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Be wary, traveller: There is no going back if you step over the Windows 10 20H1 threshold


So you just rebuild the computer then. This is the fast ring. For testing. If it borks your device then you start again. That's why we're testing. No biggie.

*As for whether we should be doing this level of testing is another matter!

Microsoft's corporate veep for enterprise puts the boot into boot times


This is news to me. With Trend as our AV and AppSense doing policies our boot times for 1703 and 1803 on five year old HP desktops are generally measured in seconds. If it takes a while it may be up to a minute and half. Two minutes would be unacceptable, eight? Well that's just crazy!

Google: I don't know why you say Allo, I say goodbye


Where is Google Assistant going to live after this? It's the only reason I use Allo.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


Just can't win!

Security vulnerabilities rightly get jumped on and vendors berated. but here we have someone trying to make their hardware extra secure and they too get jumped on!

Spoiler alert: Google's would-be iPhone killer Pixel 3 – so many leaks


Re: Today's Nexus

Indeed, Android One does seem to be the way to go now. In particular the new Nokia looks quite good (6.1?)


After having Nexii 4, 5 & 5X I can thoroughly recommend a BQ Aquaris X Pro. A Spanish brand, made in China. Similar pricing to the old Nexus phones, a very clean Android experience and regular updates :)

Leeds hospital launches campaign to 'axe the fax'



Courts in the UK will only accept documents via fax, not email.

Fax is more secure than email. Fax is not 'dangerous' (although processes maybe).

As others have said, a modern multifunction device with a modern fax system means the process is entirely paperless and very secure.

Openreach consults on shift of 16 MEEELLION phone lines to VoIP by 2025


Shouldn't they have had this consultation BEFORE making the arbitrary decision to have it all done by 2025?

BOFH: Guys? Guys? We need blockchain... can you install blockchain?


I'm surprised they aren't already using work purchased hardware for mining crypto currently.

Great Western Railway warns of great Western password reuse: Brits told to reset logins


Re: Spam email or not?

Before downloading them? You think people still use email clients? Every major email provider (yes, I do mean GMail, Outlook.com, Yahoo!, etc) are either browser based or have their own dedicated mobile apps. No one (that is to say the vast majority of ordinary Joes) 'download' their email any more.

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat


Surely this is Netflix's problem. They should be confirming that the email address is correct before asking for payment details?

Britain's 4G is slower than Armenia's


In the City Of London, I'm getting 4.20 down and 0.08 up - not that I needed to do a test to know just how shit it is.

Some simple New Year's resolutions for vendors – lots of love, suffering IT grunts of world xox


If there is a client we will provide clear instructions for doing a silent install.

Last week: Microsoft accused of covering up rape claim. This week: Microsoft backs anti-cover-up law ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Scumbags, the lot of them. Even now these corporate pricks are still only doing what they think they have to, when they think it most pertinent. When will one of these money driven bastards actually do the right thing because it's the right thing to do?

Beware the GDPR 'no win, no fee ambulance chasers' – experts


Re: Sweet!

Good luck with that.


Surely for this to work for the ambulance chasers they will need to change their model from how they operate in the PPI model? They will no longer be able to do cold calling (in fact this could completly illiminate cold calling?), they will only be able to advertise and wait for customers to contact them and expressly give them permission to hold their data. This really could be such a massive game-changer.

We went to Nadella's launch of Hit Refresh so you didn't have to


Re: Will it be viewed cynically as corporate propaganda?

At least he didn't suggest pulling his phone out and live streaming the baby on social media. That seems to be the go to response for many when others are suffering.

El Reg is hiring an intern. Apply now before it closes


Re: If I were 30yrs younger

@ Steve Davies 3

Well with an attitude like that.... Don't just assume man! If you want the damn role then apply. Living up to the ageist stereotype of being a miserable old git is not going to help anyone.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?


Yes it is much improved, but that wasn't hard! As much as I want to like it, it still fails next to the more established browsers. Freezing and hanging I can cope with on Windows Insider but on my standard PC it's a bit much and just pushes me back to Firefox.

123-Reg customers outraged at automatic .UK domain registration


Oops, seems like I misread that email then! I saw it the other day and read it as I need to log in and say yes I want it before the two years are up otherwise I could potentially lose the domain to someone else.

Thanks el Reg, potters off to 123-reg...

Hell desk to user: 'I know you're wrong. I wrote the software. And the protocol it runs on'


Re: HR Fail

I caught the tail end of those days. As well as Personnel department there was the shift from SUPPORT departments, there to provide support to the business to BUSINESS RESOURCES, there to be used and abused as the business sees fit - such as the IT Helpdesk there to provide help, now rebadged as the Service Desk - they are now longer allowed to offer help, they are expected to provide a specific, stats managed 'service'.

Brit voucher biz's signup page blabbed families' details via URL tweak


Re: Bah!

Your name, address and credit card details are in the public domain? You won't mind posting them here then...

London cops bust fake Cisco hardware chain


No mention of the safety of this kit (like it's lower quality, more likely to fail/catch fire/explode) so is it stuff made in a legit factory after hours or what?

Jesus walks away after 7,000lb pipe van incident


Re: The funny side is a bit morbid here

You were behind a moving vehicle with bit falling off and you decided to go faster and overtake rather than stop? Dumbass!

Despite high-profile hires, Apple's TV plans are doomed


Re: A few things need to be right

There's new MST3K? Why did nobody tell me?! That'll be me settled in for the next week of rain then! :)

We're not saying we're living in a simulation but someone's simulated the universe in a computer


All this talk of simulation and no mention of the Monks? What do you people do with your Saturday evenings?!

Cloud VMs without sane firewalls is nutty, right? Digital Ocean agrees


""Firewall" is such a loose word sometimes. When there are many ports open by default, it's not really being much of a firewall."

Indeed. A bit like saying your house is secure because the front door is locked - ignoring the wide-open windows and back door.


Am I understanding this right? A company was offering servers in the cloud without any firewall? And people were buying it? A windows server? Sitting in the cloud? With no firewall? No protection? Nothing? Really?

Microsoft officially hangs up on old Skype phones, users fuming


I've got an old Netgear WiFi Skype phone somewhere. Keep thinking I should chuck it on eBay or Freecycle but I guess its just a paperwieght now...

Europe to upgrade its continental GPS


My new BQ Aquaris X Pro supposedly uses Galileo (it's a Spanish brand) not sure how to check if it actually is though.


I know little to nothing about global navigation satellite systems. My phone uses GPS, GLONASS & Galileo. Are people suggesting it uses lowest common denominator (GPS) accuracy, even when receiving signals from GLONASS or Galileo?

Lloyds finally inks mega 10-year cloudy outsourcing deal with IBM


Is this a first? 47 comments and not a single downvote. Unsurprisingly, it seems that everyone in IT can see that IBM are doomed and that this is a terrible idea for Lloyds. How long is it going to take for the beancounters to catch on?

Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF


Re: So... we should do the opposite...

I'm yet to see a better idea than the universal income. Everyone gets the same basic wage which is enough to cover the bare essentials (basic food, water and a roof over your head). If you want more then you get a job and earn money to pay for it.

No more stigmatising people. No more 'work doesn't pay'. No more 'scroungers'. No more means testing. No more benefits fraud.

You want a big house with all the mod cons then find a permanent, full-time job. Just want a little extra, go part-time. It's all good!

UK biz: Oh (yawn) GDPR? Was that *next* May? – survey


But surely it's applicable to every business. If you hold data on a person then you must comply. Every website that uses user profiles (El Reg - are you compliant?) anyone that takes payment in any form other than cash. If you hold my data then I will be able to ask for ALL of the details you have on me and be able to ask for you to delete them, ALL of them, including from backups (if I understand it correctly).

There are going to be some very, very rich lawyers and a lot of businesses going to the wall. Sadly, it'll mostly be small companies that go under. The monliths with get through it all I'm sure (more's the pity).

On the plus side there will be more work for anyone currently involved in the PPI stuff as that fizzles out and a whole new raft of GDPR IT professionals.

How the Facebook money funnel is shaping British elections


"It's full of adults acting like kids showing off their pets/meals/abs, complaining about life and telling me what the weather is even though my house has windows and I can see for my f*cking self."

People generally 'friend' their real-life friends & family on Facebook. If you don't like what they are saying then you need to ditch your family and find some new friends. Blaming Facebook because the people you surround yourself with don't meet your expectations as human beings is a bit rich!


Re: Oh just great, that's exactly what we need.

That's what we've always had. It's just that now the people beleive what they read on the Internet rather than what they read in the papers or see on the television or hear on the radio. Same propaganda, sames twisting of the truth, same lies - just a different media.

El Reg straps on the Huawei Watch 2


For a tech site there really is a worrying lack of nerds & geeks. Smartwatches - if not for us then who?


Another Sony SmartWatch 3 fan here. For £90 it's a great thing. Being able to keep phone locked away in bag and still seeing notifications and being able to control music is super useful - no more pulling phone out of pocket for a notification you don't care about.

The built in GPS is great too, especially with turn-by-turn navigation, great for cycling.

I just cannot see anything in these super expensive watches to warrent the extra cost. And LTE? Why? So I have to fork out another tenner a month for my watch to have data??

'Major incident' at Capita data centre: Multiple services still knackered


Is my place of work an anomoly? We don't have DR because we have a resillient always-on sytem with our own private cloud. I just don't understand why the beancounters in these places don't understand. Yes, good IT costs money, but guess what - it's worth it when shit goes wrong.

If we lost a datacentre it would be a big worry for the infrastructure team and the rest of us in IT because our resilliency would be affected but the general userbase would carry on working as normal, non the wiser to any problems.


How are a company as big as Capita relient on ONE datacentre? Even forgetting their myriad of other failings surely this is reason enough for all of their customers to jump ship and for no one ever to employ their services again.

I just cannot beleive this. Literally day 1, week 1, IT basics - make it fucking resillient!

Windows 10 love to see PC market grow again. Future iPhone to be clear. Elvis to re-appear


Re: Why the Windows 10 hate?

All of that is great. As an OS to aid productivity at work it's brilliant. I think it's the data slurping at home that bothers people, that and the way it has been foisted upon users.


@ Updraft102 Ye gods man, 8.1 is bloody awful. In a controlled corporate environment Windows 10 Enterprise is actually rather good (for Windows).


Not sure about Windows 10 popularity. Windows 7 support is running out soon, there isn't much option (as many have said before, Linux is not an option sadly).

We will shortly start migrating from Windows 7 desktops to Windows 10 'agile devices' *shudder*. Either HP Elite X2 or EliteBook 360. The surface-like devices are nice but I can't see them lasting. Once people realise you really need a desk to use them properly they will flock back to a more traditional looking laptop with fixed keyboard.

As for keyboard-less tablets, they have their place and I imagine sales will probably remain low but consistent. They just dont need updating that often. I'm still using a 5 year old iPad 3 and Netflix/iPlayer and the interwebs all work well which is all I use it for - I can't see it being upgraded for a while yet.

'President Zuck' fundraiser opens for business


Coule do worse than a liberal version of Trump, expecially if he stands as an independent. Just wish it was someone a little more socialist.

Ouch! Latest Qualcomm sueball comes from ... its own shareholders


Shareholders are suing Qualcom management because Qualcom management has attacted too many law suits?

Sysadmin finds insecure printer, remotely prints 'Fix Me!' notice


A story worthy of the main article itself!

Have one on me >>>

Drones over London caused aviation chaos, pilots' reports reveal


Re: cameras at the ready

I'm not suggest pilots have cameras at the ready but were I a pilot or co-pilot and I saw what I though to be a drone, flying dangerously close (read a few hundred or even thousand metres away) then I might think to pull my phone out of my pocket and take a quick snap. That's all I'm saying. To quote the old saying "pics or it didn't happen". Without any evidence I call bullshit.


Not one piece of photographic evidence? Okay so not every member of each plane's flight crew and passengers have their smartphones or cameras at the ready all the time but I find it hard to beleive that no one has ever taken a photo of one of these drones, ever. Not even a passenger accidentally photographing a drone whilest taking photos as they come in in to land or take-off?

Intel pitches a Thunderbolt 3-for-all


So USB-C and Thunderbolt are two different standards? I thought Thunderbolt was just Apples propriatry version of USB-C.

Colour me confused.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap


I did take a look at this but went instead for the cheaper (under £400) BQ Aquaris X Pro (pre-order, coming in June). As an upgrade to my Nexus 5X the BQ seems to fit the bill - and wallet - perfectly. Hoping to see a review soon... :)