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Philippines president threatens local telcos with expropriation


He's right about one thing--

poor internet service will do nothing for the country. Whether this is the best way to improve service is up for debate but it will likely be effective. His second step as benign dictator should be to block Facebook at the border and keep people from squandering all their newfound connectivity on whatever the hell FB is good for. Viral videos & antivax propaganda?

Keep it Together, Microsoft: New mode for vid-chat app Teams reminds everyone why Zoom rules the roost


The promotional video looks like you'll fit right in as long as you're 25 years old and could moonlight as "the attractive one that gets killed" in a B-movie. No, thank you.

For most Teams "meetings" I have attended, only the presenter and the hapless have their cameras on. One person who couldn't figure out the settings had their camera trained on a half-eaten bag of snacks most of the meeting. It was more disheartening than amusing. I kindly suggested they switch their camera off as it became a bit of a distraction.

Gas-guzzling Americans continue to shun electric vehicles as sales fail to bother US car market


(strokes chin)

Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y... I see what you did there! Probably the last person to figure out Musk's Master Plan...

IT protip: Never try to be too helpful lest someone puts your contact details next to unruly boxen


Re: Overtime

There's a good boss! I wonder if he suffered any repercussion?

That's a sticky Siemens situation: Former coder blows his logic bomb guilty plea deal in court


C.F. Google: Dilbert spaghetti code holy grail

UK ISPs may be handed cock-blocking powers


Re: Header image

Yes, thanks for the new desktop image.


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