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Until last week, you could pwn KDE Linux desktop with a USB stick


Re: Don't worry

I have two desktops, and a laptop running Mint Linux KDE. I have a several more Linux computers running various lightweight distros for older machines. I'm fixing them up to give away.

At work I have about 50 computers running Mint Linux KDE (dual boot).


Re: Is KDE still a thing?

I disagree completely. KDE is alot like Win7. Right-click menus. "Start button" with a menu. Taskbar with a systray.

I run Mint Linux 18 KDE and its everything I want in an OS.


Re: And which bunch ...

You can turn that off and on in Windows and KDE alike. Just use your favourite search engine and the answer will be there.

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max


Re: Rule number 0

Mozilla Thunderbird

KDE Kmail

Gnome Evolution

Just three of many email programs to choose from in Linux. Personally I can't imagine what is so great about Outlook. I've used it, have it on my laptop at work - and still choose a Linux option instead.

I know where this is going. You probably MUST have all the popular proprietary Windows programs or you just can't get anything done.

I boot into Windows for one thing - 3D CAD. I used to do this via a Virtualbox/Win7 installation. It works great for small assemblies but not large assemblies. Not on my older computer.


Re: Now that is what I call a bait-and-switch

If you are using those programs, you could probably switch to free Mint Linux (KDE for the most Windows like experience) and not notice that much difference in how you interact with your computer - except that nobody is looking over your shoulder. No adware, no viruses, etc.


Re: bah

So you do your games in Windows and your sensistive stuff in Linux.

That is exactly what we do at home. We play games in Linux too but nothing of importance happens in the Windows side. Microsoft could look over our shoulders while the kids are playing games but they won't get anything interesting.

Also - I prefer that my kids don't use the internet via Windows - adware, spyware, viruses, etc.

I've stopped with Win7. I won't ever upgrade to Win10 b/c Win10 offers me NO value. if at some point we have to upgrade b/c software just won't work with Win7 anymore then I would get very serious about firewalls and router rules blocking access to Microsoft.


Re: bah

As soon as ReactOS gets close enough to be useful Microsoft will go after the project and shut it down. Same thing they did with "Lindows" and a few other promising FOSS projects.


Re: "Just don't use Windows 10 on-line."

I have Linux running on several newish Lenovo laptops and desktops. It is not impossible!

I also have people ranging from 8 years old to people in their 80s running Linux. My one elderly friend reports that she loves Linux b/c all the crap is gone (adware, viruses).


Re: Thank you Microsoft

If you are taking the computer off the network then at least run Win7. If you are looking for a happy middle ground and need the internet AND Windows - then Win7 is still viable.

Win8 and Win10 are a mess.

NO WAY would I work on any sensitive projects with a computer dumping intel to the government or Microsoft servers. Might as well be using a tablet or smart phone with no real control over the firewall or privacy settings.


Re: Or... no snooping at all

I agree. I'm a happy Mint Linux KDE user. i have versions 17.3 and 18 in use on various computers at home and work.

The only thing I need Windows for at this point is Solidworks CAD.

These days Mint Linux installs itself on any computer I test it out on. Not saying that there aren't problem computers out there but I'm not finding them.

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts


Re: @palpy

I always thought the interesting thing about heros like Patton was that they weren't fighting, killing and dying - they were the planners in semi-safe places then touring the aftermath.

Pretty easy to say "suck it up" to a man when you weren't in the trench with him...

i figure people like Patton and this guy here telling folks to suck it up ought to be offering their services in a warzone somewhere. They can't be affected by the miseries of war - and the military could certainly use someone like that.


Re: poor widdle snowflakes... wait, what?

And some people just can't let go of something traumatic. veterans and civilians alike that survived horrific things in war going on to have good lives b/c they learned how to put it all behind them.

And then there is some person who experienced something traumatic but far less than the soldier or civilian who survived the war.

That second civilian might still be quite traumatized by it and b/c they were not part of a group who experienced it - they might have to come to terms with it alone in the sense that nobody else can talk it out with them.

I never went to war but I had some minor problems adjusting to civilian life after my time in the military life was up. Was really good to trade stories with other veterans and chat about adjusting to civilian life again. I can't imagine having something really serious haunt me and not having someone to chat with.


Re: poor widdle snowflakes... wait, what? @AC

And the knowledge that the victim of the violence in a picture or video is REAL (or WAS real) - and you have no way of helping them. Their sounds of misery and terror are REAL.

That is a very different thing from the latest cop show on TV with fictional crimes. I don't watch them any more either b/c I don't think it is healthy for a well adjusted person to subject themselves to thoughts like that week after week.


Re: "There are laws that require Microsoft, if they see something, to report it."

Wouldn't this be a great use of the NSA/FBI/CIA? They don't respect privacy laws anyhow - let them start connecting pictures to perps and making arrests.

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard


UKUU and Aptik are apps you need to look at

I'm a big fan of the Mint Linux series and have used them almost form the start years (decade?) ago.

Recently stumbled across two apps you ought to read up on.

The first is UKUU which updates the kernel only. I'm running 17.3 and 18.0 on several different computers with the 4.8 kernel installed via UKUU. Its all point and click.

Any of the Mint/Ubuntu tutorial websites have articles about how to install via command line or point and click download/installs. Check out Noobslab, TecMint, OMGUbuntu and others for guidance.

Aptik is a backup program. It backs up your settings or your software setup (easy to transfer to another computer so both have the same selection of software).

I use Windows for CAD and maintain Windows for my employer but 99.5% of my computer use is in Mint Linux. I can just do everything I do there.

Win7 and Win10 are solid but still vulnerable to adware and viruses. I spent time yesterday cleaning up a coworker's computer who got sloppy about how they used the computer. In Windows the user can't just click on anything.


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