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Govt uses Obscenity Law to stuff up cartoon sex loophole


Kowai desu

what the hell is going on with this country, first that stupid extreme porn ban and now they are mucking about with cartoon porn that contains children. the next step will no doubt be cartoon porn which depicts extreme stuff, then it will be porn in general followed by cartoon porn in general. Finally you will no longer allowed to have sex or masturbate.

Moralistic BS.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC debut gets SecuROM sideshow


@ Tim Poppleton

True usually DRM works on your machine and doesn't create a problem. and sure I can understand why they put it on. However with the huge bad rep DRM and especially suckyrom has I only see this harming their business.

The problem I have with Securom is the way it infects your machine, it installs itself in ring0 and does everything to avoid detection. That is a program with full access to pretty much everything on the OS that I do not control. To make matters worse you can't get rid of it easily either. Even securoms own uninstaller leaves traces of the program in your registry.

In my opinion any DRM that does more than just check to see if you have a legit disk is just wrong.

Finally the cracking is usually a matter of days and sometimes hours instead of weeks.

Stardock revises 'Gamer Bill of Rights'



Could be me but I think this is a bit too harsh. If you go to the page of the game in question it is easy to see that it is not from Stardock but Capcom. Stardocks own software is DRM free and they obviously stick to their own rules. Kudos to them really.

They distribute other games from other suppliers as well by the looks of it. They could say no to any games that come with DRM but I`m not sure that would be good for their business.

Instead they do the next best thing and that is warn people that the game contains Suckyrom. I find that quite commendable and definately better then buying a game from the store and not finding out it contains 'stupid' DRM until you have installed it and it is throwing errors.

On a side note I`m wondering how that court thing is going against EA's spore.

Wii still king in US

Paris Hilton

dust gathering

Just to add on to this every growing conversation. the whole argument of " my wii is gatering dust, it's just a novelty etc." is another very poor argument.

Consoles in general are novelty. infact ANYTHING for amusement is just novelty. If you don't buy new games for your consoles they will be gatering dust because once you played the games through and figured everything out it will become boring to play it again in a short time span. You may pick it up again for a short while a few month down the line but not as regular as when you first got it.

This goes for the Wii, XBOX, PS3, your girlfriend/boyfriend and even Paris Hilton

Unless you get something new or added on it will be less amusing to play/use.

That's why on the console market they bring out new games, new gadgets or in Paris's case, do something embarassing in public.

Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee


anyone good with a soldering iron?

Because I fscked my ps2 last time I tried to chip it. Specially after all the attention this game got I really need to know what the fuss is all about.. maybe see if I can get both versions and compare.

I`m sure I will be sorely dissapointed though as the first created the same fracas and was quite dull.

@mark: If games like this keep "sick F***ks" from doing it in the real world then that is just a bonus.

I think in the end games and movies like this are like porn in that nobody cares about the story it's the visual aspect that makes it interesting. From a financial point of view, violence just like sex sells, the reason it sells is because humans are base creatures by nature.

BTW: counterstrike is still murdering pixels.. just like manhunt, SoF, UT, FEAR etc. the only difference is details and packaging

Oz censor bans Soldier Of Fortune: Payback


@ andy B

If it's a video game and not for real and the gameplay is good then I would probably give all of those examples you gave a try. (heck I`m sure there are rape games already. the japanese create some bizaar games)

I may not like them but in the end it should be my choice to decide what to play.

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, what do you care and who are you to decide what I can and cannot play.

In the end games are based on fantasies and thoughts.

In fact since you gave those examples the thoughts must have crossed your mind otherwise you wouldn't have been able to sum them up.

Does that make you a psycotic child killing rapist? I would think not. You, just as everyone else here (I hope) know where the lines of reality and fiction are.

ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds


I`m wondering:

why it has taken Ofcom so long to slap the ISPs on their hands for this. Then again I`m still waiting for a hard disk that actually is the size it says on the box

Manhunt 2 banned by UK censor - again


@Anonymous Coward

Most likely because violence, just like sex, sells. Combine the two and you are bound to have a winner.

The reason it sells is because everyone, including you, deep down fantasises about it. Anyone saying they haven’t thought of some perverted stuff or wanting to slap/strangle or do something worse to that person that annoys you is a liar.

The difference between normal people and the criminals is that normal people leave it in fantasy world (or find a willing partner in the perversion case.)

Movies/pictures and games allow you to experience this base emotion without hurting anyone. It’s a win win situation which should be praised instead of cursed.


what line needs drawing?

What is it with these people that go all haywire over violent games etc. ?

So far the only thing that keeps popping up is "but think of the children" Children shouldn't be playing these games, thats why there is this funny little circle on it with a number, that's the age you should be before you are allowed to play it, not the amount of hours it will take to complete the game.

And this whole thing about "normal" people is just daft. Like many other people I have enjoyed playing some pretty gruesome games on the PC (anyone remember phantasmagoria? and yes cutting your enemies in SoF is good fun) Does that make me more prone to crimial/violent behaviour? seeying as I do not have a criminal record I would say no.

In the end it is all fantasy. Same goes with this other daft law about violent pr0n it's just silly. Pictures, games, movies do not make people criminals, perverts or murderers. At worst it will make criminals, perverts and murderers more inventive but it does not make them.

To me normal people are people who can tell the difference between games/movies/fiction/"entertainment" and real life. Obviously most of us can as I`m sure the world would be a lot worse otherwise.

Music industry cripples eDonkey network


cripple? stumble i'd say

Hmm from what I can see 2 alternative donkey servers for 2.0 and 3.0 have been put in place, donkeyserver 2.0 is still there as and there's still a razorback server as well

in otherwords they have managed to cripple it for a few hours... (or maybe just make it stumble)

And as mentioned before Kademlia is still there as well so in the end have they really managed anything other then take out a few servers which on their own contain nothing illegal, and have been replaced rather quickly?

I think the answer is no.

MS cuts Xbox 360 prices Down Under



hmm I agree with the first poster. the Wii is just more original and especially if you like to play with friends it is a top console. Easily accessible and always good for a laugh. Nothing against the other consoles but the PS3 is just too expensive for a console and both it and the XBOX are only interesting if you are in to serious gaming which isn't half as much fun as a a group of friends/or the family in a room together trying to get to grips with Wii tennis or something like that.

although stephen has a point but then again the PS3 just added the motion sensors on without actually building its console around it , unlike the Wii which is designed with the intention of using the motion sensors for the way it works.

I think that if Nintendo make sure that they keep expanding their game selection and bring out more fun games they are bound to keep the machine popular and more then just a novelty.

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg



As mentioned before most breaking is being done with the handlever, however when you stop you tend to use your right leg to support the bike as opposed to the left one which you use for switching gears.

So if he found out that way I`m sure it must have been quite a peculiar sensation not to mention a shock to suddenly notice the bike tilting a lot further to the right then expected.