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Euro consumers favour plasma over LCD

Steffen Sørensen

RE: Important attributes

Come'on dude, don't tell me you actually asked the sales man the following question, how much does the tv weigh? and power consumption is a bit of a discussion subject. if you watch very dark movie, the LCD is likely to consume more power then a plasme and otherwise if you watch a tv-show about antartica the plasma will consume more power.

as a foot, a year ago i bought a pioneer 50" plasme, and i have'nt seen a lcd or a plasma tv with a better picture.

RIAA: Pay as we say, not as we do

Steffen Sørensen

RIAA Is not alone about that

Something like that happened in denmark, som guy knowing the danish anti piracy guys did'nt have anything on him appealled a case to the danish high court. Knowing the guy would win the case, the danish anti piracy guys dropped all charges and stuck the guy with the legal bill. and next thing you know the danish anti piracy guys got sued :-)


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