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Microsoft and community release scripts to help mitigate Defender mess


Class Action Lawsuit anyone???

Maybe it's time to put together a class action lawsuit for all the damage the last 3 months or so of Microsoft patches have caused with SQL, Active Directory, Windows 10/11, etc.? The lack of vetting of these patches and updates before being released into the wild is getting kind of ridiculous to say the least!

Cisco warns it won't fix critical flaw in small business routers despite known exploit


White Box Switches and Cumulus Linux

We bought a few of these for a backnet solution a few years ago as a test case and they worked great (also 1/3 the cost of a comparable Cisco solution)! Easy to manage, configure and secure since it's Linux based. Also available for Mellanox switches as well if you don't want to go the "white box" route. Might be worth a look for anyone looking to move on from Cisco's lack of support for their products.

Windows Server domain controllers may stop, restart after recent updates


And don't forget the problem with the freezing task bar in Windows 10

If Microsoft can't even properly patch the OS on their Servers or Desktops (and this month is just the latest example of their poor QA process), why do we keep pushing this crap on our users? Anyone who has any say so in the future direction of their network infrastructure should be pushing for alternative OSes where applicable.

SQL Server license prices rise ten percent as version 2022 debuts


Re: Word soup

That's pretty much any of their licensing guides. No idea why it takes 42 pages (2019 SQL Server Licensing Guide) to explain (I use that word loosely as by the time I get through the document I'm more confused than when I started) how to properly license SQL Server. At this point I really push people who are looking for a database option to the open source alternatives if applicable to their use case. It's time to try and wean ourselves off the Microsoft product line where feasible as their prices and data collection practices are getting untenable.

Cyber-snoops broke into US military contractor, stole data, hid for months


If you want to minimize your chances of getting hacked...

1. Don't connect your network to the Internet (sorry, people you can no longer pretend to work from home)

2. Don't use Microsoft products on your network.

3. Spend the money to properly secure and monitor your network (i.e. hire a competent network/SA team, pay them properly and buy appropriate resources/equipment to help protect your network and configure them properly).

It's not easy, but if you want security you have to make sacrifices.

Admins run into Group Policy problems after Win10 update


Apparently not just GPOs and shortcuts in a Domain

All the shortcuts on my home Windows PC all of sudden ended up with a .url extension and would no longer work. Removing the .url extension from the name did not help either. It would be really nice if Microsoft would spend some of their billions to actually, properly QC this trash OS before sending out patches to have their users Beta test for them.

Red Hat says staff can stay away from the office forever


If it's anything like where I work...

About 50% of those people "working from home" are only pretending to work, but still getting a full paycheck while those of us who actually go to work have to carry the load for the slackers. It really comes down to a management problem as no one is held accountable or metrics tracked for the work they do and people will and do take advantage of that.

Russia's new space chief confirms it will leave ISS after 2024


How about...

If you want to keep it flying how about planning on replacing the Russian modules with modules built elsewhere (either government or commercial). It won't be easy or cheap, but it's probably cheaper than trying to build a brand new space station from scratch.

Broadcom takeover deal for VMware faces no rival bids


OVIRT (free) and Redhat Enterprise Virtualization are options

I'm impressed by both depending on if you need support or not. If VMware takes a tumble under Broadcom's usual tactics, I would definitely recommend taking a look at either of these options where applicable.

China rallies support for Kylin Linux in war on Windows


Re: ChAOSIC thinking?

I'm not sure Windows is any better with all the "telemetry" it sends back to Microsoft and who knows else. At least with Linux you can examine the source code since it's open source and see if there's anything odd going on there. With Windows you just have to trust Microsoft, which I do less and less with every release of Windows.

NASA circles August in its diary to put Artemis I capsule in Moon orbit


What are the betting odds?

What are the betting odds this thing, with all its issues up to this point, either blows up on the pad or on the way into orbit?

Intel withholds Ohio fab ceremony over US chip subsidies inaction


Subsidies = Legal Bribes

Intel: It'd be a shame if some of that sweet taxpayer money didn't make it into our hands - we might just have to slow down or curtail our buildout.

These American owned Corporations have no loyalty to our Country which has enabled them and their executives to become rich beyond their wildest dreams due to the freedoms of our Country enabling them to grow and prosper. It's all about the greed. At the end of the day, it wasn't China that "stole" jobs from America - it was the American Corporations who shipped those jobs overseas just so they could make a bigger profit. Anything made overseas by an American company and imported back to the US should be hit with tariffs to curtail this behavior of chasing cheap labor they can exploit.

Wi-Fi hotspots and Windows on Arm broken by Microsoft's latest patches



Does MS even test this crap before they push it out to their users any more? Maybe it's time for users to engage them with a class action lawsuit for damages suffered for hours lost having to fix what what should have been tested properly before being pushed. You've also got the issue that since most all patches are included in one big patch instead of a bunch of little ones that your machine is left vulnerable to additional issues that could impact the security of your network and home or business resulting in, potentially, other damages that could be sued for.

Zero-day vuln in Microsoft Office: 'Follina' will work even when macros are disabled


MS says it's not a problem, but....

Obviously it is. Same for the really old version of log4j that ships with SQL server - MS says it's not a problem, but it is as well. Wish we could all dump all the MS "insecure by default" OS and Applications. Any Government or Defense Department on this planet should ban MS software from running on their networks, especially if it's a connected system.

Virginians sue to block rural Amazon datacenter


My take exactly

I'm sure some money or future favors promised changed hands before that vote.

Microsoft hikes prices for non-profit customers, ends on-prem software grants


Monkey see, Monkey do

Our competitors raised their prices so we're raising ours - got to think of the shareholders!

Atlassian Jira, Confluence outage persists two days on


Cloud vs On_Premise

This is why moving your "stuff" to the cloud is probably not the best option for a lot of people. Centralized target for hackers of all stripes and a central point of failure when someone on staff screws up an update or maintenance activity. This happens way too often with all these big players and the fact that they promise resiliency with their cloud offerings, it just doesn't seem to pan out and customers are down for hours or days. Hopefully their customers in this case, since it looks like they've violated their SLA will be getting some major refunds, but I'm sure the CEO will still get his/her bonus for the year.

Microsoft Visual Studio: Cluttering up developer disks for 25 years


Offline environment doesn't work well either

Having to run this in an offline environment while keeping it patched is a nightmare due to all the bloat in the packages. A couple of months in a row, offline patching will work fine, and then things will just blow up in your face necessitating a complete removal and install (MS offline documentation for this is abysmal!). Online systems it seems to work fine on, offline however, I absolutely hate this application.

Version 7 of WINE is better than ever at running Windows apps where they shouldn't


A better test might be Office 2016 or 2019. Office 2003 support ended about 7 years ago so running it is a security vulnerability since it probably hasn't had a patch released since 2014.

Trump tries one more time to limit H-1B work visas with new minimum salary requirements


Good idea

As much as I despise Donald Trump, I don't think this is necessarily a bad idea (full disclosure: I work in the IT field). If you're going to be bringing in a VISA applicant they should be paid the same as an equivalent American worker. Same pay for the same work. Companies go for cheap labor at the expense of the American labor force (profit and investors before country).

Laggardly HPE kisses Joe Biden's ring, whispers Uncle Sam's IT in dire need of modernisation


Is this the same HPe that does the NMCI contract of the US Navy/Marine Corp and can't even provide enough computers to cover their customer base along with some of the worst customer support I've ever had to deal with. If I was Biden, I'd give HPe a hard pass!

HPE's Black Thursday: Staff face pay cuts or the ax, office closures to save $1bn+ after coronavirus slams IT titan


Higher ups only taking a pay cut for the year - rest of the employees forever

Funny how that works - the rich get richer and the people that made them rich get screwed over again and again.

Intel server chip shortages continue to bite: HPE warns of Xeon processor supply drought for the whole of 2020


Intel Security/Performance issues

If you're buying a system today you should also look at the performance hits Intel has been taking lately on their various chips due to Spectre, Meltdown, etc., etc. flaws. AMD has been affected less and with the products they're putting out today, they're out performing Intel in a lot of areas so definitely worth a consideration if you can't get Intel parts.

Windows 10 update panic: Older VMware Workstation Pro app broken


Vmware Workstation will run on Linux also

Sounds like maybe it's time to look into ditching Windows (all users are now beta testers of our software because we fired all the real testers) completely.

After 72 hours of recurring outages, you'd be forgiven for wanting to slightly tweak the first syllable of Bitbucket


The "Cloud" is great until it's not

This is why on premise installations will never go away (hopefully) as an option.

HP: Based on our Intel, don't hold your breath waiting for Chipzilla's CPU shortage to end


Used to love HP for the support, but it's been getting worse and worse the last few years (especially since the split). I will now go out of my way to NOT recommend HP products and services.

Oracle throws toys out pram again, tells US claims court: Competing for Pentagon cloud contract isn't fair!


If only Oracle would take all this money that they're throwing into this and other legal challenges and instead use it to make their products better and perhaps even cheaper - then maybe they might be competitive. Instead they throw legal tantrums when they don't get their way just a like a two year old throwing a fit when they don't get what they want.

Fake fuse: Bloke admits selling counterfeit chips for use in B-1 bomber, other US military gear



This guy endangered US and potentially NATO military readiness as well as the lives of the men and women who serve in all allied countries where these fraudulent devices were potentially deployed. He should be tried for treason and put away for life.

Is Google purposefully breaking Microsoft, Apple browsers on its websites? Some insiders are confident it is


Pot calling the kettle black here. I think the real problem is that Edge hardly worked properly at all on most sites. Every time it was given a chance by me it failed. Chrome and Firefox seem pretty rock solid nowadays; however, I can't say the same for much that comes out of Redmond anymore (maybe they should hire some QA personnel again vice using their users as guinea pigs???).

US congress-critters question prime directive of Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract


The big question is now: How much money did IBM and Oracle (and probably a few other potential vendors not named Amazon) give to these two? As we all know, America's government is bought and paid for by the highest bidder nowadays (thanks Citizen's United!). Maybe one day we can take it back at the polls, maybe institute some term limits and major limits on lobbying for elected officials. Pipe dream, I know....

No wonder Oracle exec Kurian legged it – sky darkens as cloudy tech does not make it rain


Anyone who is shopping for the best database in terms of reliability, in terms of ease of use, in terms of the best cost, they're not going to use Oracle says pretty much anyone who's had to deal with Oracle.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


$hit mode as in the OS is $hit. Moving all gaming to consoles and moving all PCs to Linux. I'll miss some of my Win only games, but I can't deal with this Albatross much longer.

No 2017 bonus for you, HPE tells employees


If HP(E) would build things like they used to (i.e. quality) then they might not be seeing a loss of sales. Even the support has gotten much worse. We had a new server we bought in the last year that came with a bad RAID card. The system had a next business day warranty, but it took two weeks to get it repaired since HP didn't have the replacement parts in stock. Since then, we've been buying Dell hardware and have been very happy with the change.

HPE to staff: 'We are permanently clipping your costs'


If you've had to deal with their support lately (both HP and HPE), you'll find that the split did neither side any favors. It just took 2 weeks to get a keyboard replaced on a laptop and another 5 days on a server issue (we have NBD support) because they didn't have the repair parts on hand. This is not to mention that their tech support site is currently broken (open a new ticket, get errors about 50% of the time and then try to go look at your ticket once it seems to actually be in the system and get an "access denied" error). We're pretty much going to not be buying HP or HPE products again.

Alabama joins anti-web-smut crusade with mandatory opt-out filters


Who wants to bet...

...that this guy probably has one of the biggest collections of internet smut in AL and after a bender in the basement he feels guilty and writes these bills up. In the wild these people are also known as fairly typical American Republicans...

HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated


I wish it was DoD as NMCI gets worse every day thanks to HPe winning that contract.


They've definitely gotten worse since the split. Service used to be great, now it's just barely serviceable - 4 hr service that we pay for usually turns into days because "the part is not available". All our next servers are definitely not going to be HP.

Verizon is gonna axe its 'unlimited' data hogs


$73,000 is only .004 percent of the over $18,000,000 received as compensation by the CEO of Verizon in 2015 according to salary.com. He could donate this out of his own pocket and write it off on his taxes, but then greed is something that CEO's and Verizon, in particular, are very, very good at.