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Don't tell Alice and Bob: Security maven Bruce Schneier is leaving IBM

Andrew Meredith

THE text book on Crypto

I have no clue how many people I have recommended his "Applied Cryptography" book to. I have read a bunch of different crypto titles and his is the king by a country mile.

Manchester nuisance-call biz fined £150k after ignoring opt-out list

Andrew Meredith

Re: overnment is planning to make directors personally liable

"Plus pedestrians fail to notice cyclists far more than cars."

Given that the cyclist is on the pavement, where a lot of these incidents occur, the pedestrian is under no obligation to the cyclist, who is riding illegally.

$6,000 for tours of apocalyptic post-Brexit London? WTF, NYT?

Andrew Meredith

"Have to get in before brexiit 'cos when that happens no foreigner will be allowed (or want) to come here."

Do you genuinely still believe this ??! It looks like #ProjectFear really did a number on you then. You might like to branch out and read something other than the usual Remainer echo chambers then.

Public IPv4 drought: Verizon Wireless to stop handing out static addys

Andrew Meredith

Get a head start with a tunnel broker

After having had the IPv6 conversation with all of the ISPs I deal with and coming up with a series "ya'what" and [tumbleweed] responses, I started checking IPv6 tunnel brokers. This way you can fully IPv6 your site and start getting some direct experience. The only thing you need to be aware of form the start is that you try and ensure that the tunnel access point is along the path that your IPv4 packets would be flowing anyway. No point using one in Germany when you ISP is connected to London.

If you go with he.net they also do a certification scheme that might help you skill up.

Get ready for mandatory porn site age checks, Brits. You read that right

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Re: Mandatory Age verification on porn sites that are not hosted in the UK?

"No problem. The referendum result abolished Abroad. The World now consists of Blighty, and some empty spaces on the map filled with mythical creatures."

No problem. The referendum result created Abroad. The World now consists of more than just the EU nations and now includes formerly mythical places like "Orstraylia, Carnida & NeoZelund".


Brexit makes life harder for an Internet of Things startup

Andrew Meredith

Re: I wouldn't worry

"Who'd be less poor than they currently are, if those jobs were still in the UK?"

Erm .. the people who would be doing those jobs rather than being on the dole maybe ?

The taxpayers who don't have to foot the bill for the aforementioned dole.

The stock holders of the companies that no longer have a problem employing experienced people in those sectors because the junior jobs are no longer farmed off to the far east.

other than that .. naah ya right.

Damn you Brexit! You screwed my biz – LSE-listed tech supplier

Andrew Meredith

Enough already

As absolutely nothing has actually changed yet, they would be better blaming over emotional Remoaners that think the world has come to an end, and have thus put their lives and budgets on hold, than the result of the referendum ... or indeed "An incompetent management team and sales teams who are unable to sell"

Brexit: Time to make your plans, UK IT biz

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Re: This is ONLY about a few rich people lying to racists and little Englanders.

"I'd wager the vast majority of people in the "Leave" camp have little to no understanding of how the EU legislative process actually works.

Being "dictacted" to by Brussels is laughable when you realise that it's each Member State's government ministers that decide which EU laws and regulations get adopted"

You need to seriously clue up on how the EU actually works before it's too late friend.

If were down to the national governments that wouldn't be *quite* such a disaster. it isn't. When the directive is passed there is an obligation on the national governments to integrate it into their national law. There is no choice. If there was, what would be the point anyway.

Brit spies can legally hack PCs and phones, say Brit spies' overseers

Andrew Meredith

Re: So electronic records are tainted evidence

"I would suggest that you would need to spend far more money tampering with digital evidence than it would actually be worth. Just think of all those little things you would need to change, undetectably."

Just for kicks and giggles I inserted a brand new email into my inbox, pre-marked as read. I then took a look around at what might have given me away to myself.

It's not that hard and I am now (on e-paper at least) one of the main conspirators in the Paris attacks.

Clueless do-gooders make Africa's conflict mineral mines even more dangerous

Andrew Meredith

Re: Bandit theory

[[ This is a big benefit of the European Union for Britain, but you rarely see it discussed ]]

The EU had nothing to do with this, much as they do indeed keep claiming they did in their propaganda leaflets. NATO was the one actually standing up and defending the peace. I have a good number of ex-military friends who get very aerated on this subject.

Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first

Andrew Meredith

Re: Us 'Oldies' could contribute

"These lectures' would also be paid for working for their company, and no cost to the schools"

Most British SMEs are firmly in the "We don't do training" camp; referring to their own employees. If they're utterly unwilling to develop their own staff, why on earth do you think they would spend time and money training kids ?!

Andrew Meredith

"Being a member adds a certain amount of extra employability"

I beg to differ. I have been a full member for a lot of years and it has made not one demi-jot of difference.

Andrew Meredith

"I keep looking at the BCS and never see any value in the organisation"

Mmmm ... snap ... and I'm a full chartered member !!!

Red Hat bolts the stable with RHEL 6.7

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Not so bad

Those of you who have not been using any *UX OSs other than RHEL 6 and similar, will probably see RHEL 7 as a major departure and a pain in the behind. However, if you have A) been using and updating Fedora as well (that's had systemd and gnome-shell for ages) and B) Have also been using crusty ancient commercial *UX platforms (particularly AIX) are likely to see RHEL 7 as a minor step away from RHEL 6 and the differences to be trivial.

I do understand the theological issues with systemd and others that have departed from the usual *UX standards. It is a crying shame that systemd, for example, has now consumed a bunch of other perfectly functional packages and seems to be just getting bigger and bigger.

However, once you have got the hang of how systemctl works, it does just work. I do have to say that dumping the use of startup shell scripts and moving to a config file that contains the settings necessary and can parallelise the startup, is a good thing (tm).

I guess .. Bear With It .. is the best advice I can give.

You care about TIN? Why the Open Compute Project is irrelevant

Andrew Meredith

Oooh .. another advert ...

... for putting all your eggs in someone else's basket.

For a while I made a decent living rescuing people from failed hosting companies and setting them up with their own kit. To my knowledge only one of the firms that did this has scrapped their in-house servers .. and that was because they got bought and started using the buyers in-house servers instead.

Maybe there should be a register of interests for IT journos as well as MPs.

GCHQ gros fromage stays schtum on Snowden and snooping

Andrew Meredith

Re: Perpetuating ignorance

"In 2013 more Americans were killed by toddlers than terrorists"

Upvote Upvote Upvote Upvote Upvote Upvote Upvote Upvote !!

Every year for as long as I have checked, more people have been killed by ladders in the UK than by trrrsts .. by a good factor as well.

This whole panic about Al-Whatsit, ISIS/ISIL/IS etc is pure emotion. If we get down to what is actually a threat to the subjects of this fair realm, trrrsm would come way waaay down the list. Why then are we scrapping our way of life in response to this "threat" ?!

Yay for Tor! It's given us ransomware-as-a-service

Andrew Meredith

Deliberately outragious Grama and Speling

I was chatting with a security guy the other day who had read a very interesting study done into the whole 419 thing. He said that they soon realised that the people authoring those awful emails were perfectly capable of making them look absolutely fine. They could spell and knew the proper grammatical constructs to use. However .. and here's the really nasty cynical bit .. they had realised that people who bailed at the awful use of English would be the same set as those that would baulk at sending out a "transaction fee" or "Carriage fee" or whatever later on down the line. By that stage the scammers have spent some actual time on that individual. Sending out thousands of spams costs next to nothing. Dealing with a human directly costs one man-hour per hour. The ones that didn't see anything wrong with the mails were also highly correlated with those that steam straight through the "send us a transfer fee" stage and onwards.

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?

Andrew Meredith

"Isn't that the point of the legislation? Make everything illegal and then you can just prosecute those who aren't your friends."

And where do we end up if we do that ??!

France .. of course ;-)

iPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)

Andrew Meredith

Re: Doesn't surprise me

@ bob dole "It's not like the government actually *tests* every single device that hits the market"

Actually they do. The US requires FCC EM testing and there is a comparable CE EM standard.

Pacific nation accidentally does good thing in web crackdown

Andrew Meredith

Re: Really?

@AC "Australians, who have thus offshored their refugees (or 'nasty immigrants', of course, depending how UKIP-ish your views area)."

Yet again, boring, ignorant pokes at a now mainstream party. Do have a think about the difference between "UKIP are opposed to open door immigration" and "UKIP hates immigrants". The former is party policy and the latter is the spiteful spin put on it by the new-trendy-lefty-alliance. If you are happy to have your opinions and moral position handed down to you by Marxists then carry on. If however you have any pretence of thinking for your own self, then look up the *actual* UKIP party policies.

Mozilla to whack HTTP sites with feature-ban stick

Andrew Meredith

Re: why, why, why... what is the point?

"Because in the year 2022, UKIP have had a landslide victory in the UK elections and have taken control of the government"

Oh for goodness sake. I am still amazed by the number of supposedly intelligent people that have fallen for the Lab/Green/SNP/PlaidC bulldust about UKIP. They don't like UKIP because they want to stay on track to their Marxist "utopia" The People Republic of EUland. But they won't admit that in public.

UKIP are against "open door, uncontrolled, undocumented Immigration" ... which is freely translated from the plain English into "UKIP hate all non-whites and will gun down all immigrants". If you can't see the disconnect there then Gawd help you. Go ahead and vote away your future rights to vote on anything substantive after the REAL threat comes to final fruition in Brussels.

JP Morgan bank bod accused of flogging customer account info

Andrew Meredith

Re: Want to bet on an entrapment defense?

@Ledswinger "He presumably believed he would get away scot free, and rather worryingly that says that he knew or believed that JPM's systems allowed access to all of the necessary data and wouldn't leave a digital footprint that audit systems would pick up, even if he'd not been trying to sell to the Feds."

From the article it appears that he "noted down" details on high value customers. I read that as he was already accessing their info and also jotted it down. I would suspect that this is not caught by the auditing as he (presumably) had a good reason for being in front of those details in the course of his work.

Lib Dem manifesto: Spook slapdown, ban on teen-repelling Mosquitos

Andrew Meredith

Re: @dogged - @ Graham Marsden

@dogged "No, I really do not want neo-nazis reepresented in Parliament, thanks all the same. Fuck 'em. If they want representation, move to somewhere with PR."

Wow, you really don't "get" democracy do you. I suggest that you are the one that needs to move. You seem to want to live in a one party state, with no dissenting voices allowed and no room for other points of view. You rail about every other opinion than yours as being disgusting and unbearable, I guess you must be omniscient.

If there are people that are that cheesed off with the status quo that they want to vote right wing, then that is their right. My grandparents generation fought and died to keep that true. Yes, that means that right wing nutters will have a voice in parliament. It also means that left wing nutters, Greens, nationalists, communists etc etc etc might also have a voice in parliament. Those voices are a representation of those opinions in the country at large.

You don't make opinion go away by denying it airtime, you make those holding those opinions more and more frustrated and in the end, bad things happen. if you give them a voice and then argue it down in open debate, then they had their say but they didn't persuade. Whole different ball game.

SEX: Naughty female stegosauruses offered it on a PLATE

Andrew Meredith

Re: Some questions still remain

"Bearing in mind that dinosaurs are largely extinct, their way of reproduction may not have been the most successful..."

Either that or the universe dropped a stuffing great rock on their heads ;-)

The Saurians actually represented the highest level of physical evolution yet. For example the only instance of a true ball joint that has ever existed in nature is the Ceratopsians' neck/head joint. It allowed total freedom of movement for the armoured head. They were completely caught off guard by a totally unprecedented event.

Scientists tail whales, hails their tales of record 14,000-mile migration

Andrew Meredith

"please alert UKIP"

Really ??!

This is just getting very very boring. You are supposed to be a geek news sheet, not political satirists .. not that the above counts for much in the way of comedy or satire.

UKIP have explained till they're blue in the face that they do not like *uncontrolled*immigration*. They have no problem with immigrants themselves (Farage married one), they are just following the rules and doing what they are allowed to do.

If someone blew up a damn upstream and flooded several cities. Would you blame the water, the bloody great hole in the damn or the muppet that blew it up in the first place. The water is just doing its "seek the lowest point" thing. The hole is the inevitable result of the muppet with the TNT. The real culprit is the muppet.

Now get back under your "I'm a left winger and every thought I have is the gospel truth" rock and stay there.

Facebook 'violates Euro data law' say Belgian data cops' researchers

Andrew Meredith


Excellent tool for blocking and managing cookies

Boffins bothered by EU prez's proposed science funding cut

Andrew Meredith

Re: Where do I vote?

"The appointment of all Commissioners, including the President (Jean-Claude Juncker 2014-2019), is subject to the approval of the European Parliament. In office, they remain accountable to European Parliament, which has sole power to dismiss the Commission.

Directly elected by EU voters every 5 years, members of the European Parliament represent the people."

So, the short version is ... you don't. You need to rely on a bunch of self interested, mostly NeoLiberal politicians to get it right. What could possibly go wrong ?!

Obama administration ENDORSES Apple Pay during Tim Cook's White House LOVE-IN

Andrew Meredith

NFC Unsafe

I remember reading about several different demonstration hacks against the NFC function on Droid phones. I don't remember if any of them involved the payment function, but if the assumed "security" of requiring close proximity to work is bogus, then I do wonder how safe these pay-by-bonk systems involving NFC really are.

So who just bought the rights to .blog for $20m? A chap living in Panama

Andrew Meredith

Re: I guess ... not many, but waaay more than "none"

I regularly get blocked from sites because my email address is "invalid".

- it ends in .org

- it has a 5 character word before .org, all alphas

- the username part is 6 characters, all alpha

- it has an MX record

- it has an SPF statement even

I take the approach that I don't want to do business with any organisation incompetent enough to block that as invalid.

Microsoft cuts Facebook Messenger, Google Talk from Outlook.com

Andrew Meredith

"even though it can use XMMP."

That'll be XMPP then....

SCREW YOU, BRITS: We're going through with UK independence ANYWAY – Scotland

Andrew Meredith


Whenever anyone starts talking any kind of politics these days, somebody gets called a racist.

Oxford English Dictionary:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different

race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

So .. how does one distinguish a "racially pure" Scott from a racially pure English person?

Right ... so stop calling each other racists for pities sake. It's a totally overused insult that is becoming denatured by misuse. Actual racism is insidious and degrading. Don't confuse the issue by calling someone discriminating against another of the same race, a racist.

That is all.

France enacts law to block terror and child sexual abuse sites

Andrew Meredith

Re: So what will they be considering as "Terrorism"?

>>And how long will it be before that definition include anything that is critical of the current administration<<

In the UK, you are a trrst if you protest against government policy by means of an illegal act. Also, if you by get a bunch of vehicles together on the road, that can then at the discretion of a senior cop, be deemed an illegal gathering under the travellers and ravers laws. Now consider a biker demo where a bunch of motorbikes go in convoy to protest something and voila .. protesting bikers are trrsts !!

Slurping air passengers' private details not great for privacy, concede EU data bods

Andrew Meredith

It's the Greenies !!

You know what, I don't reckon all this has anything to do with Trrrsts at all. It's a cynical plot by the Greens to make air travel so obnoxious, long winded and intrusive that nobody does it any more. Thus saving the planet from being over-run with carbon .. that most deadly of all toxins.

Zimmermann slams Cameron’s ‘absurd’ plans for crypto ban

Andrew Meredith

Re: Nothing to hide if you have done nothing wrong ?

>>Having a crap is not illegal, so why do toilets have doors ?<<

Pithy but spot on (have an upvote)

I have usually answered direct questions as to whether I have something to hide with a straight answer; yes, my privacy, don't you?

Kind of the same as yours but not as funny :-)

Microsoft takes lid off .Net Common Language Runtime sauce

Andrew Meredith

Re: Copying Java 15 years too late

>>Versus a number of holes in .Net I can count on my hands<<

Now is this because .Net is perfect and contains no flaws .. or is it that only the NSA have been told about them yet?

SUPERHANDS! Fossils of early human ancestors reveal a GRIPPING development

Andrew Meredith

Re: hand shandy

>>so perhaps tool use goes back a lot further than previously thought<<

I saw a prog on the goggle the other night saying that expertly worked flint had been found in layers significantly predating Homo S. They also stated that Homo Neanderthalensis was expert in tool making including flint knapping.

Top US privacy bod: EU should STOP appeasing whiny consumers

Andrew Meredith

Re: All this goes to prove that...

>>the European Commission."

An unelected quango who can ignore the requirements of the elected parliament?

What does that tell you, then?<<

It tells me that UKIP have a most excellent point. This socialist experiment called EU has failed and it has failed because its structure was fundamentally broken from the get go.

Leaked doc: Europe's justice chiefs forming plans to cosy up to ISPs

Andrew Meredith

Re: When will it sink in?

>>There's a nice clearing near the river at Runnymede<<

have an upvote :-)

China 'upgrades' Great Firewall. Oh SNAP! There goes VPN access

Andrew Meredith

>>Cough Cough openvpn tcp mode over port 443 (looks just like https) works every place ive been that has vpn blocking, its pretty easy to block ipsec or pptp.<<

Sorry .. tried that trick the last time my colleagues in China couldn't get through. That was blocked too.

UKIP website TAKES A KIP, but for why?

Andrew Meredith

Re: I am a UKIP member.

>>The party I belong to bears no resemblance to the party described by posters.<<

Quite right !!

Round my way, the party regulars are now mostly former LibDems with a smattering of ex-Cons and ex-Labs. Back in the bad old days, they were mostly ex-Cons but there was a major reshuffle a number of years ago and they all kind of disappeared into the woodwork.

I look at the characterizations thrown around by those that have chugged the anti-UKIP koolaid and then I look at the folks in the local party and I see two entirely different pictures. Bear in mind these are not just simply people who have been hoodwinked into voting UKIP, these are the people that stump round delivering leaflets; travel great distances to go to regional gatherings and policy meetings. These are the life-blood of UKIP and the ones who ultimately will be responsible for the formation, or at least approval of policies. They *are* UKIP.

>>Now how has that happened?<<

Oh that's an easy one. The political strategists who owe their seat on the gravy train to the EU and would do anything to keep their seat, had a good long thunk, and came up with a strategy. If you scream "RACIST" loud and often enough, it sticks. It is on a well know list of "Sticky" accusations; ones that don't really need too much justification, the accusation is enough. Once the label has started to adhere, others looking in from the outside will only see that and will feel reluctant to listen to anything they have to say for fear of the racist taint rubbing off on them as well. Furthermore they will justify their reluctance to have a sensible conversation on the subject on the "fact" that the party are racists; which just adds to the effect. ... recurse.

It has happened because of nasty, cynical social engineering by people with no interest in the well being of anyone except themselves.

The fact that a large number of people are falling for it, seemingly with gusto, is just very very disappointing.

[Edit: PS try http://www.ukip.org/ ]

In the EU? Setting a 'retain that data' rule? Better comply with e-Privacy

Andrew Meredith

Re: Call me Dave responds "stuff you EU".

>>It's about the way the State can exercise even more totalitarian control over millions of people, without them realising they've been hoodwinked by their own leaders.<<

The thing that bothers me is they really do seem to think they've fooled us !

One of the 38 degrees lobbyists who was working on the old TTIP thingy mentioned that the MPs on the committee were trying to make out that 38 degrees had no right to be asking questions and that they should just go away and stop worrying their pretty little heads.

We did "Civics" at school, and that had a lot to say about the theories behind representative democracy .... and THIS IS NOT IT !!

Should spectrum hog TV give up its seat for broadband? You tell us – EU

Andrew Meredith

Re: Link?

>>though good luck if you find yourself trying to persuade a Kipper that the EU isn't attempting to steal our plucky British spectrum.<<

And yet another dollop of gratuitous UKIP bashing .. boooooorrring

Maybe you should watch a few of the YouTube vids of UKIP MEPs making the EU stand up and be accountable and taking them down when they are proved to be spouting rubbish.

have a down-vote for being a stereotype.

UK.gov prompt payment promise is POPPYCOCK - NAO

Andrew Meredith

Not worth it

Having worked for a firm that dealt with the NHS and observed the chaotic way they behave wrt suppliers, and then started into the process of dealing with local government when I ran my own firm, I decided that the long invoice delays, the unbelievable levels of red tape and their propensity to change their minds every verse end about what you were even there to do; I concluded that it is simply too expensive to do business with the public sector if you are a firm anything smaller than several hundred.

Euro Parliament: Time to rethink DRIP, other snoop laws

Andrew Meredith

>>One wonders if the sadistic teacher would have been selected as a commando if he didn't possess an intrinsic violent streak<<

Having been raised where I was, I know and have known a quite large number of commando and special forces folks. *None* of them were violent nut jobs. In order to do what they did, they needed the sort of sanguine calm demeanour you describe for the submariner. I guess your old teacher was the exception.

Latest NORKS Linux and Android distros leak

Andrew Meredith

Re: unfiltered access

"How is this unfiltered?"

A filter would stop stuff that broke the rules, whereas a proxy just gives the NORK thought police a heads up as to what you are doing.

NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' Care.data leaflet

Andrew Meredith

Re: @Terry 6: "must try harder"

>>Great Britain is a weird land: people protested long and loudly at the very idea of Identity cards, even simple, basic ones, while being quite happy to use passports, copies of bank statements and utility bills to provide the proof of identity needed for banking, car hire or just to buy a drink or cigarettes. They tolerate the greatest density of private and state cameras and officials filming them with wearable cameras, while the same people object to the public filming them or their buildings and transport.<<

Being from that strange place we call "foreign" you probably don't know the detail behind the massive information land-grab euphemistically called "The UK ID Card".

First off, it wasn't actually the card that was being objected to for the most part, it was the database behind it. If the cards were optional and stand alone (like in many countries) then they probably would have been able to jam it through. However, it was tending towards mandatory and could easily have become de-facto mandatory given its intended usage; and the database was .. well .. just obscene from a security point of view.

Second it was punted as a "Gold Standard" identification document, but still only used the same 'leccy bill and birth certificate type proofs as its basis. This would mean that once someone had managed to subvert your card/database entry, THEY WERE OFFICIALLY YOU ! You couldn't even prove that you were you sufficient to be able to start the conversation about the fact your identity had been stolen as it wouldn't be *your* identity any more. That's what Gold Standard means.

FarceBake, Nectar Cards etc etc are all optional, temporary and opt-in. Yes I give Morrisburies information every time I swipe their loyalty card; but if I don't want to for some reason, I don't have to.

As for not objecting to the lunatic levels of physical and electronic surveillance we are subjected to ...... You do *read* El-Reg don't you ??! ;-)

Denmark BANNED from viewing UK furniture website in copyright spat

Andrew Meredith

Harmony my arm

So if we in the UK are down at the mucky end of the commercial stick (viz baccy tax etc) then we have to just put up with it and get ripped off. However, when we finally get a break under EU diktats, we ..... don't.

Single market huh .... Harmonisation my fat hairy arm !!

The sooner we get ourselves untangled from this ugly EU monster the better we will all be.

That is all.

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 3.18 as 3.17 wobbles

Andrew Meredith

Re: I feel that I must defend Linux here.

I call "Troll"

Firms will have to report OWN diverted profits under 'Google Tax' law

Andrew Meredith

Re: It is only a draft law

"Blindly taking more and more while providing less and less will definitely make the companies look elsewhere and it is us who will lose the jobs, the tax money and the other benefits of each company."

In Google's case the issue is that their sales to UK firms are being dressed up as IE sales and taxed in IE at the lower rate. In order to take their bat and ball and walk they'd have to stop selling to UK firms. Not sure even the most spiteful of firms would actually close their doors to a lucrative market just so they could cock a snoot at the tax authorities.

Turnbull: Box-huggers are holding back cloud

Andrew Meredith

Box Hugger

"Box Hugger" ??!

Well he's certainly good with the pejorative spins eh?

So a Box Hugger is someone that wants to be able to keep their crown jewels under lock and key on their own kit in their own premises. You spin that whichever way you like buddy, but the sum total as far as I'm concerned is that these "Box Huggers" are very sensible people.