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Who's in Peter's file? Moneybags Thiel hits up Silicon Valley brains to join his Trump think tank


Re: Wiat...

Bummer about the lost post. Hate when that happens.

Going to keep this really short as is past my bed time.

Re 1. Agreed.

Re 2. If we agreed on everything we wouldn't have had this debate and the world would be really boring.

Only way we're going to change the electoral system is to get rid of the parties that benefit from its dysfunction.

Re 3. Thank you.

And I apologise for going off half-cocked and for language and insinuations unbecoming of an allegedly intelligent adult.

Hmm, mutual understanding through reasoned discourse. There may be hope for this country yet. ;-)

Oh, one other thing. If Gary Johnson had pulled in 5% of the vote his party would have been eligible for monies from the presidential campaign fund next election just like the major parties. Would help get them the exposure they have lacked in election campaigns up to now.


Re: Wiat...

It most certainly is a republic- designed from the ground up as one.

From merriam-webster:

Full Definition of republic


a (1) : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president (2) : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government b (1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law (2) : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government

Umm, I did participate in a meaningful way. I voted for change.

Electing members of the same parties that have been lining their own pockets to the detriment of this country for decades is not going to bring change. Not my fault if others haven't/can't figure that out.

I do quite a bit for advancing my agenda but I generally try to do it in an adult reasoned manner at the grass roots level.

I also let my elected officials know my views (mail, petitions, etc) though I doubt they listen/care thus no incumbent has ever gotten my vote and rarely do I vote for members of the major parties unless there is no third party candidate.

This is the part of your post that set me off:

One way of living in this new, wonderful, fucking world you have wrought is protest. Lean against it. Shout out against it. Do everything you can to resist.

What do you think all these acts of civil unrest including vandalism of private/public property and disruption of traffic you appear to be advocating are going to accomplish?

Gonna force them to hold new elections? I think not

Gonna bring more people to your views? unlikely

What it does do is distract law enforcement from doing their job, hinders emergency vehicles from getting to their destinations and generally pisses off that part of the general public that can't afford to lose hours of work cause they need to pay their bills and the small businesses that can't afford the damages and loss of business.

Also costs the tax payers a crap load more due to need to pay officer's overtime and fix infrastructure damaged by "protesters".

I have no problems with peaceful protests but that is not the case currently and is not what you appear to be advocating.

What the current protests do look like is a bunch of children that didn't get their way and are throwing a collective temper tantrum. Perception is everything.

I did read the original post-several times- before replying. I seen nothing to moderate the statement I refer to above. The first paragraph- a flawed premise imo- plus the extraneous swearing made it come off in my eyes as another diatribe by a rabid Hillary supporter who didn't get its way. I replied in kind.

You are right in that Trump is in there now so that is what we'll have to deal with but again, the current form of protest is not helping or going to help.

If I misread/misinterpreted anything I would humbly apologise upon clarification.


Re: Wiat...


You elected Trump. By not voting, or not voting Hillary, or not engaging with Hillary to bring her closer to the electorate, or not engaging with the electorate to bring them closer to Hillary.. or not selecting Sanders instead of Hillary.


One way of living in this new, wonderful, fucking world you have wrought is protest. Lean against it. Shout out against it. Do everything you can to resist.

By all means do this. Please.


First, learn how a democratic republic works then STFU and FOAD.

Your candidate didn't win and throwing a temper tantrum like a whiny little bitch isn't going to change that so get over it.

Am I a Trump supporter? NO

I wanted change so voted for a third party candidate.

From my perspective the only difference between a dem and a rep is which side of their mouth they are lying out of.

Lets look at our choices this go round-

Hillary Clinton (DEM): lying, scandal-ridden political whore

Donald Trump (REP): loud mouthed egotistical narcissistic orangutan

If these are the best the two parties can do it's time for them to go the way of the dodo.

Also on the ballot were-

Jill stein- green party nut job that thought vandalizing private property was more important than campaigning.

Gary Johnson (LIB)- two term ex-governor with sitting governor as running mate.

Honorable mention Bernie Sanders- country could not afford him and his entitlement bs.

Didn't really expect the candidate I voted for to win but couldn't in good consciounce(sp?) vote for any of the others.

That being said, I don't believe Trump is going to herald the apocalypse like many predict.

Why, because anything coming out of a candidate's mouth on the campaign trail is most likely a lie.They are stumping for votes and will say/do anything to get them.Plus the office of president is more a scapegoat for congress than anything else.

And, does anyone really believe all those corporate muppets up on the hill and their masters are going to let him upset the apple cart overly much?

I suspect his first visit to the white house entailed a meeting with those who really run this country- no I don't know who they are- and they explained in detail what he can or will do and what he won't do. Been some major flip flops on his part already.