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Will Bungie jump from Microsoft?

Marek Wolf

Already Gone

Most of the original Bungie cast left after Halo:CE was released.

The remainder sans two left after Halo2.

So, Halo3 was done by a completely different group than Halo

NASA inks deal for Shuttle replacements

Marek Wolf

NASA is not about science

Having been a NASA contractor on and off over the years I can tell you that NASA has not been about science since it was gutted by the Nixon administration.

The Space Shuttle and International Space Station are simply jobs programs.

Major programs and contractors are selected based on how many congressmen it will support it.

Thats an upgrade from being welfare for the military industrial complex as it was during the years of Ronald Reagunz.

Now that the Bush administration has provided the welfare in the form of the war on terror, NASA is having to struggle to not have its big money programs canceled. Having as many people employed in as many districts as possible is one means to that end. Why go with a sensible solution provided by one company in one state when you can go with something insane that employs people in ten or more states.

And having worked on the ISS project recently it has become apparent that Clinton made a huge blunder in canceling the SuperConducting SuperCollider in favor of the ISS. The problem with the SSC is it involved only one state. Now years later the ISS makes the SSC look like that bargain of the century.