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Google builds very own Ethernet switches

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For the love of Mary's merkin, get over yourself..

This sounds like it's the second story you've ever broken, if The Reg could kind of mod down this sort of self congratulatory tripe I'm sure we'd all appreciate it,

1. "But you already knew that. We told you in June."

2. "But this is old news to The Reg. "

3. "As previously pointed out"

4. "he's jealous that we broke his news first"

Ok we get it already you had the story in June. A little less auto-fellatio, a bit more journalism and a lot less smugness would do the power of good to "The Reg"


Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder


2000AD folder

I am intrigued as to what you keep in your "2000AD" folder, tell us what is it, do you have access to some cheaky hi res 2000AD artwork, if so where did you get it from?

Apple lobs $100 credit at iPhone buyers


@Ian Davies

Completely agree with Ian,

Come on el reg put your cocks on the blocks and give us some decent stuff to read!

Yahoo! tops! Google! on! customer! satisfaction! survey!


I'm no journalist, but how about spelling the chap's name consistently

Which is it "Freed" or "Freer" This isn't Shakespeare so stick to one spelling and then we can focus on the important issues like that exclamation mark. On which note why don't you give them a touch of the iberian.....


with a cheeky ¡Ole! or ¡Hombre! for emphasis

¡Go on, you know you want to! After all it is "El Reg"


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