobile phones are mobile so they are exposed to far more physical areas. There is a lot more mobile phones. Mobile phones are changing a lot faster than desktop. Mobile phones interface with a lot more things than desktop.


Re: 'tell us the 'data-monster' dies'

Do not agree. The future is AI and Google is well ahead of the others where the puck is going. MS keeps skating where the puck was already at.

Google and Intel cook AI chips, neural network exchanges – and more


Re: The IPU is difficult to program

You will program it through TensorFlow. The security aspect is interesting. Ideally you have a MPU to basically firewall off on chip problems manipulating host memory.

Google tends to be very good about security so will be interesting to see how this is architected. The problem is much more teams like the Broadcom team with this type of thing.

BTW, we do not know much details and there could be a MPU between host memory and this Google SoC. Plus this SoC has NO access to the outside world which also helps compared to things like the Broadcom issues.


Re: And AlphaGo Zero

AlphaGo zero is Google not IBM. Have not seen IBM do anything really big in AI for a long time.


Pretty interesting that Google beat Apple to doing an AI chip in a mobile device by a couple of weeks.

But what is so amazing is the Google chip is over 5x more powerful than the Apple chip. This is the start of the silicon of the future. Scalar processors (CPUs) have really hit a wall and just are not where the action is any longer.

So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?


Chromebooks grew 38% YoY while Windows PC are at 10 year lows. Chromebooks are Linux and what is missing is the GNU aspect. So you install a program called Crouton on a Chromebook and you have GNU/Linux.

With the drivers and such all optimized for the hardware for you.

Google isn't saying Microsoft security sucks but Chrome for Windows has its own antivirus


Re: Chrome just got his *ss whopped

"Microsoft Edge gets pwned, Google Chrome is “unhackable”"


Would not touch Edge until MS fixes. Use Chrome or really anything and be far better off.


Re: This reads like corporate brinkmanship

Would compare desktop to desktop. ChromeOS has NOT been hacked as far as I am aware. If we look at Pawned 2017 this year Edge was basically hacked at wil. Penetrated over and over again. Only browser unhackable in the time allotted was Chrome.

"Microsoft Edge: Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017"



MS Edge is NOT secure and any other browser should be used instead. At Pawned 2017 it was basically hacked at will. Penetrated over and over again.

Microsoft says it won't fix kernel flaw: It's not a security issue. Suuuure


Will NOT fix Edge security flaw from yesterday. Edge should be avoided as it was hacked at will at Pawned 2017. Penetrated over and over again. Only browser unhackable in time allotted was Chrome.

But more than anything Edge should be avoided!

Microsoft extends free Windows 10 S to Win 10 Pro upgrade offer


Make Windows S secure and it would maybe have a chance. People are DONE buying insecure software and that is the issue for MS.

Edge this year was hacked at will at Pawned 2017. Chrome only browser unhackable in time allotted.

Windows S was easily hacked on the first try and ChromeOS, I do not believe, has been hacked yet.

The Next Big Thing in Wi-Fi? Multiple access points in every home


Purchased the Google WiFi and best thing ever did for WiFi in our home. Daughter could never stream video in her room and now she can which makes me a hero.

Microsoft dumps mobility from its Vision


Re: Simple

MS really has already lost AI. They are just way too slow with things. If you look at GitHub Google is adding 12x the stars on average compared to MS for the strategic OS for AI which is the frameworks.

MS has CNTK and Google TensorFlow. It is not close.


Edge is very, very insecure and should be avoided. At Pawned 2017 Edge was basically hacked at will. Penetrated over and over again.

MS needs to freeze all new features for Edge and fix the fundamental security issues.

Apple pulls massive HomeKit chip U-turn to keep up with Amazon Echo and Google Home


It is just another example of the weakening of Apple. The problem is when you are doing great things you have the influence but they just no longer are.

My wife clicks the shutter button on her iPhone and without touching an additional button will later walk into our family room and ask for very, very fine details in photos like "hey Google how me johnny skateboarding from my photos on the TV" and the TV turns itself on, input sets and her iPhone photos in 4k appears on the largest screen in the house.

I can NOT see my iPhone photos in 4K, let alone HDR, on the largest screen in the house from any hardware from Apple. That is simply insane.

There is no less friction possible. She always clicked her shutter button and do NOTHING additional she can walk into a room and do this.

But it is about setting up and not just using. She simply purchased, plugged in and logged in and Google made it all work together. No skills to download or any configuration at all. We have a Google Home and a 4K Chromecast. We were already using Google Photos.

I do NOT see how an Apple Homepod or a new Apple TV or anything could make the integration any better. It is as friction free as you can get. Well I guess if instead of talking it read your mind.

Google may follow Apple, design mobile chips in-house


What? Google has been creating processors for a couple of years now. At Google I/O they dropped their second generation TPU where a pod is processing over 11.5 quadrillion floating point operations a second. Doing it on less than 1/30 the wattage of the next best.

Nobody else is anywhere close to having a processor like this. Nobody was close to the first generation and Google is that much more ahead.

Google hired the lead architect of the MIPS chip a few years ago and has multiple teams. Google is also going to demonstrated a 47 qubit quantum processor later this year. They have created their own networking silicon for many years.

This article does NOT accurate and does not make any sense.

Your roadmap to the Google vs Oracle Java wars


"In many ways, it's a surprise that Big Red didn't win ages ago, "


That would have been INSANE for Oracle to win. BTW, I hate being one of those guys but this article is simply terribly written and just very basic tech things completely wrong.

Honestly it is so bad it is impossible to fix and would be far easier to start over. It should be pulled because there will be people reading that might not know better.

I get tech is hard but just have someone with even the most basic tech knowledge look at your article next time.

Edit: Just re-read the article trying to figure out what advice I could give to NOT create something so inaccurate again. I thought if you had someone that had even a basic understanding of tech could help.

But it is clear in a couple of cases in your article where you talked to someone that does know and communicated it to you but since you have so little understanding of even basic tech your brain trying to paraphrase turned it into something completely inaccurate.

I hate to say it that I think it is a lost cause and I honestly HATE being so harsh. But I all I have is


Maybe get into another domain or go to school. Or there is some great online resources to learn technology.


"In many ways, it's a surprise that Big Red didn't win ages ago, "

What? That would have been INSANE for Oracle to win. BTW, I hate being one of those guys but this article is simply terribly written and just very basic tech things completely wrong.

Honestly it is so bad it is impossible to fix and would be far easier to start over. It should be pulled because there will be people reading that might not know better.

I get tech is hard but just have someone with even the most basic tech knowledge look at your article next time.

Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia


Holy Grail

Google has a rare situation where they have the same kernel on desktop/laptop, TV, iOT, tablet or smartphone and the the cloud. I do not know what Google is up to here but do not think it is what people think.

With the addition of containers being the unit of work they have the holy grail. We can finally get true compute distributed like never before and safely and efficiently.

Nvidia says Google's TPU benchmark compared wrong kit


Google shared TPUs from 2 years ago. Google never shares unless on next generation. But Nvidia really does not get it. It is about wattage per inference performance.

This is the problem for the chip makers going forward. The entire world changed. Before chips were sold to the Dells which were sold to the end user.

Huge disconnect. Now you have companies like Google using all their aggregated data to create chips and that makes it very difficult going forward for independent chip makers, IMO.

Apple’s premium TV plans – the hobby doomed to stay that way


What is up with Apple? We get the new Google TV streaming service with unlimited tuners and unlimited space so the first network TV on demand and get the show about writing apps and Karaoke Cab from Apple?

Really? No VR or AR or 4K or HDR or Mesh or Smart Speaker or Siri that works or 2 in 1 or well you get the idea.

What is wrong with Apple?

Apple just abruptly ended the AirPort line last November causing me to replace our AirPort Extremes with Google WiFi (GW). GW is an excellent product and suspect many others will replace their AirPorts as Apple discontinued with the GW. Does Apple just not care any longer?

Apple fans, Android world scramble to patch Broadcom's nasty drive-by Wi-Fi security hole


Re: Epic fail

What sophisticated product in our world is NOT a "globbed together mix"?

A car is a bunch of parts from different companies. PC same. Dishwasher same. Everything is "globbed" together. That is how stuff is made in 2017 and usually from a bunch of different companies.

To me you do the best you can. In the last couple of weeks Google has found very serious flaws in Edge and IE, broke SHA1, found Cloud bleed and found this. Think they are the best at keeping you secure than any other vendor I am aware of. Plus Google puts their $$$ behind it by paying people to find flaws.

We only have three platforms now, MS Windows, Google (Chrome & Android) and Apple. Of the three Google is the new guy but the only one that seems to take security seriously.

Would say MS is the worse. Google finds their flaws, makes them aware, gives them 90 days to fix and more than once fail to fix.


This is the big plus on getting the Pixel. All these serious security flaws are being found by Google. The MS Edge and IE, Cloudbleed, cracking SHA1, etc.

So with a Pixel you are going to get the most secure smartphone.

AWS's Kubernetes dilemma: It's a burden and a pleasure


The problem is Amazon is adding adding containers on top of their infrastructure. Their chief competitor, Google, built their entire infrastructure based on containers and therefore can run them on bare metal instead of VMs.

Google is now extending out beyond their cloud to the client. So transparently they will have the container being the unit of work from client, servers, cloud, even iOT!

Amazon needs to quickly think about their approach. Amazon is using the exact same kernel as Google in all of their stuff. Their cloud, Fire devices, Alexa, etc.

The container is just a far better abstraction then VMs.

BTW, Kubernetes is just the next generation of Borg which is what Google has been using for over a decade. Amazon is really fallen behind in this aspect.

Google mass logout riddle deepens: OAuth token fumble blamed


"OAuth is a pile of Shit"

LDAP is that you? I would be scared as you do not make sense any longer. Think you will go away as Windows goes away.


Really felt like a OAuth token being revoked. I also believe it is consistent with what happened with the Google WiFi.

Google has built a more secure WiFi product that has a hardware token inside. It uses your OAuth/Google account with the hardware token. If integrity is broken then a reset is a reasonable course of action.

How Google Spanner's easing our distributed SQL database woes


Google uses a name and then adds the "ers". So it is for Span and not a Spanner. But also realize in the US we do NOT know what a Spanner is because we never use this word like the UK. Never.


The only thing even like Spanner is the open source CockroachDB. It was written based on the Google Spanner paper. It is Spanner but without TrueTime which is the Direct fiber, atomic clocks and GPS but critical it does not have the Google algorithms for guarantee maximum drift.

What is here that will be very difficult to replicated is the direct fiber and private network that Google owns that crosses the globe.

We can now see why Google invested the billions recently to lay fiber below the pacific ocean creating the fastest inter-pacific connection. This is key as you can NOT do this over public IP and you MUST have predictable network latency.

Google devs try to create new global namespace


Re: Spam Me Senseless

True 10 years ago. But if you use Gmail for example spam has been a solved problem for a long time. My wife does use iCloud and was getting some spam just a few months ago but that is on Apple.


Re: are they trying to reinvent DOI?

"What is so fantastically "

There is only 8 words in the title and not sure what is "fantastic"?

How about a "global namespace"?

Samsung's Chromebook Pro: Overpriced vanilla PC with a stylus. 'Wow'


Re: Also

'ChromeOS seems just like crippleware in comparison."

ChromeOS is the same. They both use the same kernel! The plus with ChromeOS you get to also use Android apps in addition to full Linux if you want to.

Linux is different in the kernel and OS are completely separate. So Linux kernel can have SteamOS or Android or ChromeOS or a combination!

I get it is kind of confusing because how Google markets the Chromebooks but fundementally the computers are NOT crippled. The Linux kernel on them is the exact same that is used to run Google cloud for example.

It is a full featured and sophisticated cluster running. The difference is the other software that makes use of the kernel. With ChromeOS you have to bring it to the box which is what Crouton does for you.

But now Google has containers working and we need them to give us access and offer persistance away from ChromeOS system disk. So Crouton would no longer require developer and would run in a container nice and safe.


Re: Save a fortune...

The comment about Google and collecting data is a smoke screen to take the focus off of Windows slowing dying. It is a reaction to try to grab something to discount what is happening in from of them.

I am old and seen it with every platform when it starts dying. Techies go through the stages of grief.

Some can let go and others will persist for years complaining about silly things.

Best thing our schools ever did was move to using Google. Not only the Chromebases and Chromebooks but also Google Classroom. It is pretty incredible this software and the more valuable K-12 aspect for Google, IMO.

Our schools are now all Google from chromebooks, chromecasts on all the smart boards, how they use YouTube in the classroom and most importantly the Google software. Love how they use Sheets to break down all your kids in the school so you can break it all down.

Was out to eat one evening a couple of years ago. My daughter was on her phone and told her to put it down. She told me she had to finish something for school and submit. She was in grade school at the time. I said BS. She shows me her iPhone and yes she was typing in Google Docs.

I was blown away and this was a couple of years ago.

My boys knew how to type way before writing. So having Chromebooks at young ages is ideal, IMO.


Yes earlier last year Google took #2 with PC/Laptops.

"Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US"


Now realize Macs have been around like 30 years and Google Chromebooks just a handful of years.

Also realize YoY Mac sales declined as did Windows and the only one growing was Chromebooks which enjoyed over 40% YoY growth!

This was before Android came to the platform. It will only accelerate, IMO. But give us access to the containers and it will take the development community very quickly.

Having a box that we can develop on that runs the exact same services that we use in the cloud on a laptop is idea.

Then to consider that same software will run from iOT, wearables, mobile, tablet, desktop, TV and the cloud.

Finally the holly grail! Lucky I lived long enough :).


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