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RuneScape bloke was wrongly sacked after reading veep's salary details on office printer

Dave Hamrix

Greed is bad

And America is the greediest place in the universe.

I worked for an American company that fired me for arguing with a receptionist.

Who was the Owners secret Fuck.

My bad for not seeing this.

But now I make as much as a gaming VP.

By being an ex-employee

Gemini: Vulture gives PDA some Linux lovin'

Dave Hamrix

Jornada 720

That it looks like, but without the dreadful CE non operating system and SLOW response.

I've been waiting for an update since 1999.

Clams are are great steamed with butter and chives.

DeepNude's makers tried to deep-six their pervy AI app. Web creeps have other ideas: Cracked copies shared online as code decompiled

Dave Hamrix

Isn't regular porn good enough anymore?

Gimme some skin: Boffins perfect 3D bioprinter that emits slabs of human flesh

Dave Hamrix

When you said Jam, I thought of a toasted English Muffin ( only in usa ) with raspberry jam and some sweet cream butter! Whoops. My bad.

We've found a ‘vaccine’ for fake news. Wait! No, we really are Cambridge researchers

Dave Hamrix

Just remember, no one learns a damn thing from this. Ever.

NASA plans seven-year trip to Jupiter – can we come with you, please?

Dave Hamrix

Just think of the Diamonds that must be in the center of the metallic nougat.

Dave Hamrix

Re: Rolf?

Clearly one too many pints. Or bangs in the old noggin.


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