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Redmond's certification chief explains death of MCM and MCA


Shame to see it go. I've been certified with them since 2000, and the MCM for SQL Server was definitely a title I'd not have mind pursuing.

I agree with some of the sentiments voiced in the other article's comments in that the MS exams tend tor ely on a lot of memorization (Who really knows the exact syntax to set up some obscure task that most would hardly ever touch?), and that's been one of my main gripes with the exams (the other being that the official MS study material hardly ever helped to properly prepare for an exam. I tend to rely on Wrox for that).

However, the SQL exams at least did seem to be targeted at understanding what specific solution would work best for a given situation. Granted, some of the example use cases were far-fetched (some downright stupid), but any DBA worth their money would not ave much issues passing those questions purely on experience. I know I did, and to me as a contractor, it made a huge difference being certified.

I guess the new SQL MCSE is where the buck stops for me. Shame. Let's hope something like MCM comes along again at some point in the future, as MCM for sure was no easy feat to achieve (albeit, overpriced).

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite



Please. I'm not British, nor do I like marmite, but for sanity's sake, please force these people to stick to speaking English instead of doing their Swedish Chef impression. That'll also allow us to get rid of these damn Danish keyboards that are hell for coders. Heck, there's only 6 million people living here, and other than them and a few Polar Bears (Which Al Gore assured us are doomed anyway), bloody nobody knows or wants to know Danish.

Calling all readers: Want some new icons?



I second the request for a Picard icon. Facepalm ftw.


I have a dram!

It's a dram or a whisky. Both are Scottish terms. Whiskey is not.

Official iSteve biography gets 2012 release


Them apples...

I don't like the sound of them apples, Will. What are we gonna do?

Assange vows to drop 'insurance' files on Rupert Murdoch



There's a clip of Colbert grilling Assange over the video of the killing of the journalists, where Assange pretty much acknowledges that the title given to it "collateral murder" was added by him. In other words, Assange has no interest in objective journalism, but intentionally guides the public into a certain emotional state.


Dubai assassins used email trojan to track Hamas victim

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@Schlamperei Ist Teuer

Like I said, I do believe that they are involved. However, the scenario you describe does not provide proof at all. You even said so yourself that *IF* it was not done with the Israeli government consent.

What I have trouble imagining is that the Mossad, if it was them whodunnit, would actually use passports with a trace to Israel. Why not just fabricate some totally random passports? They certainly are capable of doing so.

I won't mourn the guy's death for one minute either, and I strongly support Israel's taking him out. I just think that pointing the finger to Israel is too simple a thing. This guy certainly had lots and lots of enemies, and the Israelis are far from the only ones who had an interest in seeing him gone. Leaving the fairly obvious traces to Israeli citizens just would seem far too amateurisch for an agency like the Mossad.

Just my 2 cents ;)



So the suicide bombings and attacks on civilians Hamas conducted before 2006 were non-terrorist in nature?


Not sacked

Sacked = fired immediately.

Allowed to sit out his current term, but not granting him a new term is not the same thing as firing someone.


See my post

The Haaretz link was added for a reason. Did you bother reading it, or was the main point of your post just to post something?



2 minutes of googling would have revealed that te was not sacked at all. Instead, he was denied another yearly term after the 2010 one ended, and most likely this incident had very little to do with it.



Don't let the facts deny you your chance to launch your anti-Israel rant, though.

Big Brother


The article reads as if the Israeli involvement in this has been proven as a fact. Has it? It has been suspected by many (yours truly included), but has never been officially announced as such (to the best of my knowledge).

Big brother, because he obviously has been watching the operation.

US gov funds censorship-busting tech alternatives to Wikileaks


Oh, come on...

You really are arguing that the US, which has a freedom of information act, somehow compares to China, where every piece of information about "sects" deemed hostile to the Chinese government, or pure history denying such as the tiananmen square happenings?



There's quite a difference between publishing classifed documents on teh Interwebs, or prohibiting citizens from obtaining information that is public everywhere else.

Censorship != restriction of access to secret documents.

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot


More support for MSSE

Add another one to the list of those who have dumped AVG and now rely solely on MS's Security Essentials. Well, a mix of common sense, and MS SE as a safety net.

I've also done the same for the people who asked me to secure and speed up their systems, and all machines showed a drastic increase in performance.

BOFH: Who's been naughty and who's been nice?


Ode to Simon

Fearing a boring friday afternoon, I shivered,

Quickly checked El Reg, and by golly, Simon Delivered!

Boredom no more, I can happily lgo home to the wife

To celebrate weekend, and enjoy a pint or five.

Merry christmas to all.

Top Ten Arcade Classics

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Thunder Blade!

That blew me away, with its stick and the seat moving. It was the only one of that kind in the small city I grew up in.

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Nice list

Some that I played a lot were Mortal Kombat, Terminator, Operation Wolf (which sucks the big one on the wii), Mad Dog McCree, and some helicopter simulator the name of which escapes me.

Swedish prosecutors seek Assange arrest


Anyone see the irony here?

From the lawyer's statement: "as revealed to the press through unauthorized disclosures". Surely Assange is the last person who should be raising a stink about leaking unauthorized disclosures.

Forumware giant vBulletin sues ex-devs (again)



As owner of multiple vBulletin licenses, I certainly care. Back in the days when I was looking at the proper software to run my forums, vBulletin stood out for a few reasons, including being supported by a proper company, and being complimented by numerous modifications and styles that allow me to tweak and tune my forum so it stands out from the crowd.

Then vB4 was rolled out, and it's a disaster. 8 months after going gold, it actually started to resemble what I paid for almost a year ago by now.

XenForo is what vB4 should have been, and as such (to me, at least), it certainly is a welcome new player on the forum market.

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot


Beer from Limburg ftw!

Limburg (the small appendix province at the south-east of The Netherlands) actually has some excellent brews. Alfa, Hertog Jan, Brand. All of them suprerior to the big brands most people tend to know from The Netherlands.

vBulletin sues ex-devs over 'from scratch' competitor

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Internet Bullies

The sad part is that vBulletin used to be the de facto forum package out there. Then IB bought it. Last year, in November, they announced a vB4 presale, where existing customers got an opportunity to get a discount on thier new vB4 licenses if they would buy the new version right then and there.

Many, including myself, did so. The actual product was not released until January 2010, and despite its name claiming it was Gold, it was not fit to run on production servers. It took IB more than half a year to come out with a version that semi-works, and until this very day, I do not think I got what I paid for last year.

Better yet, while the new licensing model was sold as being for the entire lifecycle of vB4, with a nudge back to the three year plus lifecycle of vB3 and being advertised as a great deal that way, the vB VP already mentioned they are working on vB5.

IB can shove their bugged software and extortion schemes. I just bought myself some XenForo licenses, and will be removing vB from my websites sooner rather than later.

Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope deal inked


And if 6 out of 10 ain't good enough...

the sniper could always try making the shot while balancing on one foot...

I'll get my wizard jacket...

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file


No lives at risk?

"The wiki leaks guy makes it quite clear that they have removed identifying information from these documents...I do not believe the publication of these documents puts peoples lives at risk..."

The thing is that they apparently did not remove all this identifying information from the documents before they published it. I absolutely am for exposing stuff being kept under wraps in order not to damage the military's reputation, and think that blatant abuse and/or misconduct ought to be made known.

But FFS, if wikileaks somehow managed to expose even the name of a single source, they ARE putting peoples lives in danger, as Mullah Omar and his cronies will have no problems beheading more people.

French website surrenders on Bastille Day


THE solution to the energy problem?

Replace the traditional server hamsters with French armymen, set of a firecracker, and watch 'm run.

Street View's Wayne and Garth: The most excellent truth


Live in the now...

Quoteth Garth: "We fear change!".

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog

Jobs Horns

How difficult can it really be?

Why doesn't el reg send out a few of the vultures with two new iPhones? An iPhone 4, and a 3GS. Same provider, so the only real deciding factor is the antenna. Put both of them next to one another, and take note of the signal strength reported. Then pick both up in a Jobesian-approved manner, and repeat. Finally, hold them the "wrong" way, and check again.

Dead Pink phone fallout hits Microsoft's top brass

Gates Halo

Time for Evil Stevil...

To draw his own conclusions? I'm actually quite the MS fanboi, but this is getting embarrassing.

Judges back Holland against Ladbrokes on online gaming


Nothing to do with restricting gambling...

The Dutch government could care less about their citizens being addicted to gambling. In fact, the Dutch government runs the Lotto, the state lottery, sports betting, numerous other forms of gambling, and umpteen casinos.

The problem is they just do not want competition, or a way for their citizens to gamble without being able get a piece of the pie.

Don't call me Ishmael

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My private network is indeed based on character names from the Lord of the Rings. Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, etc.

I've also seen stars (orion, caspar, pollux, etc...), capital cities (HongKong, Amsterdam, Oslo), and frequently the "identify at a glance" setup as above where the server names are built up out of geographical indicators of where to actually find a PC.

Otto Z. Stern possibly dead at 57


Back to the topic at hand

To the other commenters: Could you please stop your bickering and arguing about amanfrommars for a minute? There's people GRIEVING here for crying out loud...


Aww, shucks

Now who will protect us innocent (but armed to the teeth) readers against the pink commy fag drivel? Stern, you were our rock to lean on, our crutch, the one pillar we knew would be left standing when all else would be gone.

Now who will protect us against Hilary Rosen? (we can spit at the Frenchmen ourselves, but we refuse to go near her without a 10-feet pole)

Pirate Bay hits ten million peers, one million torrents

Paris Hilton

Holland, anyone?

"then next we bring charges against blockbuster, netflix, whsmith, hmv, every supermarket, and all manufacturers of blank tapes, CDs, DVDs, VCRs, DVD-writers, PCs, modems, routers, and all copper, aluminium and steel cable, and fibre-optics, for "accessory" to commit copyright infringement".

This already happens in The Netherlands, where if you buy blank CDs, you also pay a tax to cover potential copyright loss. I am one of those folk who still buys CDs (though usually not at premium rate, unless I know the CD is not crammed with fillers), and all blank CDs I buy are meant to store data, not music/movies, etc. Yet, I have to pay this crap tax. Oh, and buying in Germany or abroad is hardly an option. If the customs catch you, you're f*cked.

The same was attempted on MP3 players, but thankfully someone in the government had some sanity left. By the reasoning of these shady copyright-claiming agencies (who somehow are unable to show exactly how the copyright holders are compensated, but do manage to be seated in exquisite buildings), they ought to lock me up, as potentially I could drive my car while drunk and hit someone. No matter if I don't drink and drive, others do, so I should be punished for it, too.

Paris Hilton cause she could have thought up that logic, too.

Google flaunts white space wireless magic


As long as they do not interfere with Jack Bauer...

"...proof that Microsoft and the gang were dead set on destroying American television.".

Lord forbid the likeness of Jerry Springer, reality-soaps and wrestling dissappearing from the TV, or bieng interfered by somethign useful...

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force


Laughability measure

On a scale of 1 to silly, I rate this article (and all other measurement articles. Keep 'm coming) with 11.64 out of a possible 12.3 pythons (roughly equal to 5 cans of spam, or 76 dead parrots).

BOFH: The bastard wants to know


The obvious answer to #1

... Should be of course that not only do you shred the report, but you fail to notice you "accidently" caught the consultatn's tie inbetween some of the pages.

Upskirting Dutch bloggers head for court



A few months prior, they had already planned on doing this. Instead, they went to the local government, and reported what they 'discovered'.

The time they were arrested was when they went back to see if anything had actually been done about it.