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BOFH: We must... have... beer! Only... cure... for... electromagnetic fields

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Re: solution

All I read on here is a pile of crap coming from people who know nothing about the condition and think they are funny by making stupid comments about the effects of the technology on those that suffer from EHS, or the results of real studies that don't send home those that are affected by wifi because they are already ill from it. The IEEE which is the largest Electrical standards body in the world, have results that prove it affects people, other scientific studies that don't just focus on the 'cancer' issue have identified that it does cause health problems. TED talks have also had seminars and presentations on it as it is a serious issue that is growing.

Double blind studies have proven over and over that many of the short and medium term effects on people (as well as some animals) are real, but as there are so many people like those on here repeating such rubbish and repeating the marketing crap that they have read elsewhere, that the real information gets drowned out. Is it any wonder why it seems to be so rare, when most of those that genuinely suffer from the comdition avoid places like this and don't comment to correct the incorrect views, as they know there are so many juveniles that will inevitably reply with sarcasm and childish comments. (even from the Reg staff themselves as this story shows!)

EHS IS real, and it IS affecting people all over the World, current estimates are at over 2% and rising.

If you had a child, friend or relative with MS or cancer and someone mocked them saying they were making it up and it is faked, how would you feel? Not everyone is affected by each condition, and we are all different, so think before you make such childish comments next time.

EHS is a terrible debilitating condition that is made worse by people like the author of this page and the idiots that make childish comments like I see here. Would you mock a child in a wheechair in the same way? I'd say "you should be ashamed", but seeing the lack of maturity displayed here in the story and comments, that I doubt many of you would even spend 2 seconds considerig that you might be wrong.

IR35 blame game: Barclays to halt off-payroll contractors, goes directly to PAYE

David 4

If you check the contracts and rates recently, many contracts have now gone to PAYE, and many have also dropped the rates by up 40%. Some I have seen have even dopped a £500/day rate to £240/day AND put it inside IR35 with none of the benefits of being perm'. I'm currently looking for my next contract and am a bit shell-shocked at how bad the market has gone in the past few months. I might just retire to go and work in a charity instead if this keeps up!

Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!

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Get your buyers in order!

Rather than screw over contractors with IR35 the Government should sort out their purchasing issues first. It's been well known for decades that government agencies, councils, and the NHS are screwed over royally because their purchasing departments are full of malformed cretins that couldn't tell a fart from a good bottle of wine. If they sorted these out properly we wouldn't have a shortage of NHS staff and resources, and we'd have enough money to be able to cover up the pot-holes, and lock up the baddies for the full term of their sentences.

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'

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This should never have been trademarked as it is an English phrase that has been used extensively thoughout the world since the 'Winter' season was named.

The people who are responsible for trademarks are just morons shoud not be allowed to trademark terms that are in general use, or that are part of the standard English language.

Copy and share the image with the girls name/story across the world.


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