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Global warming not to blame for warmer North Pole?

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janimal, here are a couple. I recently saw a boobtube show on the National Geographic Channel that showed that a research facility built on top of the ice a few years ago is now buried deep in the ice.



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Greenland was green around the edges

@Pickett, Yes Iceland is green and Greenland is white. However, Greenland has been green around the edge and supported farming and other vegetation. From what I have read, Greenland has melted around the edge but interior ice is expanding. I believe a similar situation existed in the 1930s. Climate changes with or without humans and all life must adapt to the changes or perish.

NASA weather error sparks global warming debate

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Socialist Church of Global Warming

Apparently the Arctic was warming and glaciers were melting back in 1922 as evidence by a Washington Post article.