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Tory chancellor pledges to review IR35 rollout in UK private sector – just like all the other parties


We saw them 'review' this only recently...

Considering in the IR35 'consultation' they were warned from all sides what the consequences would be. Places would simply blanket ban contractors for fear of getting IR35 determinations wrong. We saw this in the public sector where many many projects collapsed due to exodus of workers.

What was the result? That IR35 was 'working' in public sector (it wasn't), there was 'no evidence' for blanket IR35 determinations (there was, and subsequently were ahead of private sector too).

Considering they completely ignored everything that happened when it was brought in the public sector and ignored all the advice about what would happen, the consultation was a massive joke in favour of simply driving IR35 forward. Seeing as we've seen them demonstrate completely ignoring the facts, any such 'review' they promise will be the exact same box-ticking exercise to drive it forward they already did in recent months.

No sane person could believe that the tories would do anything to change course, as they'd have to admit their very recent 'consultation' was all smoke and mirrors and was flawed.

Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action


I don't think you quite grasp the value of sick pay, holiday pay, training, pension, and all the other bits that make up the permies package . Yes the contractor takes home more, but there isn't that much disparity between the overall value of the package the permie has. Now stop whinging about it.

Nationwide’s online banking goes down again


To be fair, they are actually one of the most reliable when it comes to online access.

Almost all of their outages are pre-communicated before hand, and being in the IT game I can understand how scheduled maintenance can overrun. It happens.

Truth be told, no access to the app or online bank is nothing compared to the full NO-access-to-any-of-your-money-whatsoever NatWest or the rest of that gang have on a frustratingly regular basis. if nationwide have overrunning scheduled maintenance (which the others seem to have no maintenance...) limiting app/web access in aid of staving off any NatWest style full on outages, i'm all for it.

Nationwide banking suffers its own Black Wednesday


I've been a nationwide member for well over a decade and have used web and mobile banking since they started it. Mostly using the app several times a day.

This is the first time I can think of that they've had any sort of outage that isn't planned and communicated ahead of time, so to be honest I don't have a problem with it.

At least it's not on the sale of NatWest screw ups that full on leave people without any access to their money.

Revealed: Soros Group behind mystery unit that gobbled Violin Memory


Rather subdued article considering how many had been published with no other content than Mellor prematurely dancing on the grave of Violin/any other struggling company...

Time to face the music, Violin Memory: Upstart's asset auction is over


Chris Mellor loves to stick the boot into failing companies, purely clickbait I presume.

I remember so many near daily articles on the floundering Xyratex with Mellor sticking the boot in at every single opportunity until it was bought up by Seagate.

Honestly this site, or at least his articles, has become less about tech news and more about who can we kick while they're down now.