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BlackBerry sues American Idol host's company for 'blatant' patent infringement

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Re: Bravo!

As a BB user, regrettably I must agree with that statement.

You gotta fight for your copyright ... Beastie Boys sue toymaker over TV ad

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Re: Parody exception

except maybe that pride and prejudice is in the public domain and anyone can do anything they like with it now. Not a great example there.

'Don't hate on me for my job!' Googlers caught up in SF rent protest ruckus

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Re: San Francisco is a city of rich white people...

and they left because of decades of municipal corruption, high crime and general stupidity on the part of the Democrats who ran the city steadily into the ground for decades - that's as close to kicking out the geese that lay the golden eggs as you're ever going to get. Pure freedom? You are seriously delusional.

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Re: San Francisco is a city of rich white people...

Yup, rich white people are such a problem for cities, what with them being responsible for all those meth labs, burgeoning crime rates, violence, destruction of neighbourhoods, union corruption and such. They should be kicked out of the cities. That would teach them. After all, it worked so well for Detroit, didn't it?

Happy Thanksgiving, Apple. Now how about THREE more patent legal battles for dessert?

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any patent using words with more than 3 syllables

should result in automatic rejection of said patent

VIOLENT video games make KIDS SMARTER – more violent the BETTER

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You can say what you like

video games will always be blamed by someone with a political agenda, be it gun control, behaviour control, anti-bullying or simple religious numbnuttedness.

Microsoft sues Acacia for suing Microsoft

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Android Tax?

“Acacia's lawsuits are the worst kind of abusive litigation behaviour, attempting to extract payment based on litigation tactics and not the value of its patents.” So kinda like the Android tax, then.

LOOK UP! Comet ISON could EXPLODE in our skies – astronomers

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what ever happens don't look at the sky

and also avoid those weird plants at the bottom of the garden

SECRET draft copyright treaty LEAKED: Meet the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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as a criminal offense

you don't go bankrupt - the state does. Of course, since business and the state seem to be getting cosier by the minute, it's likely that any company charged with copyright crimes would see the charges dropped - depending on factors such as size of donations to election campaigns etc.

Makerbot vows to plonk a 3D printer in every one of Uncle Sam's schools

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zip guns all 'round....

Microsoft's EAT-your-OWN-YOUNG management system AXED

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it would really be nice to hear

that the HR drones who introduced it in the first place were summarily fired and tasered off the premises by a group of overweight and sweaty rent-a-cops.

MPAA, RIAA: Kids need to learn 3 Rs – reading, writing and NO RIPPING

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would this include...

The creative accounting that is practised by the movie and music industries to hide royalties due to "creators"? Didn't think so....

Reply-all email lightning storm STRIKES TWICE at Cisco

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Re: Need some free publicity?

Once you SHIT and CRAP, don't forget to engage in a Waste Immobilisation Process Experiment

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google

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Wasn't he due for Renewal via Carrousel

Like 100 years ago?

Firefox OS update adds performance, polish to Mozilla's webby mobes

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Re: No MMS?

MMS has always been a PITA. Expensive, ugly and oft times I experienced incompatibilities between different phones.

Twitter-mad twits trade 14 million shares in BANKRUPT zombie biz

P Saunders

the world economy

left in the hands of idiots

Cook invokes GHOST of STEVE JOBS in Apple-wide memo

P Saunders

They buried him in the basement?

Just wondering....

Universal's High Fidelity Pure Audio trickles onto Blighty’s Blu-Ray hi-fis

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another attempt to force us to replace our collections again

Gets kinda monotonous, these myriad ways of trying to convince people to buy again what they already have.

Investor lobs sueball at BlackBerry, says it 'misled' shareholders

P Saunders

Train smash

If he didn't see the train smash that is currently Blackberry that just about every other human being on Earth did, maybe he should stay out of the stock markets.

You put up with CRAPPY iOS 7. You can put up with Obamacare too, says prez

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Maybe someone should explain to Obama

the difference between a taxpayer-funded dollar sucking fiasco and a consistently profitable tech company.

In defence of defenestration: Microsoft MUST hurl Gates from the Windows

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Act II - Sue

Lawsuits seem to be the order of the day among tech companies.

Samsung: Sod off Apple, we've made gold mobile phones for way longer than you

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Fanatics are the last ones to realise just how stupid they sound

and having to listen to one is a fate worse than having a Siamese cat shoved up ones anal orifice and dragged through one's entire digestive tract.

BlackBerry ripped itself apart wooing CIOs AND iPhone fanbois - insiders

P Saunders

maybe one day

executives who drive good companies into the ground because of ego and/or incompetence will be forced into penury for their stupidity.

BOOGIE BALLMER: Steve Dirty Dances at tearful Microsoft leaving do

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just another example

of how the universe seems to reward mediocrity.

'Beat the lie detectors' trainer sentenced to 8 months in jail

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If he had preface his training with...

"Should be used only for entertainment purposes" he would have avoided all the heart ache.

Wall Street traders charged with stealing company code via email

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Re: Stealing is OK?

only if you are a Wall Street wanker

Nude swimmers warned of GONAD-GOBBLING FISH ON THE LOOSE

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jokes about tea bagging come to mind

apparently because mine has only one track.

Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster

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Re: Let me see now, his "logic" would imply that.........

only a matter of time before he's found dressed in a pinafore, lying face down in a puddle of his own vomit somewhere behind a transgender strip club in San Francisco.

Barbie paints Red Planet pink with NASA-approved Mars Explorer doll

P Saunders

so where's the ray gun?

since we're suspending all pretences to science here, she'll need a ray gun to blast those pesky Martians.

MIT clears itself of responsibility for Aaron Swartz's prosecution

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Re: Godwin's law be damned

nd billions would have died in natural disasters such as famine, plague, floods, fires, earthquakes and the world would be a whole lot more bankrupt thanks to the likes of Lehman Brothers et al. Ya gotta draw a line somewhere.

Tweet like escaping Hell depends on it, Twitter Catholics told

P Saunders

here i was thinking...

...that this type of crap went out with the inquisition. Is society moving backwards all of a sudden?

IBM, Accenture play blame game over $1bn project blowout

P Saunders

It would have been cheaper...

...to hire a bunch of bookkeepers to do it manually.

US public hate Snowden - but sexpot spy Anna Chapman LOVES him

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even when the truth sets them free

they go looking for a cage.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit

P Saunders

and re-establish

once he got rid of that assclown Gil Amelio

The toy of tech: The Mattel Aquarius 30 years on

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Thumb Up

Ahhhhh, Intellivision

Such fond memories of B-17 Bomber with the voice synthesiser and, of course, Sea Battle. Waited in vain for the computer module, though. It never showed up at this end of the Hemisphere.

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Re: Intellivision "soccer"

...and all live matches...

Copyright troll Prenda Law accused of seeding own torrents

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Re: Cut out the middleman.

...then back up and run himself over a few more times...

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.

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Re: Why dislike E.T.?

I remember watching (in my far distant youth) a sales drone demo ET once. He tried desperately to look like he was enjoying the game but he wasn't fooling anyone.

Tears, laughter and bankruptcy: How not to go bust

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Reminds me of a certain PC retailer in South Africa

When the suppliers stopped supplying them due to lack of payment, they hired a bunch of guys to hijack their competitors delivery truck. Directors were found a few days later with the stolen goods still in their boxes stacked in their palatial homes.

'Catastrophic failure' of 3D-printed gun in Oz Police test

P Saunders

by that logic

so is the combination of a nail, a metal tube and a piece of wood.

'No discernible increase in piracy' from DRM-free e-books

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I always new the SF genre was in trouble

when Science was changed to Speculative.

NORKS powers down whole towns to find pirates

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Re: Surely that's untrue?

I'm not sure he even realises Joe is dead.

Ten ancestors of the netbook

P Saunders

a bog standard tablet

with blue tooth keyboard would also fit the bill for a cheap (in every sense of the word) netbook.

Microsoft leads charge against Google's Android in EU antitrust complaint

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If they want to blame someone

they should be suing the punters who aren't buying microsoft/nokia et al.

Website which 'could have prevented Rwandan genocide' goes live

P Saunders

bull tits,

about as useful as.

Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs

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Re: It's looking that way in the U.S. too

But an Art History graduate is ideally suited to burger flipping, as are graduates in Medieval History, Rock Music and Law.

New-age tech marketing secrets REVEALED

P Saunders

In other words...

more honest advertising (if such a thing exists) and less of the flashy, creative ego-wank. I could live with that.

Voyager goes off a (helio) cliff

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Re: The Real "Wow" Signal

things were built to last in the 1970s. Try getting that kind of mileage from anything built post 1990.

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

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Re: NZ Has No TV Tax

In south africa, the public broadcaster is supported by license fees AND taxes, usually because the idiots running the broadcaster blow millions (actually its now billions) on fancy cars, high salaries and other job perks. What makes it worse is that it acts as the Department of Propaganda for the ruling regime.

All of you should shut and be thankful.

Modder hacks SimCity for unlimited offline play

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Re: Hiding behind the license...

And when someone hides behind a license in order to peddle their turds, the market should respond appropriately - no-one buys it, everyone disses it online and EA lose a shitchunk of money. Revenge is sweet, legal and free.