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Rackspace runs short of Cloud Files storage in LON region


Re: Guy I used to work with...

Also effected by this fuckup, luckily we'd done half the work on a previous sprint to start the migration over to S3 so we could frantically code the 2nd part and push the upload of all new images into S3.

interesting side effect we've had a couple of users comment on how much faster and smoother the upload speed is now, so I'm guessing they havn't increased their upload bandwidth over the years either.

RackSpaces support has been shockingly bad over the last few days, it's pretty rare we need to call support so I hadn't realised how much it had deteriorated from the days where I could pick up a phone and speak directly to someone with knowledge.

Serverless? There’s more than one way to run a function


How much !

That looked quite interesting until I looked at the price.... Think I'll save on a couple of tickets and buy a new laptop instead... (If anyone has any suggestions on a bomb proof laptop to replace my 6 year old Sony Vaio)

Take my advice: The only safe ID is a fake ID


Competition time.

Kudos to the barista who managed to mangle your name into the name of an anti-virus software and there's almost an Alexa in there as well. I'll buy a pint for any barista who can misspell Alistair into "Windows NT forever".

OnePlus minus 40,000 credit cards: Smartmobe store hacked to siphon payment info to crooks


They are also not PCI compliant, I bought a phone from their online store last year and it looked suspect (not in terms of coding but because their website would be a expensive nightmare to push through the PCI compliance process) I mentioned this in a support call and got an nonsense answer that suggested that they had never heard of PCI. If this is the case they will be liable for all the fraudulent payments. They have stopped taking payments on their website now and I bet that's down to the fact that their accounts just been suspended due to non compliance by the payment processor / Merchant Bank rather than making sure their code is clean...

Guess who's hiking their prices again? Come on, it's as easy as 123 Reg


A question for you all

Been thinking about changing for a while as their C panel is a pain to use but I have question, does anyone know if there is a hosting company out there that offers:

A) Two factor Authentication


B) Source control?

I don't see why I can't source control changes to DNS, 2 of our Domains are always getting tweaked and I would really like to track the changes better.

Windows Subsystem for Linux to debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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Re: Has anyone commenting actually tried it?

Yes I use it quite frequently. It's great for when I am on my Windows laptop and want to use openssl for creating a .csr file for a certificate or quickly ssh into another box for example. I consider it a neat little tool that makes my day slightly more productive, but judging by some of the comments on here maybe I am missing the wider religious significance of this particular heresy.

Cloud eye for the sysadmin guy: Get tooled up proper, like

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We have shifted to over to AWS, it turned out the easy part was shifting the servers, the hard part was moving our collective mindsets to leverage what AWS are offering and not code for the LAMP stack on the server / EC2 instance in the traditional way. Luckily I have a very good friend who is a great technical architect and will explain things for the price of a beer and lunch. We are getting there but some of it has made our collective heads spin.

Tuesday's AWS S3-izure exposes Amazon-sized internet bottleneck


Does it really matter?

Granted for the really important stuff you want DR sites and duplication of data centres, but for companies like imgur, does the loss of 20 terabytes worth of cat pictures in superman outfits warrant the implementation of a full DR solution?

EU tosses Europe's cookies... popups

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Thank the gods of sanity, finally the single most annoying edict from the EU bites the dust. Can we have a national day of celebration?