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Stockholders, assemble. HP's latest argument: Do you really trust Xerox to take us over during a pandemic recession?


Re: My crystal ball

In 2 years Xerox will not even be around

Xerox hopes wining and dining HP shareholders will convince them of takeover


Re: Dinner invite missing!

HPQ is now HPE, this is HP Inc (the personal systems and printers side of the business since they split).

BlackBerry Motion: The Phone That Won't Die


Had the bad boy for a week

Had this phone for a week now and can honestly say the battery is awesome, easily getting 3 days of use. Can finally get rid of my Priv, not even missing the proper keyboard

Shocked, I tell you. BT to write off £530m over 'improper' Italian accounts practices


yep, you're lucky, the shysters want £6 from me and I only signed a renewal 30 days ago!

All the cool kids are doing it – BT hikes broadband and TV bills


Re: BT Price hikes

I've just been on to the Shysters this morning, I only renewed at the end of last month and they want to increase my charges for the broadband and the sport app. Well they can GTF. I shall be cancelling and moving else where. The inks not even dry on my renewal and they want to increase prices, even the Gestapo weren't this bad.


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