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Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks

Charles Burrows

sim-ple-free solution

Chris 86 is absolutely right, why not just buy the phone sim-free if you don't want operator restrictions; this deal is for people who can't think for themselves, hence they don't cater for you 'software artisans'.

Most networks offer a much cheaper deal for a sim-only, rolling 30-day contract anyway, meaning if you buy the phone sim-free and use the 30-day contract you'd only be paying about the same amount for the phone over the equivalent of a normal contract term anyway.

Plus you can sell it after 6 months, without having to pay unlock fees, and buy the next new model instead of waiting (a ridiculous) 18m.

LG's ice cream phone

Charles Burrows

Hand Candy

Well done LG - first the chocolate, now the ice-cream. The bubble gum must be next, followed closely by the burger and chips.

"I'll have an ice-cream on Racoon, please"

Asus to offer Linux-less Eee PCs globally

Charles Burrows

I'll have an Eee please Bob

When I went in, PC World only had the 2Gb memory versions, not the 4Gb.

eBay parachutes ecommerce veteran into Skype hotseat

Charles Burrows

New to Skype

Yes, it was massively over-hyped on purchase, but the idea is good and I'm sure once they have increased their user base sufficiently (it must still be growing) they'll find some way to monetise it properly with advertising - as Google did with gmail. Yes, the adverts were/are considered slightly intrusive but it must have worked big-time for them and as a gmail user I certainly haven't stopped using the service because of it.

We've also just started using Skype and I'm pretty sure that we will continue to use it as we've found it an excellent free communication tool for family around the world.

If I were Skype chief exec I'd be looking at ways to distribute free PC headsets.

US punters gobbling up mobile data

Charles Burrows

WebnWalk UK

People taking out basic Webnwalk in the UK on top of a voice plan pay £7.50 for unlimited browsing. This via third parties, not sure about direct from T-Mobile.

Providers like www.carphonewarehouse.com often give the data bundles away free with one of their smartphones though.


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