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Ofcom measured UK's 5G radiation and found that, no, it won't give you cancer


I'll wait it out.

Any studies in progress or completed on a 5G transmitter strapped to your skull for a year? A month?

Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email


His name is Seth Rich

The DNC wasn't hacked. The files, emails were simply copied and provided to Wikileaks by a pissed off staffer, Seth Rich. He witnessed the corruption firsthand and ended up losing his life over it.

In 21st-century tech dystopia, smart TV watches you, warns Princeton privacy prof


It is what it is

If you want to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, the TV has to be connected. It's 2020 after all. Nothing like Pro sports or a contemporary action flick on a highend 65" SMART TV - with external Audio system.

I dropped cable and now stream exclusively saving $100/mo.

Another viable solution -with no monthly fees- may be Free to Air (FTA) satellite TV. Buy the dish and the FTA receiver for less than $500 total and get free unencrypted TV.

Dry patch? Have you considered peppering your flirts with emojis?


Re: Proof that emojis don't work

Such a storied history of Northern Europeans. Sad it's fading. Wiped

People of Britain: You know that you're not locked into using the same ISP forever, right?


No choice

Reliable internet access is the only choice, if you can get it. Here it cost $93.99 USD monthly for 200Mbps and it's the only game in town (small town usa)... is it 2019 ?

Frontiersman Cray snags $50m storage contract for 'largest single filesystem'


I remember when...

The VAX 11/780 was the hot machine at One MIPS. It's time to retire me.

Crypto exchange in court: It owes $190m to netizens after founder 'dies without telling anyone vault passwords'


Re: Bullshit

I believe it. Something similar happened to members of my family when our Uncle passed away and didn't write down his Netflix password. Devastating.

Most everyone's coin is in the cloud and 1 keystroke away from being locked out. Buy PMs or a house.

I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs


Re: Of course it's pronounced 'Jif'...

Gee IDNKT. -george

An echo chamber full of fake news? Blame Google and Facebook, says Murdoch chief


Re: Hillarious

So you point out FN instead of ABC CBS NBC MSNBC. Really? Oh, that's right, those other networks no longer do news, they're de-facto leftist propaganda outlets.

2009 IBM: Teleworking will save the WORLD! 2017 IBM: Get back to the office or else


Just do it

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

It used to be everyone had their own office with a door. As a field engineer I had my own office. Then we moved to cubicles, then 2 or 3 to a cube with lower or no walls, then hot desks, and then, thankfully, remote from home with subsidized furniture, phone, and internet. Now it's remote and you pay for your own equipment.

IBM's new work requirement will change ...again. Hang in there for it. That is if they let you.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court

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