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Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it

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Re: Too soon

Jack FM is on DAB


Fancy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? READ THIS or you may not get 4G data

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"Duel band?"

who's it gonna fight?

Bloke in shed starts own DAB radio station - with Ofcom's blessing

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Chill's not dead

Chill is by no means dead. It's one of Global Radio's tiny little automated and (last time I checked) ad-free stations, a hang over from the GCap days.

It's still on DAB in London, on it's web stream and on the UK Radioplayer platform.

it has quite a following among the clubbing community (I'm told)


Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?

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PowerPoint is pretty good and gets better with each version

While I'm not a particular MS fan, our company does use it heavily and PowerPoint is a large part of that.

PowerPoint 2010 introduced much better transitions from 2007 and proper support for Quicktime video.

It also greatly improved the file format, 2010 PowerPoint embeds audio and video in one single, although often very large, file.

I've looked at the trial of PowerPoint 2013 and transition as again better. However, there is a still a gloss missing when compared to the [much cheaper] Keynote.

Of course, users still have the chance to make truly terrible presentations if they go font/animation-mad but it's a good step forward.

However, for the other Office Apps it is admittedly hard to see the benefits from 2003 or even earlier versions.

Microsoft ends Mac users' Windows Phone 8 misery

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I wonder...

...how many people this would actually affect.... double figures maybe?

Google suspends 16GB Nexus 7 orders

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Learning from Apple

Apple always under stock and sell out instantly

Wheezing Guardian flogs radio biz for quick cash

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Guardian Media Group is not just about newspapers

It's not the newspaper that's selling a group of radio stations. GMG owns (or owned) the radio business and the newspaper as well as lots of other interests such as printing companies, property, magazine.

Moaning about Polly Toynbee is like writing to BBC Good Food Magazine about the latest episode of Top Gear.

Lingo iMini DAB/FM iOS pocket tuner

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not bad but...

If this supported RadioDNS.


...it would be awesome

Three to supply UK Chromebooks' 3G access

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Cough! 100Mb?

100Mb! Is that it?

Wifi only for me then

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard

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Asus N73SV Core i7 Sandy Bridge 17.3in laptop

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Was I the only one to read that wrong and thought that the audio was by B & Q?

Angry Birds tweet fury at Redmond

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59p a rip off?

...or even £2 or whatever it will be on the Android marketplace. How cheap do your games have to be before you deem them value for money?

I played the game for a bit and both my children love it. What other way of spending 59p would deliver hours and hours of gameplay?

In my book 59p gets you

-20% of a pint in London (if you're lucky)

-a chocolate bar from Tesco

-Scrabble with half the tiles missing from a jumble sale

-not a lot else

Etón Soulra solar-powered iPod dock

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Looks like a prop from Judge Dredd

Ugly, expensive and no radio

Where to use Remote Access

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Thumb Up

CentraStage does it for me for laptops

I use CentraStage for all laptops that spend any time out of the office especiialy if the user is struggling with VPN (or perhaps just daily life).

Amoungst other things it uses RDP and VNC to share screens and does software and patch auditing too.

£1 a month per device. Just great.

[No I don't work for them but I think their product is great]

Pure Sensia widget-running DAB radio

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Please read a little wider...

@ Alan Brown

While DAB may have it's issues and while this unit may not be perfect, the reader would do with being aware of a few details

Like it or lump it, over 10million sets sold in the UK "so in any statistical answer "no"" is just plain wrong and ill-informed. I suspect even more will be sold at Christmas.

DAB and DAB+ (which this unit implements) is in regular use in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland as well as the UK.

It's being trailed in Brunei Darussalam, Czech Republic, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hungary India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Republic of China, Turkey and Vietnam.

Hence, this is hardly a UK only product.

Boston student fined thousands for Napstering

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£13K a song?!?!?!?

In anyone's eyes, that is a lot of dosh for 3 minutes of Celine Dion or whatever we has listening to.

I'm sure that's exactly the loss per song that Universal and Warner suffered.

Bugger me

Bristol crim caught with mobile up jacksie

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This is not uncommon

I have a friend who works specifically in this area and he tells me that this is really very common.

What is more concerning is that mobile phones need chargers..... and they often get into prisons in just the same way.

Makes you glad to be bored in IT support really

Power gadget set to cut electricity bills

Neil Dawson

...or you could just....

...turn it off at the wall ... for free.