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Microsoft EULA lands it with $175m Indian tax headache

Rusty D

@ analyzer

<Switch that glow back on old chap, the French are calculatedly ignorant, it's because they lack the imagination to be properly rude>

I was under the impression that the French are arrogant, not ignorant?

Not sure who are ignorant, but maybe the Americans (... of the world outside their borders)?

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

Rusty D

They are all leaving us ...

Robert Jordon last year, now Gary Gygax this year. I'm just hoping that Terry Pratchet can fight his illness for a good long time. I don't want to be left without any heroes at all :-(

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Rusty D

Bristol also affected

My friend and I live in different parts of Bristol, but both lost our broadband connection yesterday evening (not sure what time). The TV seemed to be fine though.

Rogue ActiveX controls menace users

Rusty D

Re: Trusted ActiveX controls?

Love the 'TPB' reference.

Sun ships Niagara II servers

Rusty D
Dead Vulture


Surely that should be 'eight cores per chip/die and eight threads per core' - to aid in clarity.

First RIAA file-sharing trial begins

Rusty D

re: The RIAA can't lose

"The defendant will get nothing out of fighting this case because any jury will almost certainly find that she broke the law beyond reasonable doubt."

You seem to be forgetting that, at least in theory, the laws are made by the people for the general good of the people. If enough people don't think that the RIAA is acting legally or in the best interests of the majority of the people, then eventually the laws will change to reflect this. This may start with a jury sending the RIAA a very clear message that their behaviour is NOT acceptable.

"The second point is that the defendant had absolutely no legal right to share any of these files"

Whether that is true or not, the RIAA still needs to prove 'beyond reasonable doubt' (your words) that those files were 'shared' (whatever that means). Just assuming that people are guilty because your employer (the RIAA - it's so obvious) says so, is not the best advert for a judicial system.

Boffins develop quantum-computer building block

Rusty D

Comments from US readers

You can always tell which comments are posted by the US readers. They typically run along the lines of ...

'How dare you ruin your article on your UK website about a subject that I'm really interested in with your British sense of humour. Please write all your future articles so that I don't end up so confused. Otherwise I'll just have to get news/info from a dumbed-down US site (understandable by my President). U.S.A.! ... U.S.A.!'

Dino-killing asteroid traced back 160m years

Rusty D

re: bloody friends #2

Was that not an episode that was on either last night, or the night before. I'm not sure ... my E4 Friend's viewing has started to become a bit of a blur.

Must ... watch ... something ... else. Arrrhhhhh - there's nothing else on!

Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop

Rusty D

Dell Laptops

I would buy a Dell laptop today if they either a) put one of those trackpoint devices on this particular laptop reviewed, or b) made a 17" Latitude. I hate using the touch pad as a mouse controller.

Buffer the Overflow Slayer v. the ActiveX Files

Rusty D


So yet again we see the security problems that having ActiveX components in web sites poses, yet the BBC develops their IPlayer product that relies on you running ActiveX controls (in IE). I signed up for the beta, but have not yet viewed any content because of this very reason.


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